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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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can we get a Quality dvd that does not fall apart after a while that holds its integrity.

arma 2 installation is riddled with errors.

Please we want the installation disk to go in, get activated and install thats it 123 done !

I buried my copy of arma 2 next to my pet turtle because it keeps having a stroke during install. It died in its prime :. (

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I'm sure it has been said here before but some sort of way to capture enemies, disarm them, interrogate them for intelligence (bit of a long shot) etc like what's presented in ACE2. Once I disarm an unconscious enemy, I have no use for them afterwards.

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2 things-

1- Theatre mode, like the one on Halo 4, so it will be easier to do AAR in a clan, of just to make cool cinematics.

2- Better VON, that will be the most improtant for the Theatre mode, because if we will use Teamspeak and ACRE, then in the theatre mode there won't be any communication, but! if the VON will be better, then the theatre mode could record the VON.

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Control mechanics

Smoother and more fluid controls but keep them realistic, no bunny hopping or speed vaulting. Current arma 2 control mechanics are unrealistic, jaggy, rough and badly under developed.

Gunplay mechanics

Make it as complicated and realistic as possible while keeping it fun. The current mechanics in arma 2 are terribly cluncky and shaky (no other words to describe it) and as far from realism they can be. Except for reloading times, that is what i like no sleight of hand bs.

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Take all of the good mechanics/ideas from every full conversion mod and put it into A3. We should basically be playing ACE3 + ACRE2 out of the box.Maybe have some option to configure TS with acre or an acre like edition. Give us 3d editor out of the box. More, but reliable modules etc etc

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I'll pass on the Obrez thanks :P

Though I would like to see better handling of the sights when moving. Especially for pistols and SMG's that are designed to be used while on the move and CQB etc..

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I want to be able to drag and drop my own music files to an in-game audio player without having to convert from mp3 to

ogg. and then having to write or modify a description.ext file and hope that it works and when it doesn't work go back into

the description.ext and look for a missing bracket or comma or look for an extra bracket or comma that's there but

shouldn't be there and then go online and drive my BTR90 or fly my attack helicopter into battle with 'Ride of the

Valkeries' or 'Bodies' from 'Drowning Pool' playing LOUDLY in my 5.1 headset and having the

satisfaction of knowing that the idea for an in-game audio player was so good that The Devs actually spent five minutes of

their time to arrange to include it in the first release of Arma 3!

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- A cutscene maker or movie editor of some sort.

- An easier way to create campaigns like an in-game ability to join missions and cutscenes together.

- An in-game friends list?

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Using various keys as macros in conjunction with the mousewheel would provide for a sleek and intuitive interface:

By default the mousewheel scrolls through weapons. Switching animations should be able to be interrupted so that this process is seamless.

Much of the scrolling through these menus is done directly, so that if it's highlighted it's happening. No additional button press is required. The exception is commanding where this wouldn't work.

-Q Will be used for ordering units that are under your control, much like the spacebar in ArmA 2. This quick command interface will be much the same as the one in Armed Assault, allowing you to scroll through many different commands from movements, behaviors, and miscellaneous actions. While holding Q and selecting a soldier, a right click will select all but that soldier and if you continue to right click different soldiers you will continue to exclude soldiers from your selection for orders. Left clicking a soldier will select just that soldier and continuing to left click soldiers will add units to your selection for orders.

-E is dedicated to communicating with units beyond your direct control and for communicating with higher commanding officers. Given it's own interface separate from quick command, this serves as a quick support interface. Units are sorted by distance and their current workload so that you can select the unit most able to support you. As said, you can also reply to and communicate with people giving your orders or requesting support from you.

-R used to reload and held down opens up a menu used to interact with whatever is around you like vehicles and doors.

-Shift toggles between walk and run and held down allows the mousewheel to be used as an analog modifier for movement.

-Caps Lock allows the mouse to be used to lean. To clarify on leaning, you would lean and then let go of CL and then be able to aim. The previous q and e keys used for leaning are more competitive than what I'm suggesting because you can't lean and aim at the same time. Perhaps the ability in options to make it so when CL is held down, wasd is used for leaning instead of the mouse, which is the equivalent of what q and e did previously.

