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    Eden Composition Spawning

    I am having a few issues with this script currently. First, if I let the comp spawn on its original spawn position, I get the error of "Error Zero Divisor" and nothing spawns. If I define a marker it throws an error on getCompPosition line 12. If I define coords it throws an error on line 41 of getCompPosition. No matter what I do to designate a location, it will not spawn. Any ideas? thanks.
  2. On the Github "Hit reactions compatibility with ACE" What does this refer to exactly?
  3. 1LT D. Repo

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hey, also running into the problem, can load into the game and mission fine. I renamed the dsg-master to @dsg. Spawned in, ai were around but no objectives. Here is pastebin with debug on. http://pastebin.com/d4qYePmu
  4. 1LT D. Repo


    Alright glad to hear, just figured I'd throw it out there in case one of them might be a freak encounter, looking forward to the release!
  5. 1LT D. Repo


    So I am not sure how Haleks feels about this, but last night I took it on my own to get Ravage to work in MP. With a little bit of working with the files, a friend and I enjoyed playing Co-oP without any problems. I wanted to post, not to tell others how to, but rather to report bugs. The first thing I noticed, and I am not sure if it is in SP too, not all loot crates have items. In SP I thought every one I found did, in MP not all of them. It did not have to do with the crate either, some bags had stuff, some didnt. Second thing, and I see it has been noticed already, no sound after respawn, this seems to be the major killer here. Third, zombies seem to be weird in choosing who they want to chase, unless I actually get in the way of them, they will chase my friend no matter how close I am. (Again, unless I step in front of them) As far as any gameplay bugs, none that broke anything. Good framerates, and no glitching that I have seen. I will not be releasing how I got it to work, out of respect for the Dev, but Haleks, if it is alright with you, I will continue to post any more bugs I find while playing MP. No files will be released, no info on how to, and I will not help anyone that wants to play MP. Thanks for the awesome mission Haleks, best zombies for arma yet!
  6. Alright guys so I am setting up a large scale combat area using DAC. I have a few questions if ya dont mind, 1. If I use other AI mods such as FFIS, will they work well together? 2. I plan on using the SectorFight, but there isnt much doc on actually using it, will AI automatically go towards them, if not how would I get them to go there? 3. Will the AI be able to enter buildings on custom maps or do they only detect ones from vanilla Arma 3?