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  1. BCA Cat Toaster

    The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS) is ArmA2.ru mentioned by PvPScene but as they are unfortunately somewhat stuck in the past with running pure ArmA2 that's why you keep getting the error while you try to connect there with Arrowhead running. Start with ArmA2 alone and you should be able to connect or check our the AGW-Tournament for the latest AAS-Stuff including Arrowhead and Custom-Mods like "Lingor and Panthera by IceBreakr".
  2. BCA Cat Toaster

    The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS)

    Unfortunately not. A rough overview for about 70 Missions can be found here -> http://forums.advanceandsecure.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4 , combined with the list made by kju you're refering too and the search-function of you browser you can at least find some screens. Another overwiew can be found here -> http://forums.advanceandsecure.com/viewforum.php?f=15 but it only covers AAS-Missions made by BCA and Friends but that's up-to-date covering Missions made for the great Custom-Islands by IceBreakr "Panthera and Lingor" as well.
  3. BCA Cat Toaster

    Which part the time you spent at most in ARMA2?

    Multiplayer PvP (AAS), nothing else which is only possible because of the massive and great editing/scripting capabilities that allow making a game-mode that isn't natively supported by the game itself.
  4. Nice job! AI-Video feels quite intense!
  5. BCA Cat Toaster

    The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS)

    Source and Download: http://www.dev-heaven.net/news/521
  6. BCA Cat Toaster

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Thanks Man, but that's a Signature, not the necessary bikey for Servers but no problem, I already deleted all given signatures and re-signed everything with another key I especially generated for Tournament use with all the required Addons for Lingor in one Package, also Panthera. Looks like Lingor and Panthera will be used in Campaign 5 of the Armed Global Warfare Tournament (playing AAS). Thanks so much for these masterpieces!
  7. BCA Cat Toaster

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Is there a server-key for "Berghoff's African Foliage 1.20" somewhere, looks like I'd don't get Lingor running with Sig-Checks now on my dedicated server?
  8. BCA Cat Toaster

    HOLD gametype

    Don't know what's happening and where players are going to. People were asking for AAS for CO so long and now the server is empty. :confused:
  9. Just hopped on the server once to check out what is going and I was somewhat shocked that an AAS-Mission based on V0.4 r224 loaded up. :) Hopefully not all missions were that old (wondering that they are still working.) We are at V1.15 r672 today -> http://dev-heaven.net/projects/coolbox-aas/files
  10. BCA Cat Toaster

    PvP teams

    Basecamp Allstars are there, playing public AAS almost every day and at the AGW-Tournament as well. Sent you an Email btw Taxman on Sep. 14th, unfortunately got no answer ;-). Still looking for some help with our Army there.
  11. BCA Cat Toaster

    The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS)

    OK, reason for all the massive performance drops and server-restarts afterwards is an "ammo spilling bug" caused by users of the Beta-Patch 73311 that are JIP on our Server. So please be advised to move asap to the latest Beta 73478 or don´t use any Beta at all. This will help to get the server stable again so we´ll finally move and stay on "AAS for Combined Operations V1.15" from now on. Release will be delayed another week from now to ensure that it will be in a good shape. Thanks for your patience!
  12. BCA Cat Toaster

    The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS)

    Well, it´s possible but not done in half an hour, especially not without a coder. Changing Spawn-Timers is easy but I like them as they are. It´s an Ruleset-Option, so other Hosts can easily change them if they want it. As long as the server keeps crashing several times a day a solution for that has the highest priority.
  13. BCA Cat Toaster

    The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS)

    Unfortunately with my zero experience with any previous game by BIS and almost no coding-skills and still no dedicated coder for AAS at all I can't make any major/deep changes. The only person on the planet that helps me to keep this project alive code-wise is kju. But let me add the we were running in a couple of other and a lot bigger problems during the last CO-Event-Weekend we are currently working on and which need to be fixed first in terms of (server-)stability, millions of ammo-packs popping up, ammo-crates flooding and so on. So for now we´ll stay on AAS for OA for a couple of more days and continue our work on AAS for CO.
  14. BCA Cat Toaster

    The "Official" Advance and Secure Thread (AAS)

    Indeed I wonder how people set up their ingame browser that obviously mostly russians were showing up yesterday and almost nobody else except a few. Seems they didn´t see the server at all. I reverted the Beta-Patch then today in the morning and hopefully the situation will improve. -50% players just because of an yellow questionmark that´s basically not blocking anything or anyone, that´s impressive. There were also some major performance issues on some missions, maybe related with the Beta-Patch as well, seems it´s running a lot smoother today back on the original OA-Release-Version.