-X would be used for stances. Pressing it once toggles crouch, holding it toggles prone. Last stand would be activated by leaning down.

-Alt used for freelook as before, except this time pressing the fire button locks the camera so that the player can use his desired camera angle for the purposes of aiming or piloting. Mousewheel will zoom in and out.

-G goes to gear as before, but held down allows scrolling through utility items like night vision, binoculars, range finders, and throwables.

-F held down allows the mouse to scroll through the currently held weapon or item to have it's different fire modes or functions scrolled through. Pressing it once briefly would toggle the item or weapon's most useful function, such as an underslung grenade for a rifle.

And that about covers everything, with just a few keys. Other commands I haven't covered would be covered by other macros. Would make playing the game with just a controller a real possibility.

And of course, hotkeys can still be used in place of or in combination with these macros.

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infraction +1 for adding back the discussion part

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The following is a list of ideas which I've made over time, I'm sorry for 3 things: 1: It being out of order (I ran out of room on my notepad so I wrote between the lines) 2: If I say something that someone else already has, and 3: If I mention something that has already been confirmed (I did read the thread, but there is so many things :p)

(1) Vehicles can fall apart (All vehicles come apart in a way)

- Tank treads fall off

- Boats propeller breaks if beached

- Helis lose rotor blades or tail

- Car tyres pop or fall off (also doors)

- Planes/jets loose landing gear/wings or rear door [C-130])

(2) Fixed reloading?

- When playing ARMA 2 I realised its much quicker to reload a pistol while prone than standing

- Reloading without depleting the magazine gives you +1 bullet (already loaded in the chamber)

(3) Advanced air vehicles

- Cool effect when jets can reach mach 1

- If a pilot ejects, it will take the seat out with them.

- Parachute will be more stable

- what if a C-130 dives and reaches mach 1? wings break off?

(4) Better sounds

- More realistic or

- Beasty sounds? (Example 1)(

) But I think realistic sounds have been already added...

- Also the further a gunshot or vehicle is from you, the longer it will take the sound to reach you)

(5) Weight affects you/your vehicle

- More weight on you means you have less stamina/speed

- And more fuel/ammo/people in a jet = more weight/higher stall speed?)

(6) Enhanced air vehicles

- More fuel in a jet = bigger boom when it crashes?

- Also helis/jets can drop their spare fuel tanks for less weight or as a possible bomb?

- Possibility to easily use 'vector thrust" and do


(7) Customisable vehicles (land, sea, and air)

- In the editor or before a mission, You can select the type and quantity of guns/missiles/bombs you will have in/on your vehicle.

- So if you wanted, you could have a jet with 4 CBU-87 cluster bombs, 2 CH-29 missiles, and maybe a gau-8 if it will fit? :p

- or maybe you could have a mi-24 with 2 miniguns and 2 rocket pods :cool:

- or if your feeling like something to brighten up your day, you could drop a MOAB or something like such from a C-130? :D

- You can also select the type of countermeasure? Flares, ECM, IRCM, Trophy, etc

(8) Simple Scripting

- I really badly want something like the flow chart from Cryengine, Its so helpful and easy to use.

(9) Map and game-mode ideas

- Thick fog only in some areas (not ontop mountains) The fog could also be an area effect that you can place?

- Free roam game-mode:

- People walk/drive around urban/rural areas and have conversations with eachother

- The 2 main armies fight eachother and capture towns (There are guerrillas and PMCs)

- You start off as a civilian whos family was sadly killed during a fight for the city you live in, You get to choose which side you want to fight with (opfor, blufor, guerrillas, pmc). Over time by completing missions given to you, you will gain access to new weapons/vehicles (like in ARMA 2 armoury)

- While driving/walking around (if you haven't reported in for a new mission) there can be random encounters such as a civilian asking for your help to go rescue their family member(s) from the enemy

- Also in your 'free time' you can enjoy the sights, or explore the map and search for weapons from crashed planes/helis

(10) Extra ideas from my notepad (the ideas between ideas because i ran out of room)

- Vehicles are not slow when offroad, instead there will be less traction and be more bumps

- You can use a gryphon glider or a wing suit

- Customisable weaponry while in the field, example here (I think it already has been added)

- Customisable clothing (You can change the colour/thickness of a ghillie suit

- Multiple weapon attachments of same category (2 lasers are better than one ;) or maybe 1 flash and 1 laser?)

