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  1. Just thought I'd jump in to say what everyone's been saying: awesome update! I especially dig the HK-33. I thought I'd point out though that some guns still have the old ironsight FOV values, including all G3s (not the 33). Still, awesome job. Hyped as fuck for the SIG SG 550 pack, for which I have two suggestions: 1: make a 550 variant with a 20rnd mag on the model as they're still used rather often. It would be a sort of Swiss grunt edition with no rails, able to mount a Kern scope and not much else. 2: I bet you already know/did this, but most games (including Arma 3!) forget that SIG rifles lock open on an empty mag and have a bolt release on the left side. It makes more sense to use that instead of the charging handle.
  2. Another suggestion - how about an FN FAL variant in .280 British?
  3. rasdenfasden

    Eden controls?

    We REALLY need proper key binding options. I use ESDF which also breaks Eden.
  4. Hey Toadie, have you considered making an FG-42, possibly with an InRange.tv style tacticool bubba'd version?
  5. rasdenfasden

    Eden Feature Requests

    As an ESDF user, I really want proper keybind settings for Eden.
  6. rasdenfasden

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    I think the people who are complaining about the new system are used to running around with some pretty nutty loadouts. It's definitely a good thing that weight-induced fatigue is much less forgiving, it really promotes using proper loadouts. For example, in a TvT I did with my group the other day, I noticed that selecting the light loadouts had a major advantage in mobility that just was not there before. Using a carbine and not bringing excessive amounts of ammo suddenly was sensible! As for sway being over the top even with deployed bipods, remember that fatigue manifests itself in many ways IRL, some of which are hard to really implement properly in a game. Yes, your LMG should theoretically be mechanicanically stable when you deploy it while prone. That simply isn't the whole story though. If you're fatigued, you're gasping for breath, you're feeling light headed, something might be aching, etc. You're definitely gonna struggle getting a good sight picture and stuff. Representing stuff like that with obnoxious effects on screen is a crappy and potentially nauseating solution. As for sway while standing, just watch a snippet or so of this vid. Look how the poor sod with the BAR (weighs about the same as the OPFOR LMG, minus the massive 150rnd belt) begins to struggle with the weight. While he's no soldier, remember that he isn't carrying as much as one either. So while excessive weapon sway isn't perhaps a perfect solution, it sure is better than adding weird camera effects and not allowing you to shoulder your gun.
  7. rasdenfasden

    Arma3 Videos

    Here at Broma, we try to experiment with new and completely unsafe methods of transportation, such as jetpacks and hoverskis.
  8. Hey, will you be updating the ironsight FOVs to the new standard?
  9. Look at this I say LOOK AT THIS! http://imgur.com/cOW3VOO The RCO probably shouldn't have NV but that is still AWESOME
  10. rasdenfasden

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    "Hey Bob, I've been tasked to take out 1 T-72, 4 trucks and two sqads of infantry. Can you sort out the chopper?" "Sure thing fam" That said, a light attack chopper with such a flexible loadout would be the coolest thing ever. I can't wait for Hellfires and DAGRs. I'm a totally late with my response, but since the AH-6 isn't carrying any radar like the Longbow, then realistically the only guidance system available should be laser guidance. Realism aside, I personally think that laser guidance is more fun either way as it gives the gunner something to do. Also, AFAIK the AI can handle that type of guidance.
  11. rasdenfasden

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    It wouldn't make sense for a non-radar hellfire though.
  12. rasdenfasden

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    About those hellfires, they'll be laser guided only right? No silly Tab rubbish?
  13. Sorry, but this scenario is very, very unlikely as things are now. The reason is because the G36's future in the German army is more than just in doubt. Apparently due to numerous flaws that were made apparent when it was used in combat in Afghanistan, the G36 has been declared "unsalvageable" by the Germans. The most striking problem that was reported is that when the G36 heats up from firing, the accuracy goes to hell so fast and so severely that it renders the rifle essentially unusable at anything past 100m. Here's one of many articles about the whole ordeal: http://www.janes.com/article/50424/g36-investigation-raises-questions-about-german-service-rifle
  14. rasdenfasden

    Sikorsky S-97 Raider - EARLY WIP

    Oh boy, I really wanna see this thing ingame. What possible methods of creating a suitable flight model are there? One way would be to make it Arma 2 VTOL-esque. Perhaps a cooler method would be to use the chopper FM (maybe even AFM!), and use custom bindings to control the pusher prop, if that can be convincingly simulated with scripts.
  15. rasdenfasden

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Hey, how about some more "consistent" colour schemes for the irregular outfits, like OD hoodie+M81 pants?