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  1. Try Cerberus 5, they are the only server left playing traditional PvP or Project Reality on TG. I dont believe the PvP players have left ArmA, they just dont play much and when they do its game modes like CTI and Insurgency for there tiny PvP element.
  2. +1 I never heard of Armed Assault... then one day (round 2007) I thought I'd see if there was a second OFP in the works or released and found AA... never saw it in stores, never any ad's on TV, in gaming mags or the net..... Pretty piss weak. And its still the same today... BI really have no idea how to sell their product.
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    Warfare Maps

    Was going to give you a list.... but just dl this and check all the CTI gamemodes (warfare is CTI), crCTI's AI works far better than warfare... the AI in crCTI just seem to push harder and know where they are going... warfare AI doesn't do it as well imo. Just suss them all out, there are much better CTI's out there the 'Warfare BE' its just ppl accept it as 'the only one'... silly sheeple ;)
  4. 79 players! thats pretty impressive... good work, wish it was normal PvP but I'd be kicked for the high ping anyway :( lucky bastard :) PvP has a huge following in ArmA but coop nobs (BI & community) won't acknowledge it.
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    Steam needs to know

    Just start pushing Steam/Valve, send a email with your request and ask (demand nicely) that they please reply with their thoughts/action/inaction. If you don't get a reply... send one everyday... try sending real mail, that tends to shock most companies these days.
  6. :) I think you're right, though I use to play on that server a fair bit:S... I figure these guys play together alot... maybe I should assume most ArmA servers are like a bunch of 'clicky' guys in a pub and me going up trying to make friends.... it isn't going to happen. Its a sad day for me and ArmA... slowly fading away.
  7. Jumped on a aus warfare server after being away from A2 for awhile, made a suggestion about holding an area.... and I got beat down hard... when I said I've played warfare heavily since AA and I'm not a newbie and not trying to tell veterans what to do... I got abused... and half of the people know I've been around for a bit... So 1.60 or not.... the attitude from ArmA players is a fucking disgrace and until that changes (and it will not) ArmA will struggle to attract new players. ANYway I jumped back on a RO2 server.... much friendlier, a very stark difference between the two groups of people.
  8. I think the current command menu with its 'quick launch of most "common commands" confuses people. It was much better with just 1-9 then a list of the actual commands under each sub command heading... like it was in OFP and Armed Assault. 1-9 then follow the sub commands... KISS (keep it simple stupid) mofo :)
  9. 76

    CD Key

    BI's online store... the only way to buy BI's games.. Sprocket\BI Store
  10. Very true, I've been posting 'PvP needs more focus from BI' comments for years now... dev's ain't listening :shrugs: Although I do fine in CQB (only from much practice and understanding my characters limitations) there is plenty of little fixes like the one you stated above that would help dramatically. There are plenty of amazing, dedicated PvP scripters/mission designers etc... I'm sure ArmA PvP has lost a bit of expertise over the last few years... Hope BI see the value and provide for their PvP fans... So I pretty much agree with you :)
  11. Yeah I know, CB believes its a good idea to wait a few weeks before updating the server... ?! I got a warm, kinda comfortable feeling...
  12. Its usually as teamed individuals to start but when numbers get to 15-20 it gets more team based with good communication... the philosophy behind C5 is play as you like as long as it doesn't involve griefing anyone. The most common setup is two teams (obviously) sometimes 3 teams, the mission starts and everyone rushes off... as that tactic fails for most everyone resorts to a form of command with limited structure... but it truly works well... it gives a player freedom to practice any style of play while providing command and structure to those that want to join in on that. It sounds rough and messy but in there is a tiny but great PvP community that has a solid core principle... well admined server which is pretty much 'play as you please, just don't grief' and it works. No 'Chain of Obedience' here
  13. Because 98% of developers make UI's sheeple simple, and the ArmAverse is rather complex and probably some other reasons... ... think about it... you know.. in ya brain..... 1 hour?! it doesn't count if you came from one of their previous titles.... I think the dude meant 'completely new' to the ArmAverse... 1 hr is either lie/exaggerated or you have prior knowledge from OFP/Armed Assault/ArmA. Somethings you understand and learn quickly and others you don't... I don't expect you to be able to learn or do some things as well as I do and you shouldn't expect people to pick up things as quick as you. I mean I should be able to expect all you people know wtf your governments are up to and that they are all pretty much controlled by the worlds international bankstas for self interest at the expense of the worlds people... but I don't... The world would suck if we were all the same with the same mind-set and knowledge base. hehe, +1 "I play a sim-u-lator"... toff toff nob nob Love to all :)
  14. Men not weak of mind would develop a much stronger friendship and respect for someone that they have to work hard to best. Kidding?! NOOO I've never heard anyone ever complain about inbalance when playing AI, or 600m kills with 1 shot, or walking through wall etc etc etc... lol way to discredit a genuine challenge... pussy coop'er ;)
  15. Nothing virtual will ever be real.... and mate it has to be relative... RO2 is extremely realistic in relation to all other PvP FPS's.... ArmA is nowhere near realistic when compared to rl... but relative to all other gaming/sim software it is.... sooo meh :) CQB in ArmA CAN be awesome, and I think its like AJAX said... people expect their character to whip around through doors arches, to be able to bob up and down behind cover (do that 20 time in rl and see how the lactic acid builds up) ArmA2 animations are more 'realistic' than ANY other shooter... geez all these elites complaining about 'realism' in character movement because it doesn't allow them to play A2 PvP like BF/CoD???? Still waitin fa CB to update ;) edit: of all the posts to reply to...