- You can use bipods on snipers, machine guns, assault rifles, etc

- More ammo options (Frag rounds, Armour piercing, Incendiary, Tracer, Flechette, Rubber, etc)

- Realistic weapon sights/scopes

- Can drag bodies using the ragdoll physics, or pick up to move faster

- you can move the attachments long the rail to where you want them

- you can push the buttons on the holographic sight (I don't know what they do)

- you can customise what's on the weapons sight (default, 3 dots, cross, etc)

- you can toggle between the magnification on variable sniper scopes

- option to separately modify the sensitivity of the mouse on the X and Y axis

- A friends list :D unless the game will be only on steam...

And that concludes my list ideas... As I mentioned earlier "I'm sorry for 3 things: It being out of order, If I say something that someone else already has, and if I mention something that has already been confirmed"


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This is what I have always wanted for markers - brush marker tool

Like in photoshop you could simply switch to brush, change color and just draw the plan on the map

no more crazy marker points and confusion. Not sure how difficult this would be but I think it would be useful!



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FOV options in Arma 3

I was wondering maybe if they could include an adjustment for FOV in the settings. The reason I asked is because while playing Arma 2 or OA the game makes me sick & nauseous. I don't get that way playing other games like BF3 etc... (I turned off the blur post processing effects because that is a definite headache.) Just hoping maybe something like this will be included or possible because this is my favorite game but like I said the FOV thing just makes me nauseous when playing.

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-We need to have a electric power grid

* so we can cut power to houses individually or whole blocks

*shoot out powerlines

*cause a nuclear meltdown

* tow power generators around

-Working railroad

*to hijack


-some sort of hand to hand combat

-incapacitate individual limbs

*shoot em in the leg = not run fast

- Also must react to were was shot like in golden eye 64


*so we can create a barracade

*board up windows

*lock doors

*use a ram on locked doors

-pretty much a more granular base creation menu this will give arma 3 DayZ more depth

Fire needs to propagate and we need fire trucks & planes that dump water

Dinosaur mode !

*BF3 did not do it So take advantage

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No freezing/lock of axis controls (joystick, wheel etc.) when chat is opened in MP.

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Auto center of mouse when Arma window receives focus and when esc is pressed (showing the mouse pointer). The current behavior where mouse position is always doubled (center being [0, 0]) on these events drives me nuts.

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Dear ArmA3,

although the reasons for your delayed arrival may be unfortunate in their nature, i think the removed/shifted deadline finally gives you the chance to rise & shine again.

Now you can take all the time it needs to grow strong and firm before leaving your nest.

Surely your parents have only the best intents for your future.

Yet it cannot hurt to highlight some aspects of which the most have been on the communities wishlist for several years:

  • shooting from vehicles (spending hours as crew doing exactly nothing, since 2001)
  • moving in vehicles (and get rid of that action menu *crazy*)
  • sounds (imho half the experience you get from anything, so very crucial point!)
  • clunky animation system (has its quirks everywhere, no need to emphasize on any point)
  • gfx (basically more of everything AND better performance, go figure that out)
  • MP (same as above, more of everything at better pace, plus the mighty Steam "drop in with friends" feature)



make it so :D

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Once there is a fixed release date, like say within 30 days of release, opening the ArmA 3 Squads/Fan page sub-forum. This will give clans and units sufficient time to prepare for the switch of ArmA 2 to ArmA 3. Would be a great thing for the community if on release day new players can jump on the forums and bam, 20-30 clans to choose from already. This benefits the community, ArmA 3 and Milsim all at once. The trifecta effect :D

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The problem with ArmA 2's CTI is that it's too big, it's too dependant on the AI to fill the void of space and these AI are stupid and the command interface used to control them weak. Team Deathmatch, Sector Control, and CTF are too small in max allowed players and in that they lack vehicles.

