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    Why warfare fails as a game mode

    Dear OP: I think you are right on many levels of your post, however we must not forget that THIS IS A VIDEO GAME. The desktop has its limitations both technological and physically, what you are pointing out at seems to me as an impossible problem that cannot be solved. There is not enough a level of immersion and control given to the player for a solution to exist at all. But yes they could do avwith a few mroe balance patches..lazy maybe? or not a lacking budget?
  2. Control mechanics Smoother and more fluid controls but keep them realistic, no bunny hopping or speed vaulting. Current arma 2 control mechanics are unrealistic, jaggy, rough and badly under developed. Gunplay mechanics Make it as complicated and realistic as possible while keeping it fun. The current mechanics in arma 2 are terribly cluncky and shaky (no other words to describe it) and as far from realism they can be. Except for reloading times, that is what i like no sleight of hand bs.
  3. Righto they better include some multi-player features that made the Cod and BF series successful for the good of genuine gamers who can appreciate and enjoy a rich gameplay , WHILE STILL MAINTAINING THE ESSENCE OF ARMA AS WHAT IT IS AND STAYING THE HELL FAR AWAY FROM anything that make up a or anything close to TDM game.