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  1. The Night is Your Friend Navy SEAL Operators Make their Way to the Target Building While Executing Some Hostiles Along the Way Mods: RHS, KA P226, ORC Maritime Helmets, Funny_NVG, COS, SMA, NIArms HK416, POLPOX Artwork Supporter, Military Gear Pack, ASIP Gear Retextures, Direone's Static Animations, Whiplash Animations, TRYK
  2. DESERT SUNSET MODS: USP Gear & Uniforms, RHS, SMA, Dunes, Military Gear Pack, C.O.S.
  3. Hey Boss, Turn Around! I Think Something is On Fire! Mods: CUP Terrains, RHS, NIArms, CAG/Delta Force Faction, MGP, Spec4Gear, GEARSOC Phoenix, Polpox Artwork Supporter, 3den Emitter, Blastcore
  4. LZ Dusty Mods: Anizay, RHS, Helicopter Dust Efx Mod
  5. kevinroks3

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    Absolutely love everything in this mod! This defiantly filled the "CAG gap" in the Arma community with some excellent content! Is there any chance you are going to add in mixed camo uniforms, such as Multicam top and AOR-2 pants, and vice versa as well as with the other camos you have? Personally I don't know if the Delta Force guys mix up the camos but if it fits the theme then I would love to hopefully see it in the mod some day!
  6. 1st SFOD-D Operators Capture an ISIS Leader After He Crashes His Car - MH-6 Little Birds Land on the Street to Extract the Team and the HVT as a UH-60 Black Hawk provides CAS Mods: 1st SFOD-D (A), MH-60M, RHS, Zargabad (CUP) modified with assets from Lythium, NIArms HK416's, Direone's Static Combat Poses, GEARSOC Phoenix, Military Gear Pack, Project OPFOR
  7. kevinroks3

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Oh my god, these textures and loadouts look amazing! Can't wait to start using them in game when released!!!
  8. kevinroks3

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Can't wait for this gear to be released to the public! It all looks outstanding!!
  9. DEVGRU (ST6) Stationed at FOB Python, Tanoa Prepare to Board a C130 for a Recon Mission Mods: POLPOX's Artwork Supporter, COS, RHS, SMA, ORC DEVGRU Equipment, Funny_NVG, DIREONE's JSOC Uniform Retexture, Project Zenith, SPS Weapons, ACE3, CBA, MCC, ASCZ Heads, ASPIS Gear, GEARSOC - Phoenix Project, DIREONE's Relax Poses Minor editing done in Adobe Photoshop
  10. 75th Ranger Regiment - Malden Civil War 2017 Rangers engage a rebel held town that has been heavily fortified. Their lead MRAP has been hit by an IED and the Rangers dismounted and began to engage the combatants A fire team attempts to flank the enemy to try and eliminate the hostiles behind the barricade Field medics begin to treat the wounded Rangers from the IED explosion The platoon leader begins to give orders to his squad leaders and marks a location for a mortar strike Mods: RHS, COS, SMA, ACE, SOCMOD, PD Uniforms, TRYK, Roadrunner's 6094, KA SCAR-H, Direone's Combat Poses, Hawaiian's 75th Ranger Regiment, Funny_NVG, MCC, 3DEN Enhanced, Blastcore Standalone, ASCZ_Heads, GEARSOC - Phoenix Project, Various items from the Laws of War DLC and the Malden DLC
  11. Absolutely love the comic! I really like the filter you used to make it look like the art style of a comic book. You did it very well and it brings back a lot of memories from when I was young. Please make more of these and keep up the awesome work!
  12. DEVGRU Operators and Rangers set up a perimeter while they wait for a med-evac helicopter to collect the wounded after an IED damaged an MRAP Medics stabilize a wounded Ranger Mods: RHS, SMA, ASIP Gear, Military Gear Pack, ACE 3 Animation, Lythium Terrain, 75th Ranger Regiment, Ares, TRYK, Zee Identity, Private mods
  13. DEVGRU team moving under the cover of darkness while operating in Bozcaada Mods: Bozcaada, ACE 3 Extension (Animations), PD Uniforms, RR Ops Core, SMA, KA MP7, Military Gear Pack (Re-textures), Private mods Edit: I adjusted the brightness a bit so it's easier to see
  14. DEVGRU operator standing on the flight deck of the USS Freedom preparing to leaving for a cache raid on Malden. Mods: RHS, RR Helmets, Spec 4 Gear, Zee Identity, Military Gear Pack, SMA, PD Uniforms (In-Development)
  15. kevinroks3

    2000+ Hours

    3150 hours strong!
  16. kevinroks3

    JSOC Tier1

    Thank you very much for the uniforms and good luck!
  17. kevinroks3

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Adacas said that he is going to release an updated separate from the mod that adds AOR gear. it will be dependent on the main mod. It will also include more than just the MMAC in the AOR patterns. As far as I'm aware, he is adding pretty much everything in AOR, but don't quote me on this.
  18. kevinroks3

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Fantastic work as always!! Iv'e been waiting all week to operate in these new plate carriers! Can't wait until you release the extension for the AOR gear. By the way, any idea when you will release it? No pressure if you are busy. Keep up the outstanding work!!
  19. DEVGRU operators in Takistan waiting for their extraction Mods: RHS, SMA, VSM, Zee Identity, Hawaiian's 75th Ranger Regiment, ACE3 Extension, Military Gear Pack, CUP Terrains, Private mods
  20. kevinroks3

    DEVGRU AOR1 Crye Uniform 1.0

    Is there a way you can make this into an actual mod people can use? This is one of the best AOR1 textures I have ever seen in arma. Its too bad I have no mod making experience to make it a usable mod...
  21. kevinroks3

    1.58 sound bug for jets

    I have done some more testing and it is the same for all vehicles. There also seems to be a crackling/static sound to it at certain times. Also keep in minds that this only happens in 3rd person. 1st person is fine.
  22. So with the release of 1.58 to Arma 3, I have noticed that some sound bugs regarding the aircraft and potentially some of the other vehicles. When I get inside, for example the Wipeout, the engines sound very very quiet especially from 3rd person and also in 1st person. I did some more tests where I spawned a unit on the ground and I listened to the jet fly by. The jet was very quiet as well as it flew by. I did this test with all of the other jets and I came up with the same results. However, I'm not sure if this bug translates to any other vehicles. Otherwise, I absolutely love the new update with the additions to Eden and the switching weapons while moving, and I can't wait to see more out of Apex when it comes out!