What we need for ArmA 3 is to make groups of map presets based on the following sizes in square Kilometers; 5 Km, 2 Km, 1Km, and then half or less than half a kilometer for CQC. These maps should be the "best cuts" from Stratis and Lemnos. There should be at least 4 carefully chosen 5 Km chunks cut out of both islands, 8 2 Km chunks, 8 1 Km chunks, and lastly 8 chunks less than half a kilometer in area. Again, these need to be carefully chosen, like quality cuts of meat. After the first 4 big chunks are chosen, choosing the smaller ones aren't so hard. If necessary, these maps can be parts of eachother, but it would be preferable if each chunk taken out was completely different as much as possible from whatever chunks are already chosen. In these chunks the only real difference between using the full map is that objectives are closer and fewer between. Players should still be allowed to use the whole battlespace.

After that it comes to designing game modes for these maps. I'm only listing the most important game modes:

Sabotage: One team defends objectives from an attacking team.

Team Deathmatch: Unlike in ArmA 2, will feature vehicles by default

Sector Control: Unlike in ArmA 2, will feature vehicles by default

Warfare: Like CTI this is more for people interested in playing more of an RTS rather than raw PVP, and for those more interested in it's semi-real warfare logistics simulation.

AI will be disabled by default to help make human-only games become a standard (with the exception of Warfare). AI will be able to be disabled and enabled specifically for certain things like support (artillery and UAVs and defense), and transport for people who don't want them completely disabled. Max player count will also be able to be configured to it's highest possible setting regardless of the mode or size of the map being played.

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Don't know if this has been discussed yet and I don't know if BI is already on top of this, but I would like to see better pathing for AI units that are under your command and for the AI in general.

Currently if you order AI units to a position over a long distance (especially in a car) they tend to want to go in a straight line to the new position. If they are on a road they try to stay on it, but especially when there are long turns or sudden sharp turns the AI starts to get in trouble with their pathing and go of the road and start to drive up mountains and stuff. If this is already being improved then I said nothing, otherwise I would like to see the ability of when you give a 'move' order to AI units that you can make several waypoint orders on the map to the AI unit you control. This will help controlling them more to stay on the road (or wherever you want them to pass by and thus pre-set the path for them.

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-Improved squad command interface. Commanding squads in ArmA 2 is extremely frustrating sometimes, due to the fact that I often "mis-press" the 0~9 keys. There's too many of them, they should be collapsed into something simpler.

-Optional module that enables basic needs, such as hunger and thirst. This would make long walks more interesting and less boring.

-Being able to easily set a module's advanced parameters. Would make life in the editor a whole lot easier, faster, user-friendly, you name it! Has been previously done here:

-Slight detail for eyes: Make them have just a little bit of movement endlessly, just as a real human eye would. It would definetely make every single player and AI seem a lot less brainless.

In ArmA, every single person's eyes are plain staring at nothingness without any single life. A realistic human eye does not stay focused in a single point for very long. Ever. I don't understand how hard or time wasting it would be to make this, but seems fairly simple to me.

-Being able to load a script into a mission without having to put them into the mission's folder manually. The player would download any script he wanted, store it in a certain folder (Maybe called SCRIPTS?) then simply load them if he wanted to in his mission. Also being able to remove them from the mission with a single click would be cool.

EDIT: Forgot one thing:

-Helicopters and jets shouldn't immediately explode if they crash into, for example, a grassy flatland. The helicopter/jet would probably get totalled instantly and the pilots massively injured, but no instant ball of explosion of doom.

is a good example. If that was to happen in ArmA, it would result instant death of everyone onboard including a massive explosion. Edited by BogatyrVoss
Forgot one suggestion.

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Voice squad commanding...

That is, command your squad with voice commands.

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