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  1. Can you guys post a screenshot for the people stuck at work like me? ^^
  2. Kemeros

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    That would definitely help! It's a surprising move from nvidia.
  3. Not sure what they are working around. Depending on speed... You put more or less damage on fuselage and of course the blades are bye bye. Going poof is a bit much when you're going at 5 km/h and tumble on the side. Oh well. Still a cool fix.
  4. Does that mean that we can roll a chopper at slow speed without going poof?
  5. Oh... Bohemia is becoming Earth's new overlord huh? One government for all. ^^
  6. Saw a few people asking for this. Rejoicing inbound.
  7. The patch notes have plenty of notable entries. For example, i like the last few patches that work on threading. :D
  8. Spring cleanup in advance huh? Anything fun came from the refactoring? :)
  9. Seems like a great opportunity to get with the times and update your server OS. xD You can always put linux too. There is a linux version of the dedicated server.
  10. Congrats on an epic release. :) That's a lot of cool content.
  11. Can't wait! ^^ That + the server tweaks should be interesting to see. :)
  12. Shows the importance of reading the categories on top of the patch notes haha. ^^