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  1. Because he has proposed something different and I agree with cyruz. There should be no user input for headless client functionality at all. No script, no module, no editor change, or mission config change. It should just be handled by engine automatically. Headless client needs to be developed so its functionally better than the game currently is or abandoned. Being able to not use a feature which makes the game better or having to enable a feature which makes the game better is stupid.
  2. BinaryMan

    TMR Modular Realism

    You most likely do not have the most recent CBA or do not have it enabled. CBA now has a key binding system that allows modders to register keybinds through one system. It also allows users/players to change keybinds for all CBA registered keybinds through one easily accessible interface in the game controls menu. You can read more about it here: https://dev.withsix.com/projects/cca/wiki/Keybinding
  3. BinaryMan

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Floating trash pile on altis at: [3923.36,12721,0.0010376]
  4. Are you on an AMD graphics card? I've been getting this in game with my amd 280x. I've also been getting it in insurgency as well (Only on certain maps). Perhaps its amd's fault?
  5. You haven't seen my post yet. :mad: jk A note on aiming deadzone. it appears that weapon movement inside of an aiming deadzone doesn't inflict any aiming penalty.
  6. BinaryMan

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I realise my first post might not have been very clear, in this following post I hope to make my ideas more clear: I think the advanced flight model would be easier for keyboard and mouse users if collective up and down changed collective at a constant speed instead of a non-linear one. Currently tapping collective up or down does almost nothing. Collective up and down go from doing almost nothing for the first quarter to half second to moving quickly in a short span of time, which is really hard to use. By changing collective up and down to a constant movement speed it is easier to slowly engage or disengage the rotor blades. Currently the non-linear speed in which collective up and down proceed at makes this very difficult. In fact, multiple long presses of these collective up/down keys cause a nasty "stair case" effect. "stair case" effect explained in more detail: A simple maneuver like flaring for speed reduction (at constant altitude) becomes hard with a keyboard and mouse with non-linear collective change. During a flare it is almost always necessary to reduce the collective over a period of time. Holding down the collective down key is almost always too much, while pressing the key multiple times does not elicit enough collective change. What ends up happening is the collective is moving to fast during certain parts of the flare and to slowly during other parts when the key is pressed multiple times over the entire flare. This too little, then too much, then too little, etc... collective change is the nasty "stair case" effect. By changing collective up and down a linear movement speed it becomes possible to slowly or quickly disengage the rotor blades by either tapping the key at a slow rate, fast rate, or holding the key down for maximum traversal. My proposed solution to the current problem of collective change is the following: Make collective up and down keys change collective by a constant rate of change. Add 2 more key binding: Collective quarter step up/quarter step down. This will immediately change the collective up or down by 25% Reasoning behind the Collective quarter step up/quarter step down is that it is sometimes necessary to quickly change the collective by a large amount, these two bindings preserve that. Default keybindings (US keyboard): constant collective up: "Q" constant collective down: "Z" Quarter collective step up "Shift + Q" Quarter collective step down "Shift + Z" It will most likely be important to experiment with 1/3 collective step up/step down. or other such values as 1/5 maybe even 1/6 or 1/2. In addition to this quarter collective step up/down might need to happen over a period of short time to reduce the immediate load the step brings on the rotor. It would also be nice if you could add keybindings for constant turn left/right for ground vehicles. Currently you can get some "stair case" effect causing under steering followed by over steering.
  7. BinaryMan

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I think the advanced flight model would be easier for keyboard and mouse users if collective raise was linear instead of quadratic or whatever it is right now. Collective up and down go from doing nothing for the first half second to moving really quickly, which is really hard to use effectively. Even when binding collective analog to something silly like trackIR forward/Back, it suddenly becomes 10 times easier. It would also be nice if you could do the same thing with turn left turn right in ground vehicles.
  8. I think he is talking about an addon specifically for single player use.
  9. I feel like you didn't read the entire post
  10. BinaryMan

    TMR Modular Realism

    You've done it again Tao. GREAT JOB I like the changes to the grenade launchers and hand grenades the most! I only have one concern and it regards the fragmentation system: If the fragmentation system only direct fragments at object like people and cars would it be easy to, in some cases, use that to detect where enemies are? Just a thought, if you could get back to me with a reply that would be great. Recoil changes are amazing too, Also hit effects... really everything. just wow
  11. BinaryMan

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    I think the update is great, new weapon sway is amazing, fatigue system rewards specialized loads outs with a goal in mind. Keep it up BIS you're definitely on the right track here!
  12. Taosensai is a boss! keep up the good work
  13. Overall I like the new weapon sway mechanics. I only have 2 problems with it, neither of which involve how the sway works but just the amount. 1. Impact of small damage on sway is a bit too much 2. Induced sway due to movement speed is high Great work bis!
  14. Top right click on the box that says game spy, should switch to the steam master server. :DDD :))) ?!?! ^.^ >.>
  15. I'm on stable currently, I meant it as the ai are good!