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  1. Terramesa

    Arma 3 Currency?

    It uses Armabux™
  2. Terramesa

    Apex Protocol Campaign

    iirc I think they're leaving Apex Protocol as is.
  3. Terramesa

    Apex Protocol Campaign

    This thread doesn't belong in this sub-forum. It belongs in something like general or Q&A. To answer your question; yes, the Apex campaign "Apex Protocol" can be played solo. Though it won't be the singleplayer experience you're used to, it takes the form of a co-op or multiplayer mission. i.e. no saving, it has respawns instead. It can be completed as any class/ loadout provided in the spawn screen. Marksman, Rifleman, Autorifleman etc. it doesn't matter. Any mission specific items will be given to you.
  4. iirc, arm textures are under the same file as head textures. So if you wanted to add tattoos find the head you want to use and change the arm textures in your favorite editing program.
  5. Terramesa

    Historically Inaccurate Conflicts

    If you need any help, hit me up. I'd be willing to lend a hand.
  6. Terramesa

    DETROIT 2077

    That looks really cool. Personally I love the cyberpunk and futuristic genres and styles. I like how you have mixed together old and "neo" Detroit. What island/ map did you use for the base layout?
  7. Terramesa

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    I look forward to this more and more with every single update you do! p.s. How many pylons do you have planned?
  8. Hello everyone. I have some good news. V1.2 of Core is now here! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By3qCWWECHzbVzZQRTZJdnhkczA Also, SGSF US is Finished. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By3qCWWECHzbc3BEcXVRU3BrNVU Enjoy. AH Link will be up soon. Steam release is up and running.
  9. Terramesa

    Warning to New Customers

    Where did you buy Arma 3 from? If it was from Steam, the page for the game (if you scroll down to system requirements) doesn't have any mention of Mac or Linux there. Now lets say in comparison, you were purchasing the game "Portal 2", it does have a mac tab if you scroll down. Arma 3 does have an experimental mac port if you want to check that out. https://dev.arma3.com/ports IMHO BI has been great when interacting with them, but those days come few and far between. If you are purchasing a video game online, Mac/Pc even xbox or PS you really need to check the game details to see if it will run on your system. Or in the console case, which regional code is on it i.e. PAL, NTSC or SECAM. So in future you should be aware of what you are purchasing. Google if your friend, of you are unsure if a particular game will run just search "Will (game name) run on a Mac".
  10. I'll remember for next time, thank you @Alex150201
  11. All I did was move this thread from the Discussion page to here, as I have already released Core ages ago and forgot to do it. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/192663-sabrinas-global-special-forces-discussion-thread/ I'm not releasing anything new. Just transferring the thread.
  12. Mods, can you please lock the thread as there is a release thread up now. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/208690-sabrinas-global-special-forces-release-thread/
  13. Sabrina's Global Special Forces by Terramesa DESCRIPTION Hello everyone, Welcome to the thread regarding development and release for the Sabrina's Global Special Forces addon series. In this group of addons I aim to create authentic uniforms (using stock A3 assets and maybe ported models) of most special forces units from around the globe. The releases will be done in faction coalitions from the "Wargame" franchise. e.g. Commonwealth, LANDJUT, etc. This is done just to keep the release simple and what I can focus on at the current state. They wont be like this in the editor, instead I will be using separate countries. These uniforms will be portrayed in the modern era (2000 on-wards). SGSF Core, will be needed for all other mods. SCREENSHOTS Core Com. USA. CURRENT FEATURES Custom rvmat. BLUFOR countries. HD textures and screenshots. Custom patches. Modular design; i.e SGSF Core + Commonwealth or SGSF Core + Euroforce + Blue Dragons. etc. Core is a requirement though. PLANNED FEATURES REDFOR and INDFOR countries. Weapons; reskins, maybe ports from Arma 2, maybe original models. Vehicles; reskins, maybe ports from Arma 2, maybe original models. SGSF Opposing Forces; Still up in the air currently. i.e. freedom fighters terrorist groups etc. Planned coalitions/ countries include: > Commonwealth of Nations: AUS, NZ, CAN, UK. - Done > Euroforce: All Eurozone countries. - Not Started > Scandinavia + Finland: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.- Not Started > Blue Dragons: Japan, South Korea.- Not Started > Red Dragons: China, North Korea.- Not Started > Eastern Bloc: Czech Republic, Slovakia.- Not Started and some other countries outside coalitions: > USA.- In Progress > Central + South American countries.- Not Started > SE Asian countries. - Not Started >A selection of African countries. - Not Started > Greater Arabia. - Not Started > Central Asia. - Not Started OTHER DETAILS I'm always open to suggestions and help. If you have some high quality camouflages and would like to contribute, please feel free to PM me. (still looking for a good NZ MCU) Probably with most releases I do, the "Core" element will be updated also. RELEASES CORE - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32561 Com. - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32787 U.S. - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33120 CHANGELOGS Core
  14. Terramesa

    Getting up to speed with ARMA3 / community

    I would get used to the vanilla experience before loading up 3GB worth of mods.
  15. Terramesa

    ADF Hawkei

    That's looking nice, dude.