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  1. Great idea but AI wont use it without scripts because it won't shoot over terrain without them or player input. If BIS gave use the ability to make certain weapons use a firing algorithm that didn't take terrain into account this would be great, as well as data linked artillery units( which do work out to 16km+ with no terrain between them and the targets atm). If this was done then naval gun fire support would be on the cards to.
  2. SEAD missiles by VTI

    The problem is AI will not fire over terrain even if fully aware of the target and able to engage. A player must force the ai to fire its weapons or script it. However if they have no terrain blocking it they will usually fire out to what ever the weapons max range is
  3. Receiving range of data link doesn't seem to be the problem. From all my testing it seems that its the locking range is limited to 16km for missiles even if the missile is set up for 16km+. Its weird because AI artillery rounds will engage well beyond 16km but missiles won't. @oukej will shorad missiles in current AA vehicles be getting a slight increase in their effective range? I know Sam sites are coming but they still struggle to defend themselves let alone the area they are supposed to defend. And with the introduction of ARMs coming will turning off the radar and moving defeat the missile?
  4. What was the decision behind a maddog fire mode instead of a data link enabled mode? And how do AI handle it? If I or the AI ripple off a few amraams and start killing friendlies won't it get real messy real quick? With the introduction of dedicated Sam sites data linking would be a better option, check out the USN SM-6 for example. Can be fired at targets from a ship and be targeted at anything that an E-2D or F-35 can see. The latest version of the amraam is also being fitted with this ability to so the F-35 and F-22 can be mini awacs for 4th gen fighters so they can standoff and shoot and not electronically reveal their presence. Besides no air force in the world would tell its pilots just shoot in that general direction you'll hit something, it maybe enemy it might be friendly but fuck it shoot towards it anyway. I was wondering if you could slip in a new firing solution for certain weapons that doesn't take terrain blocking the target into account. I have semi working AI artillery ( no scripts just data link) and it will engage way way out(20km+) if the target isn't blocked by terrain.
  5. Would it be possible to look at the zoom levels in the armed blackfish. With the two zoom levels currently it is difficult to get good situational awareness in most situations. There needs to be a wide area zoom level to make picking out targets and orientating with the aircraft a bit easier.
  6. This is not the forum for it but a big congratulations to Jay for all his hard work over the years to bring us the games we all here enjoy so much. Good luck with your endeavors and who knows maybe we will see you return in a few years with even more experience to bring back to the team(s). Now back on track, the latest sitrep mentions a wind down in a3 but with some experimental things maybe popping up. I know its still early but would any of these experimental things be solely for the RV engine or would some of the tech be used in enfusion in some capacity? Are you still open to suggestions/ideas on how to improve the base game as well as areas to possibly experiment with? There are, I feel, so many areas touched apon and nearly completed and opportunities just waiting to be explored that would make the sandbox a little bigger and more varied. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with for us to blow up :)
  7. T-140 Angara Active Protection System?

    Yes these systems are present on the vehicles visually but they are not used by the game. APS was left out of the DLC because they thought they couldnt get it to work properly. You'll also notice that rpg and maaws wont show up on the vehicle radar, because the system uses an eventhandler that sets everything off when a missile is locked and launched, SACLOS missiles and rockets wont trigger a warning, so i guess charging head first into battle might not be the best tactictry hit and run tactics or find good cover first
  8. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Oh shit new ai in arma4 confirmed lol Back to arma 3 ai any chance of looking at the loiter wp and making ai stick to it better ie following the set direction properly and not doing its own thing after a while. Would massively help the blackfish, as would adding the man sensor and removing the radar. The radar makes them go nuts when they spot a target. The man sensor aligned to one of the guns and the ai in a loiter pattern actually engage men and vehicles without the need for any player interaction. Changing the 105mm ammo to HE instead if HEAT would help too and flag the ammo for use against AI. As for the ww2 dive bombing I know it probably won't be fixed in a3 but can you at least look at changing the heights they start the dive and the height they pull out if it? At least try to make them stay away from small arms fire
  9. Can you enlighten me a bit more in how this works? Is the laser auto detected by the engine not the laser designator being a sensor enabled weapon? Would it be possible to have data link enabled hand devices that can share data? I've been trying but with no success
  10. This is bloody awesome. Going to go dig up some old projects now and see if this helps! One thing about the DL in the vehicles is atm it is a bit pointless unless some sensor equipped vehicle (AA vehicle or planes) is present as the tanks/apc's dont seem to have any sensors defined of their own, which is needed to report enemies via DL. Another thing i'd love to see changed if possible is NLOS weapons/missiles not actually need LOS. I tested the MGS's atgm with AI and in VR no problems but on a terrain island the AI refuses to fire its weapon over a hill (unless ordered to by player). Some weapons/missiles should have the LOS algorithm taken out of the firing solution so AI will use them properly.
  11. Can you take a look at the blackfish 105mm ammo. It appears that its a HEAT round with little to no splash range where it should be a HE round with a decent area effect. The other thing I'm noticing is AI won't always obey the loiter direction in the loiter waypoint or if it does after a while it ends up going the opposite direction.
  12. The Blackfish is not powerful enough

    AI gunner issue is an easy solve, adding the man sensor component to the axis of one of the guns set to around 1200m works great. In a loiter wp set to careless and open fire the AI spot and engage men with all the weapons and dont tend to go into the stupid dive attack they usually do. As for the weapons i think they all need a slight tweak on hit range, but not by much, if the man sensor is ever officially put into the Blackfish that alone greatly helps without the need to over extend ammo range. Yes the gunners HUD/UI has been changed. Look at a spot then Lase spot ( T button or whatever you use) and your rounds will land where your sight is aimed at instead of having to lead into the target.
  13. Considering that APS is not implemented in game, none of the missiles or rockets should trigger any type of warning, unless spotted visually by the player or AI in which case pop smoke and try to hide.
  14. Whilst your at it any chance of possibly removing the radar(AI go nuts and try to strafe vehicles) and adding the man sensor aligned to one of the guns not the co pilot turret? The AI love it and they actually attack ground troops properly when in a loiter wp.