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  1. mosh


    Hope you have a speedy and full recovery. That looked really bad in the pictures. It's amazing you came out of that as well as you did. I was in Chicago the night before the accident for a Blackhawks game... maybe another Stanley Cup will help ease the pain. :)
  2. From what little I've tried, I like so far. It is a definite improvement. I also agree with many others that some sort of visual or audio clue would help to know when the resting effect is activated.
  3. mosh

    Using the ISIS mod? Shame on you.

    Change UK to US... same here, I can't believe how many people just believe whatever nonsense they read.
  4. It's just the files he (Tonic) edited, I know very little about coding so if it breaks I can do nothing about it... I just know it works for now. Since he previously released it I see nothing wrong with sharing it for now. I'm looking at other options though, mainly Arsenal which I also like, as BI is sure to release a patch that will screw this up again.
  5. I was able to download that before he went off the deep end... which i sad, he was one of my favorites here. But anyways, here it is (VAS-master). It is the full VAS, as I forgot which specific files were updated.
  6. mosh

    Sopwith Camel

    Brings back memories, thanks... I have more fun flying these than jets.
  7. Thanks so much for keeping this island alive in Arma 3. I can't wait to try out the units too.
  8. It happens to me with and without mods on 1.38, but seems to be fixed on Dev build.
  9. mosh


    Awesome, that's something a little different. I look forward to trying them out.
  10. mosh

    Google Earth Pro is now available for free

    Thanks. I received a key after a couple tries too.
  11. I don't like the futuristic setting. I wish there were some modern weapons. I wish lots of stuff from previous titles was in it. I like Altis. I like some of the improvements. But really this seems like Arma 2 stripped down with fancier graphics to me. I feel BI is going backwards more than forward. As usual though, the modders and scripters made this game what it is today. Without them this series would be dead.
  12. mosh

    Virtual Rearming Hub

    I've been trying to merge DLSR, VRH, and VSys into one mission and keep getting conflict errors. I've been able to merge other scripts with errors like this in the past by combing things into a new .hpp file. I can get one of three (any, doesn't matter which one) working in my description.ext filled with other scripts, but for some reason no matter what I try I can't get these to work together. I really want to use all 3 scripts in same mission. I'm sure it's something easy I'm overlooking. The above error is just from VRH and VSys. I can't even get two of them to work together, much less all three. That error was with just the following in description.ext. #include "VSYS\resources\defines.hpp" #include "VRH\resources\defines.hpp" class CfgFunctions { #include "VSYS\functions\functions.hpp" #include "VRH\functions\functions.hpp" }; Here is part of my description.ext in working form... it all works as long as I only use one of your three scripts. I know it's lot of stuff in there, but I like to test things... :) #include "VVS\menu.h"#include "VAS\menu.hpp" #include "gvs\colors_include.hpp" #include "gvs\control_include.hpp" #include "gvs\stc_include.hpp" #include "=BTC=_q_revive\dlg.h" #include "BRS\defines.hpp" #include "BRS\dialogs.hpp" #include "bon_recruit_units\dialog\common.hpp" #include "bon_recruit_units\dialog\recruitment.hpp" #include "ASORGS\menu.hpp" //#include "DLSR\DIALOG\defines_GLOBAL.hpp" #include "VRH\resources\defines.hpp" //#include "VSYS\resources\defines.hpp" #include "CHVD\dialog.hpp" // Control types #define CT_STATIC 0 #define CT_MAP_MAIN 101 // Static styles #define ST_CENTER 0x02 #define ST_PICTURE 0x30 class RscTitles { #include "UI\defines.hpp" #include "gvs\_new.hpp" #include "scripts\NameTags.hpp" }; class CfgFunctions { #include "VVS\Functions.h" #include "VAS\cfgfunctions.hpp" //#include "taw_vd\CfgFunctions.hpp" #include "LVR\functions\functions.hpp" #include "SBGF\cfgfunctions.hpp" #include "ASORGS\cfgfunctions.hpp" //#include "DLSR\functions\functions.hpp" //#include "VSYS\functions\functions.hpp" #include "VRH\functions\functions.hpp" #include "CHVD\CfgFunctions.hpp" }; class CfgIdentities { #include "Mosh_scripts\players.hpp" }; Thanks for all your very useful scripts. Light Vehicle Respawn Script is my favorite script in Arma 3.
  13. mosh

    [SP] 360 Degree Training Course

    I just downloaded the 1.2 version from the Armaholic link in first post. It includes Altis, Stratis, and a few others.
  14. Here is a really well organized thread with loads of information about various AI scripts. I think you may find what you need there. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175400-AI-Compilation-List-of-Addons-Mods-Scripts-amp-Misc