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  1. Can you guys post a screenshot for the people stuck at work like me? ^^
  2. Kemeros

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    That would definitely help! It's a surprising move from nvidia.
  3. Not sure what they are working around. Depending on speed... You put more or less damage on fuselage and of course the blades are bye bye. Going poof is a bit much when you're going at 5 km/h and tumble on the side. Oh well. Still a cool fix.
  4. Does that mean that we can roll a chopper at slow speed without going poof?
  5. Oh... Bohemia is becoming Earth's new overlord huh? One government for all. ^^
  6. Saw a few people asking for this. Rejoicing inbound.
  7. The patch notes have plenty of notable entries. For example, i like the last few patches that work on threading. :D
  8. Spring cleanup in advance huh? Anything fun came from the refactoring? :)
  9. Seems like a great opportunity to get with the times and update your server OS. xD You can always put linux too. There is a linux version of the dedicated server.
  10. Congrats on an epic release. :) That's a lot of cool content.
  11. Can't wait! ^^ That + the server tweaks should be interesting to see. :)
  12. Shows the importance of reading the categories on top of the patch notes haha. ^^
  13. A quick suggestion would be to wait for steam sales. There will be one in december for example. You paid so little for Arma 2 because the game was out a while ago. It's not comparable. Also you don't pay to shoot from vehicles. Read the announcement better. You pay to get access to the driver seat of the new helicopters and some new props i believe. You have access to most of the content for free as passenger. Even the sling loading is free with the original helicopters. The general forum would have been a better place than the dev branche forum.
  14. Agreed except then we wouldn't have a way to get unstuck in many situations. :(
  15. Making them hard to use in CQB is a good thing and logical. I clearly haven't played long range in a while because it's not as bad as i remember it was when they introduced it. The weapon sway was so bad i couldn't hit anything even with a scope. Now you hold your breath wait a second to stabilize(when prone) and then you have accuracy. Very good. It's not as easy for sure but it's usable and will set apart people with skills. Probably a good thing. :) Should have tried again before opening my mouth. I have to say, that Virtual Arsenal is awesome. Got to try so many things so freaking quickly. All FPS should have one of those. ^^
  16. Speak for yourself. Sniping being too hard makes the game a lot easier for infantry so i get why you want to be selfish and say that but personally i miss my sniper vs sniper battles.
  17. Oooh. Today's(And yesterday's obviously) Dev patch notes are pretty juicy. ^^ It's the week of development wizardry. Now that ArmaGu.exe is fixed, i'll be able to try all this goodness tonight. <3
  18. Ah good! I was getting that error also. Good to know there is a fix. Ty!
  19. I can't seem to launch my dev branch with Arma3GU.exe. I can update with the game updater and it says it's successful but the game launcher gives a blank error first with nothing in the box, then it tells me it can't find the path to the game updater. Anyone got this problem also? Worked fine a week ago. Edit: NVM, it's a known problem and you can find a fix right here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149411-How-to-change-Arma-3-branches-between-STABLE-amp-DEVELOPMENT-versions-STEAM-client&p=2772084&viewfull=1#post2772084
  20. Performance was pretty good but then we we're 11 on them when i played. Solid 50-60 FPS. No lag, didn't notice de-sync.
  21. I would agree with you if the weapon resting feature was implemented. They added weapon sway and inertia without it so now it feels just like my gun is trolling me. Oh well. I get the reasoning behind the features, we'll see how it evolves i guess.