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  1. blunt_razzor

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    Camo Variants of Bandanas i.e.: - MTP Camo Bandana - AAF Digi Camo Bandana - Hex Camo Bandana - Hex (Urban) Camo Bandana - CTRG Camo Bandana - Woodland Camo Bandana
  2. blunt_razzor

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    Did anyone hear what they were saying when they were showing off the 'Comanche'? I didn't get to hear anything...
  3. If you're downloading .pbo's, then you'll have to unpack them using a pbo tool. Search on ArmAholic for one. Then you place the folder in your "Arma 3 Alpha" missions folder in "My Documents".
  4. First impressions Pro's: - Controls were a LOT smoother and more comfortable than ArmA 2. - Runs fairly well on a mid range system after a couple video changes. (I think it mid-range anyway) - NEW STANCES :D Con's: - Aiming deadzone is too clunky and fast. - No gear editor within the mission editor. Would've been really useful and pretty fun to mess around with. Still it's in alpha and there is a lot of things missing and other things that need to be fixed but I love it anyway. Can't wait for new content
  5. blunt_razzor

    Putting Stratis into perspective on size.

    This is something I would skip school for!
  6. Done. Damn, I might need to upgrade a few things.. *Buys new computer* ;)
  7. - A cutscene maker or movie editor of some sort. - An easier way to create campaigns like an in-game ability to join missions and cutscenes together. - An in-game friends list?
  8. I'm sure it has been said here before but some sort of way to capture enemies, disarm them, interrogate them for intelligence (bit of a long shot) etc like what's presented in ACE2. Once I disarm an unconscious enemy, I have no use for them afterwards.