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  1. So yeah, Team Six is an ArmA 3 realism unit. We play on Saturdays at 2000 CET. We have 2 videos from our recent operation and after mission PVP. If you enjoyed it, leave a like and a nice comment, Videos will be uploaded weekly (though no schedule day because army) and if you want to join check out http://www.taskforceteamsix.com/
  2. whisky

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

  3. whisky

    Custom Face

    In multiplayer the players will still see the light face and blue skin, because they don't have the mod, so yeah, the mod is kinda useless now.
  4. dude, adjust, or use a tape. Shoot some rounds, look at the impact, and use that intel...
  5. whisky

    mouse control options for driving

    It's for me to understand the problem, is it the a and d keys or the mouse?
  6. Change the controls in the options.
  7. The real problem for with the grass is that on long distances is that the ai in prone is actually inside the ground and it's to see them, they need to fix it.
  8. whisky

    createVehicle Problem

    setDir (azimuth)...
  9. whisky

    InstaGoat's AI Test Range

    awesome work Insta!
  10. Notepad++ With SQL syntex, it's in ArmAHolic, it's awesome.
  11. whisky

    Mines and the mine detector

    Well, once you near a mine you will see an Icon above it...
  12. whisky

    Why not add killstreaks to the game?

    bad troll, go back to your cave.
  13. whisky

    Custom Face

    Care to make a ticket about that with the solution so BIS could fix it?
  14. whisky

    Stupid question

    Try to put in the HOLD Behevior as Careless.
  15. There are black skins in the game, and the face selects randomly as far as I know. Women, I think BIS hate women because they actually made it impossible for a women in ArmA 2 to pick up a weapon, so I don't think we will have women. Not even going to comment about the last one.