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  1. Hello! How do I fix this error?
  2. If you use the mod VTN with RHS, then stop working all RHS grenades. They can be seen in the virtual arsenal, they come to unload, but they can not be used. Grenades can not throw. And please tell me how to use earplugs. Thanks for the help
  3. Thank you! Excellent fix
  4. This fix does not repair the error problem - No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/iteminfo.scope'.
  5. disab

    Enhanced Movement

    Hello! Thank you for a great mod! But, please, create one in the settings menu depending on the function off jumps over obstacles and pull the weight of the equipment. To be able to turn off the realism.
  6. disab

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Error in a virtual arsenal - Picture logo_3cb.paa not found
  7. disab

    Arma 3 Apex - content predictions?

    I do not need any additional content. We do not need new equipment. NEED A GOOD GAME OPTIMIZATION. The game is not the first time came out and optimization as there was no and no. The game continues to slow down, even on the top-end hardware. This problem needs to be corrected developers first and foremost, and not to produce a bunch of unnecessary content.
  8. This post is for people who interested to know how it works in multiplayer this mod! I know that this mod is not supported in multiplayer, but even so tried to test him. Connect this mod to the server and gave to the players. Mod does not work consistently. Players and server have a large desync. Splashes of blood and meat cuts be seen, but the blood is not visible on the surface. So use this mode for multiplayer is not recommended.
  9. unfortunatly rstratton passed away in early 2014 :(
  10. I do not speak in English. I write to you through an interpreter. Who can contact him - https://forums.bistudio.com/user/738034-rstratton/
  11. Hello. Is it possible to transfer this model of helicopter Ka-50 of arma2 in ARMA3. Author this model is not responding to the transfer request for many years. Can your team resolve this question? Here is a link to the mod - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10515
  12. Good day! Now we can use this mod in multiplayer? I connected this mod in multiplayer but it did not work fully. Splashes of blood work, but can not see stains on the ground and surfaces.
  13. disab

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Hi! Tell me where in the mission is the script, which can be supplemented with a weapon issued at higher rank? I want to add weapons from other mods.
  14. disab

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi! A version of this mission in Chernarus is planned?
  15. disab

    KA-50 Hokum

    Please do this mod under ARMA3