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  1. Thank you very much for putting your effort and time and using your talent for something meaningful as this. I have a high expectation on your super AI. Please make it to the release. You can do it!
  2. iluvyaman

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Can you please help me on this. I'm a novice at scripting, server hosting and Arma 3 overall. For the last couple of days, I have managed to figure out how to host a dedicated server to play this mission and it also took me a while to figure out where the save function of this mission is located. (It was in the interaction menu under database.) Now my last mission is to find out how to load what I have saved. Please please help me on this and you will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. EDIT: I figured this out. It automatically loads.
  3. iluvyaman

    RELEASED Evolution for Invasion1944

    The link is dead. Can you reupload if you still have the file?
  4. OK. I will adapt. I'm sorry but I have more questions. 1. What's the difference between 'Sky+environment on' and 'Original Evo' for performance setting? 2. When I load previously saved game, the spawn system seems messed up, If I join as the same class as before, I'm either surrounded by ai avatars that once were human teammates or get instantly killed by AI teammates and spawn in the middle of nowhere. Also I'm unable to make those AIs join my squad so have to watch them act on their own. Is there a way I can get them to join my squad so I can have control over them or just have them disaapear?
  5. Yeah. I was thinking that but is it technically possible to make the enemy choppers not show up? I mean watching bunch of NVAs parachuting from the sky is not what we expect from Vietnam war. lol.
  6. Hello, eggbeast. I happened to know about this evolution coop a few days ago and gave it a try with my friends. It is totally amazing. Best gaming experience ever. One thing I disliked was as battle progressed, there were too many enemy choppers and planes in the sky making too much noise. Also just pure infanty firefight is the way we enjoy the most. Is it possible for a server admin to make it so that enemies don't ride air vehicles? One more question. I set the enemy size to 'very small' but they were still to many for us. Can I make their number even less? Thank you.
  7. I assume this has been asked many times but I failed to find an answer to it. If it's BAF extended, I don't understand why BAF dlc is not required. Is there texture limitation or anything without BAF dlc?
  8. iluvyaman

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Variable, do you still have the file? If you do, could you please reupload it? I would really love to play this campaign.
  9. Can the personal menu be applied to campaign missions?
  10. iluvyaman

    FXAA Injector for OFP

    I don't know why but after installing FX injector, FPS increased dramatically by 60 to 100. Anyone experience the same?