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  1. Next Linebacker Deployment Scheduled; September 27th marks the date of our 7th Joint Operation deployment within Operation Linebacker. Successful COIN operations in the assigned theatre have started showing results after months of efforts, our boys' efforts on the ground have been noted and that of our allied participants as well. We look forward to progressing the situation and utilizing our skills to counter and overcome whatever problems we will face in theatre. Check back next month for more info.
  2. RoyTF91

    Sangin WIP

    That's shitty news Smoke. Glad to hear progress is still trucking along though, this has always been my favourite A2 map.
  3. I'm disappointed that I haven't noticed this mod earlier. Thanks for the release, very useful for infantry manoeuvres.
  4. This is correct, we use the F/A-18A and B. The A as fighter and B as the trainer. Only difference is we gave it our own designation, the CF-188A/B.
  5. I am milsim'ing so hard right now. Great little release!
  6. RoyTF91

    TrackIR Profiles?

    I personally took the time to tweak every axis to fit my movements, based on years of playing ArmA and using TrackIR 4 and TrackIR 5. The best would be to find your pitch and yaw limits that fit your movement, like you mentioned you look around a lot. You can talk to 10 TrackIR users and they will all give you different ways of configuring it, based on their own body movements. Tweaking the settings for the way you move your head in relations to the ratio is something you're going to have to experiment with until you find a setting that you like.
  7. RoyTF91

    ADuke's OH58D Pack

    Yeah I don't blame you, the US Navy doesn't actually operate them (though they were responsible for initiating the program that became the Kiowa in 1960). It's more or less because our fictional USN/USMC milsim unit would like to operate Kiowas from Navy ships, thus making a Navy Kiowa squadron would be a no-brainer. Of course this is a small side request if you have time, or even if you consider our shenanigans worth it :p
  8. RoyTF91

    ADuke's OH58D Pack

    sweet mother of aviation reconnaissance, yes. quick question though, will you be making a navy variant at all?
  9. RoyTF91

    Remington 870MCS

    yesssss, time to kick in some doors!
  10. RoyTF91

    A dumb mod: Swim Stratis

    hey this could be cool for SAR missions, hopefully the ArmA 2 modders who created the coast guard jayhawks will create new ones.
  11. RoyTF91

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    If someone could make an A-6E Intruder, that would be absolutely lovely. Carrier capabilities would be nice, with the tail hook and all. Willing to donate if someone wants to get it started.
  12. That is dope. Downloading now, will try it tonight. Looking real good, ataboo.
  13. RoyTF91

    VTS Simple gesture commo rose

    Works great, thanks for the release!
  14. RoyTF91

    RQ-11B Raven for Arma3

    RQ 11 was super useful in ArmA 2, glad you're remaking it for ArmA 3 Feint. Much appreciated.