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  1. CombatComm

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    :) This kind of fresh mission is what shows the power of open world/sandbox games with editing! You took an amazing military simulator toted mostly for coop and turned into the most intense COD style death match that probably has ever existed on ARMA! Your mission editing skills along with ARMA 3s MUCH IMPROVED handling that helps with FPS style play have opened up a new realm of COD/BF3 style gameplay in the ARMA 3 engine. (great graphics/lighting etc) I have been playing Arma since 2008 with ARMA 2 so I am by no means a COD kid. I do love the battlefield series. This versatility allows me to buy ONE game = ARMA, and in turn play so many different "Games" including PVP capture the flags, car races, terrorist hunts, and death matches like this which I love and is, sadly, the minority in ARMA. Because it is the minority and so hard to find good PVP servers, your inclusion of AI so I can play without anyone or with few people is a god send that brings me back to the old days of playing with bots on Perfect Dark 64. ;) Please continue to make different "levels" and add features! Expand on the COD style "Perk" thing you have going and you will help BIS to sell thousands of copies if the reviewers get to play your mission packs! So what if it brings COD kids. It adds money to BIS coffers and they will probably be too bored to interupt coop for too long. I would love to see you widen the maps. Maybe add a re spawning tank/APC once BIS releases those to the map for someone to control or add team death match versions! Finally, if you need ANY help testing or brainstorming ideas for your next awesome PVP mission let me know. I'd be happy to help.
  2. CombatComm

    They better have female soldiers...

    R3volution, you can stop now, no hot female arma players are going to come calling cuz you came to there defense....im 100% sure. As I said before, in the grand scheme of things whether or not militaries have authorized females to be in "direct combat" or not, 1 out of 20 woman will actually join up to do that!! I know this! All that money wasted to develop new privacy procedures and training and testing, my god. I hope the US DOD will rescind such a silly decision. So with that in mind, follow me here, keep focused because I know you're raging right now. Again, with that in mind, WHY in the WORLD would BI devote ANY millisecond of time creating anims, models, legal/rating consideration etc etc etc on this BS??? Just so a few cheeto eating/rockstar drinking feminist can say, "hahaha, got em" and never even consider joining the military for combat positions! Like someone earlier stated the majority of the ones calling for female soldiers are sick men who like watching pixelated asses strut around in "combat shorts". Has anyone seen the kind of twisted crap that gets modded into Skyrim?? I bet you any woman who has served honorably in the military, and I have served with them, could give two Fs whether they where featured in a video game. They know whats sup, they know what they have done and seen in their supporting roles. They know infantry squad is no place for their different sized/strength bodies. I have seen and known women that have died in this war on terror. They deserve a place in the our hearts and history books, but the whole notion that they "better have female soldiers" is ridiculous. In a combat squad/platoon even more so. The majority are drawn to jobs that provide healing/helping support. Medics, nurses etc. Many of the female security forces personnel in the Air Force were all gunning for medical positions and were thrown in that career field to be "cops" against their desire. The supported reasoning that they allow woman in front line combat in some countries is even more ludicrous. When you look at the raw data and talk to military service woman 1 out of 20 want to ever see combat. If they get into a bind because they are driving trucks in convoys etc many of them will serve as honorably or more so than the man next to them. But to say they want to ruck 20+ miles looking to make enemy contact and put lead downrange is just not the norm. They don't have the testosterone levels. All the girls that I know that play COD or any other FPS are petite little things that are more concerned with hello kitty or men than wanting to "live the game". I think woman are smarter then men in the sense they are faster at realizing the pixelated bullet streak on screen is a lot more forgiving then the real thing. And finally, no one is being sexist here, I am stating raw logic, fact and personal testimonies from woman. Noone can deny woman have neither the strength or Endocrinol make up of a man. Yes, I know real women and have gotten into my share of "discussions" about this topic.
  3. CombatComm

    They better have female soldiers...

    You know why the US DOD accepted this new woman in combat policy? So that Obama could have another "look at me I changed something, blah blah equality". You know why they knew they could do it? Because they did studies and found that the number of woman that would actually join in order to be a SPECOP or infantrymen is slim to nil! A lot of feminist talk a big game but the minute they open the doors and say, sure come on in, they'll turn the other cheek. Someone said it in this thread, in Germany they have been open since 2001 and woman dont go that route. The most I can see is a woman wanting to be Air Force Pararescue or the rare butch beast joining the corps but in any case many women will not meet physical standards without the help of steroids. Its simply different biology. Shit is so annoying to hear some gamer girl scream for this when in reality they may be some 200 ibs fatty who couldn't get out of her gaming chair let alone join the military. I don't mean to sound chauvinistic but this is the truth if you truly put your ego or desire to sound liberal/new age aside and look at the facts.
  4. CombatComm

    US Marines MARPAT Desert

    would love to see an addition instead of a retexture! Looks great.
  5. CombatComm

    Main weapon to sidearm Animations

    This! I put this on the feedback tracker day 1 of the ALPHA. Help us all out and Upvote it. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=369
  6. Anyone else get lost for 30 minutes shooting various weapons at water. The particle effects are bar none the best in any game to date. The water spray comes up at a realistic rate and dissipates the same. Awesome job BI. Doing little bird gun runs against boats is a visual joy! Excited to see where you take the new particle effects.
  7. CombatComm

    Arma3: Take On Helicopters

    Not if you own it. This is all great since I own A2 CO. The only concern is that I dont own TOH and bought ARMA 3 ALPHA because I was told by devs that it would feature TOH FM as a "new feature" of the A3 engine. I don't want/should'nt have to buy TOH to get the FM at least. I understand TOH content such as Helicopters ect. Hell if BI puts in the FM like they said they would, I may just feel obliged to buy TOH for the models etc.
  8. CombatComm

    Discussion on mission filename format

    With this said, how can I have missions come out of the editor in a better format? I run into some serious issue sometimes when I rename them with all && signs and such and than pbo them.
  9. As above, looking to get some people together to develop and play some good old fasion ctf, bomb the base, attack and defend type missions. I love TDM as much as the next guy but I like objective based team vs team more. There are plenty on ALPHA right now but they are large scale. I am looking at something more tactical then strategic level. If you were a fan of the original SOCOM games you'll know what im talking about. Reply here, PM me or hit me up on steam, vmorales1184.
  10. CombatComm

    Arma 3 PhysX Playground

    I am now VERY excited for the future of modding PhysX
  11. CombatComm

    MP Mission: Bomb Da Base TVT16,32

    Anyone know how to submit to Armaholic?
  12. I dont know how to make an actual satchel charge placed by the player blow up, because as far as I know you cant assign a variable or name to an ammo/weapon type. Without a name you cant call that particular satchel charge in a script to make it blow up. You coudl try something a little more cinematic if the player is actually placeing this. Have the player place the charge wherever he is suppose to. Put down a marker on the in the same spot. Empty if you can. Name it something like satchelex in the editor. Than in the on action portion of your trigger put this code. bomb= "satchelcharge_remote_ammo" createVehicle (getMarkerPos "satchelex"); Essentially your spawning an ammo type right on the marker and it will hopefully explode. It may also detonate the already placed satchel as well and so you will get a bigger boom :)
  13. Had to figure it out myself, so posting here for any other newbies that may have the same question. Apparantly you cannot end a mission when titletext is playing. You must end it with titlefadeout 1. Number denoteing I imagine second for it to fadeout. End trigger will play upon fadeout.