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  1. Hello,I think you are wrong because A10 E from this mod uses a different type of ammo called "mix"and with acemod,helmets of pilot are already earplugged!!
  2. hello ! Will you add an hotkey to cycle between SOI? and I want to report a problem about A10 gau and ace... it destroy your ears even with helmets again Thank you for this great mod !! bye
  3. You just bring me me to a New World!!!:)) Thank you
  4. I have a question...changing from custom user action to Cba settings it will only possible to assign keyboard or mouse keys...an for who use hotas? regards
  5. Hello! I'm using light version with @ace and @task force. -when I choose "take pakage - medic " the items "individual first aid kit " aren't converted to bandages and morphine.The complete version works well but gives you the advanced medic equipment even if is set the basic system. -when I choose "take pakage - radio operator" No Long Range Radio is given to the player. -without virtual arsenal enabled I cant find any GPS in armory. Dont know if these are bugs and I can bypass them with virtual arsenal so are not a big problem... My question is if the light version supports ACE and Task force or if I will find conflict (for example medic system) Thank you and by the way I really like this scenario is an awsome work!
  6. Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    keep on growing this community guys!
  7. hello! I m not able to see any option in any tabs with zeus...I can go around the map but can't add module,modify or spawn nothing!
  8. Hello! Can I have your permission to upload Aoraki +Alpine to Steam Workshop?? I will add credit to Roket... Thank you
  9. ASR AI 3

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095145851/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410 Tell me if it is ok like this
  10. ASR AI 3

    Thank you for this permission!!! Do you know a faster method then install Arma 3 Tools(29GB)to publish on workshop??
  11. Hello ACE Team...Arma3=ACE3. But when flying G-effect is very strong so I disabled it...Will You in future make it customizable like Night vision? (if with 12.1 I can enable ace optionals and NV get fixed this will be a great update!!) Thank you for your work!
  12. ASR AI 3

    Hello! Happy new year to you too... Shall I make a little request?? ...actually to activate Asr_ai_rhs_config all rhs mods are needed...so I tried to split in separated folder and in game I'm not getting any error,except steam that says that I need all faction....good, so is it possible to You to Officially publish separated mod configs for rhs...because as you say to work like it should asr_ai must run on server and client...but for me is a problem to explain to everybody to remove this or that pbo before join the server! I hope you understand my point of view , i have the same problem with ace optionals also that I really would like to use but I dont kow how to align people's mod. Bye p.s . project opfor use only usa and russia for now,so it is useless to activate gref and serbia !
  13. ace_medical_medicSetting = 0 THIS make blood enable for everybody