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  1. Oracle255

    ASR AI 3

    does anyone having a problem with team members turning into enemies after opening virtual arsenal?. I'm playing Duws-Rebirth and after opening the virtual arsenal inside the headquarters my team members started shooting at me
  2. Oracle255

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    unfortunately, I live in Indonesia and I am not familiar with how to buy imports from eBay
  3. Oracle255

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    thank you discororo for your recommendation " after searching online I have found a local dealer that sells Intel I-7 2600k for about $ 200, unfortunately, my budget is still not sufficient after some thought I decided to save more money to buy it, I'll tell you later about the performance of the CPU, once I have it
  4. Oracle255

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    Thank you for replying. after some consideration, I'm planning to change my Cpu. hopefully, it will fix my lag issue. ; btw how do I check if my new CPU will fit in my motherboard?
  5. Oracle255

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    So, what do you think should i change my ram or cpu ?. I know that intel i-3 is pretty low standard for modern games like arma.
  6. Oracle255

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    I still get decent fps on arma 3 with low setting 3k view distance, and over +30 mods installed. However when im running script heavy mission (ex. Wla/dynamic domination) My fps drop drastically, Does upgrading ram will fix it ?
  7. Oracle255

    Arma 3 performance upgrade

    Hello everyone this is my first post in bi forum. I would like an advice for my computer upgrade. Question- Should i change my ram / gpu Recommend ram / gpu My current budget - $130 My current spec ------------------------- - Processor Intel(R) i3-3240 Cpu @ 3.40GHz Core - 2 Thread - 4 -Gpu ATI Radeon HD 5600 series (2789 mb) -Ram Team-Elite 1333 DDR 3 2GB (x2) "Dram Frequency = 665.1 MHz" "Channel - dual" -Main board Asus H61M-A Rev X.0xx --------
  8. Can you relase add-on version for this script ?