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  1. Ive tried placing a game master and a unit but i cant drag it to connect to the module. how do i make a specific soldier zeus capable? this would be used on a player host, but someone else is going to zeus
  2. NATO http://www.gods-inc.de/macavity/shadowrun/vehicles/boeing_qtr.jpg
  3. how can we import the P3D files from the samples? cant find a working importer anywhere
  4. arma3 menu>play>scenarios>steam subscribed content>workshop>right side, maybe scoll down a bit click on subscribed objects>delete all unwanted ones
  5. Maslofski

    J.S.R.S Vs Speed of Sound. Video 1 - YOU decided

    SOS sounds better then JSRS, BUT SOS misses that equipment ruttle sound wich i personaly enjoy a lot
  6. Maslofski

    Issues getting tools set up

    well, ive youd use P: then you get might get as far as buldozer starting, but not showing the object :/
  7. Maslofski

    Issues getting tools set up

    ok, so i got P: now, but it still only shows a cube squeleton in a space. i get this http://www.youscreen.de/ypwtjqht78.jpg everytime i launch buldozer, but ive i try using arma3.exe in the steam files, then it wont even lanuch the 3d viewer with cube. so ive i launch it from P: it will give me an error before showing the cube http://www.youscreen.de/tckaovfr38.jpg i asked a friend and he said my settings go to the right folders and everything, so any help is apreciated
  8. Maslofski

    Extremly Low FPS Arma 3

    try this out, its a guide to split load from CPU towards GPU so you get better FPS: http://day0.com.au/forum/arma/638-arma-3-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide
  9. So i followed http://ohplz.ca/tuts/00/index.html as instructions, but i cant get the P: set up, it stays a .txt file and i can obly open it with a text editor, how do i get it to run and create P:? i tried without P: and it gives me an error when loading the sample car and i just get a cube like shape in buldozer.
  10. Maslofski

    Scope Mod A3

    ok, stop showing us pictures, show us the CG one ;)
  11. seems so much better then VAS, VAS has such small logos, i wish you luck with this project!
  12. they just did it poorly, they implement such a huge thing, but what do we get to interact with it? scuba gear, we have one peace of equipment for each faction, perfect, a RHIB boat, a patrol boat and a submarine, this is all? the reason to go to the water should be much more then that, ships (wich with the new PhysX can be walked on), drilling rigs, civilian ships (you could have some awesome boat raids with those) and much more.
  13. you might want to recomend using a acre volume modification, so you always shout using this hat
  14. Maslofski

    Enemies have more "life" after last update?

    its a very unacurate basic armor system, and probably not even finished, so it might get refined, at latest in moded gear