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  1. discororo

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    Try ebay? US dollars?
  2. discororo

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    I just had a quick look at your motherboard specs and I reckon ebay will be your friend. Assuming your budget is $130 USD you could be looking at something like an i7 2600k and 8GB of DDR3 1600 RAM based on some of the prices i saw. The 2600k can be overclocked and potentially the Ram as well. If you can find reasonable quality 16GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM whithin your budget, go for it! Not much point in going higher than 1600Mhz though as the motherboard probably won't use it and also the cost. Better to have more GB than max MHz. If the ram is overclockable there's every chance you'll hit the limit of the board with 1600MHz sticks. I am no expert and I may not be 100% correct so do your research (google) before you commit. Thanks Gunther. I agree. That link is quite helpful and enlightening. Sadly some of us don't have budgets that generous.
  3. discororo

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    Socket type determines whether the CPU will fit the board. Look up the motherboard specs online. Intel currently have 5 different socket types on the market. Hopefully your motherboard isn't as old as mine or you'll need to buy second hand or purchase a new board. There are other compatibility concerns as far as finding the optimal match but in general if the CPU physically fits in the board it will work. Pays to do some homework before blowing the pesos though.
  4. discororo

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    In my experience CPU made the most difference. My last hardware upgrade was a huge CPU cooler. My I5750 @2.67GHz just wasn't cutting it so I overclocked it to 3.99GHz. That made it run too hot but there was room in the case for a massive air cooler which keeps temps down to what they were before the overclock. Average frames in ARMA 3 went up from around 18-21 to 28-30. It can be as good as 50+ depending on AI and building density. My previous upgrade was to purchase a second GTX 960 4GB card and put it in SLI with my existing one. That got me no perceptible increase in FPS but, i can run much better quality settings without losing frames. Basically, I went out and spent nearly $500 AUD on the GTX960 hoping to get better frames and was gutted when that appeared to make no difference. So with my budget blown I did some research into how to get better performance. It took me a few hours tinkering, reading, googling and about 100 bucks on the cooler to get what I was looking for. Been running this config for over 12 months now without a meltdown or heat related crash. Buying the second GTX 960 wasn't a waste of money as it cranks the hell out of just about every other game that I own. Deus Ex, BF4 and ME3 are beautiful to look at on near full settings at 60FPS, and after overclocking my CPU ARMA 3 looks amazing whilst being playable. That's just how it went for me. Maybe i will get a couple more sticks of RAM soon to see how that goes. I will definitely be making my next big spend on a new overclockable I7 with as many cores as I can afford. Unfortunately for me that will have to include a new motherboard as well so might be a while yet. Fortunately I already have 8GB of good quality RAM and a huge cooler that works. I started this system in 2011 with a GTS 250, Windows 7 and the current CPU and motherboard so it's pretty old now but with a little tinkering here and there it's hung in and should go a little longer yet. Hopefully at least until ARMA 4 by which time there will probably be a newer version of Windows to deal with. So to sum up, If your budget is tight, plan your purchases and get the best spec CPU you can. Make sure your motherboard will allow you to benefit from from spending money on everything else like good RAM, SSD etc. Good luck, enjoy and let us know how you go. My specs: I5 750 @2.76GHz OC'd 3.99GHz Gigabyte P55A-UD4P Socket 1156 LGA 2 x 4GB Corsair XM53 DDR3 3200 RAM Coolermaster Hyper 612 850 EVO Samsung 500GB SSD WD 1TB Black Caviar 2 x Gigabyte GTX 960 G1 Gaming 4GB in SLI Antec HCG-850M 850w Modular PSU Windows 10 Home 64bit Edit: Keep one eye on your power usage. I had to upgrade my power supply for the second 960. Luckily that left enough headroom for the overclock.
  5. discororo

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for sharing this really useful script with us. I love the usability of it being hotkeyed. I have found a small issue however. When switching a weapon to the launcher/dual position, the textures on that weapon appear to change on some. For example, I equip a Khaki SPAR16 in the primary slot and take an SPMG from a weapons box, then switch them, the SPAR changes to Black. I tried it with SMA as well and found a similar thing happening. Is it possible that they are reverting to a default texture? Or perhaps there is a different classname for the different textures and your script only contains one classname? Also, just wondering if you plan to add Project Zenith support at some point. I understand that right now it would be a bit like chasing your tail whilst the mod is still in alpa, but perhaps once it is closer to version 1.0? Thanks again mate. Great work, much appreciated.
  6. discororo

    CMCSSC MK20 SSR Beta test

    This is a thing of true beauty.
  7. discororo

    ADF Hawkei

    Mate!! She's a bloody ripper! Have a question tho, is there meant to be an engine sound at this point or is sound still WIP? The handling seems pretty good and the model is just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the other variants in game. Really special work, keep it up.
  8. discororo

    Zee Identity Pack

    Awesome work Zee! Looks like top quality stuff.
  9. discororo

    MK20 SSR

    Awesome. Will be watching this closely. Hope those config problems disappear.
  10. discororo

    RH Pistol pack

    Check out "mattkf03" on Steam. It's like he owns your stuff. Here's another one, "c.walker8691".
  11. Thanks guys and girls. Will give them a sound thrashing tonight.
  12. At first glance i thought that was DPNU! Doesn't seem green enough for AMP. Thanks for the update. Hope you all won a game of Two Up! So i've just been having a look at the AMP from ADF Uncut in the editor on Stratis. I assume it's the same texture? It doesn't look so bad in the shade, but i was definitely wrong about it not being green enough. It just seems so dark compared to most other good multicam textures. I'm not saying you should make another one, even though there's a shortage of options :) Please don't take this post as a slight on your work. It just really stood out to me and I wanted to share that. Anyhow, i bet you guys have heaps on. Keep on plugging at it.
  13. This news just made my day. All the best with it fellas. Having assets from the 90's running around Tanoa has me dribbling on myself! I wonder if anybody has done TNI units?
  14. discororo

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Thanks mate! I really enjoy and appreciate the work you've done! I have no doubt, that many feel the same. Please continue developing until you are happy! PS. No requests. I trust your judgement!