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    ZSL Animations

    Add driver/passengers to the vehicle and make them invisible with show model. Then you'll be able to move the posed unit without it taking up a vehicle space.
  2. Desert sunset Afrika Korps Tunisia 1943 Mod CUP; IFA3; IFA3 lib; Geist; Direone/Nikoatons/Rismarcks WW2/TFR/Whiplash/ZSL poses, Polpox artwork
  3. Per Ardua ad Astra RAF Spitfires and Luftwaffe Bf 109's clash in the skies above France. May 1944. Mods. IFA3, IFA3 lib, 7Y assets, Messerschmitt Bf-109. Cup. Polpox Artwork supporter.
  4. Can we get the Grass cutter object in an resizable box like the hide terrain object or trigger boxes. Would be nice if we could resize it to fit our needs.
  5. Where Eagles Dare Allied Commando team parachutes into the Bavarian Alps near Schloß Adler. Nazi Germany. Late 1943 Mods IFA3, IFA3liberation, Geist, Faces of war, Arctic Highlands, Direone/Nikoatons/Rismarcks WW2/TFR/Whiplash/ZSL poses, Polpox artwork
  6. Deutsches Afrikakorps DAK Field Marshal Rommel visits a panzer repair workshop Tunisia 1943 Mods. IFA3, GEIST, Direone/Nikoatons/Rismarcks WW2/TFR/Whiplash/ZSL poses, Polpox artwork.
  7. HELL IN THE PACIFIC US Marine Corps. Operation Galvanic. Betio, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert islands. November 1943. Mods; FOW; Direone/Nikoatons/Rismarcks WW2/TFR/Whiplash/ZSL poses, Polpox artwork. PLP (tracers)
  8. Ejected Brass Pic idea shamelessy stolen from @jeza (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, mate ) Mods; 7Y assets WW2. polpox artwork supporter.
  9. AFK You never go full AFK. mission; Domination. 2 fools (and an Ed). @thebuckfastwine @EDcase
  10. US Navy Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat (Kick Ass) Searches for Japanese targets over Guadalcanal on the Solomon islands August 1942 Mods; Faces of war.
  11. section 20

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    This whole thread is just porn. Kit porn of the most delicious kind.
  12. Wet and f'in useless sounds right up my street.
  13. SAS Willys jeep somewhere in Libya 1942 Mods CUP; faces of war; Massi's ww2 units; PLP materials.
  14. Royal Navy Merlin HC4 casevacs injured members of 3 PARA from Pulau to HMS Clyde 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment. Forward Operating Base Pitcairn on the South Pacific island of Pulau. As part of Operation Moistened Bint in an attempt to halt CSAT forces gaining a foothold in the area. Mods; Pulau; BAF; RHS; Direone/Nikoatons/TFR/Whiplash animation packs; Recolour; Polpox artwork supporter;
  15. Gave you a shout out on twitter mate. loving the vehicles Twitter @stupidcaveman
  16. section 20

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Cheers @stburr91, I've been working on my screenies alot recently with the help of @thebuckfastwine and cool mods like recolour, polpox artwork supporter and the very cool animation packs and of course all the fantastic mods by the best game community thats ever been.
  17. US Army Protection Services Battalion. PSB unit members extract a US envoy from an ambush kill zone, somewhere in an unnamed eastern European country. Mods; CUP; Direone JSOC jeans; Roadrunners All in one; Multiplay Uniforms; SPS equipment; Military gear pack; JSOC_uniforms; ATAINO/WAINO; Direone/Nikoatons/TFR/Whiplash anims; Recolour; Polpox artwork supporter: (If I've forgot anyone. I apologise. So many mods and it's hard to remember what is whose bits. if you spot anything, PM me and I'll amend it)
  18. Can someone explain why, when I look at the pictures of the RKSL wildcat. I hear. Can't get enough of your love baby by Barry White? Looks amazing RKSL
  19. It's the end of the world as we know it... Survivors battle it out for the last tin of beans. MODS; CUP; Chernarus Redux; Multiplay uniforms and TAC vests; Ravaged and Frithified Gear. Direone/Nikoatons/TFR/Whiplash animations; Recolour; Polpox Artwork supporter.
  20. Congrats on the release EO. Your stuff looks great (or should that be, it looks shabby and post apocalyptic ) I'll DL these guys straight away. I feel a post apoc photo op for the photography thread coming.
  21. section 20

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @BAMSLAM Love the vertical phone style shots, mate. Great idea.
  22. Gonna ride into...The Danger Zone Maverick pulls an inverted 4g dive with a To 201 Shikra and gives the CSAT pilot a friendly salute MODS; CUP Desert map; Whiplash animations; Polpox artwork supporter.
  23. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK 2035 [PART 2] Snake searches the Presidents downed aircraft. Nobody else made it. (Sorry if they are a litttle too dark. Was going for moody rather than gloomy. I'll make sure the next lot are better lit) MODS; CUP; New York City, USA; MGSR; Roadrunners Tier 1 uniforms (all in one pack). Whiplash/TFR/Direone/Nikoaton poses packs. Polpox artwork supporter.
  24. section 20

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Thanks mate. I substituted the offending one out for a PLP one. Had originally wanted someone driving one of the forklifts, but eventually went with another pose for the driver, so the static ones were fine. So all's good in the end.