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  1. Yes they were pretty advanced for their time, but note that's the HUD, not a camera pod those didn't get assigned until well after Vietnam. Having said that we do plan, at some point, to improve this area.
  2. Tail hook issue I can do not a worry. As for the F4s that's a bit trickier, I noticed the same issue and but I've not had too much trouble landing even on carriers and I've watch countless times of AI landing as well. When I get a chance I'll revisit the flight models again and see if we can do anything.
  3. Hi there yes it's been disabled, as have all other planes that never had the capability during this time period. Targeting pods/cameras were in their infancy during this time and only very few planes had the capabilities to carry them let alone use them.
  4. allowmarking doesn't seem to work with datalink sensor. If for example you make a search radar even with this set to 1 it's radar data can still be used to target with. Any chance this could be looked at?
  5. Thanks for the report @pierremgi we will investigate ASAP
  6. future-compatible with non-missile equipment such as fuel tanks, pylon mounted HMG, electronics equipment,... This is from the biki on loadouts and I know gun pods work but do fuel tanks or EW equipment work? If not possible to do this now, could we get a script command to disable turret cameras including pilotview camera that way we could at least simulate flir/targeting pods.
  7. Is there a hardcoded limit to radars? I know you can mod the ranges but it seems radar wont pick out a target beyond 22.5Km, even when tracking one already, it drops out beyond that range. If it is hardcoded any chance of increasing that range? Edit: on a side note the datalink doesn't seem to suffer from this limitation I've seen targets show up beyond 70-80km away through datalink.
  8. Added: New waypointLoiterAltitude, setWaypointLoiterAltitude commands Fixed: Editor waypoint loiter altitude did not broadcast to clients - FT-T126772 About to go test it out, but if this is fixed thank you so much guys and well done. Any improvements/fixes to the game from here out is much welcome and appreciated.
  9. ok i will use my eyes properly next time
  10. @killzone_kid here or on the ticket page?
  11. snoops_213

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Is there a way to disable turrets and or pilot camera(target pods in planes)?
  12. So I was looking at the pylon settings page over on the biki and this kind of stood out to me "future-compatible with non-missile equipment such as fuel tanks, pylon mounted HMG, electronics equipment,." I know gun pods are in the game but is it possible to set up working fuel tanks and sensor pods that actually add extra fuel or targeting camera or does it have to be a scripted solution?
  13. You are right I wasn't clear enough so I've edited the feedback but not sure if it will ever get fixed or any chance of a script command for the loiter height either.
  14. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126772
  15. I've posted about this bug on the feedback tracker and been told all is normal from BIS's end. Are you Dev branch? I've not tried with stable but been told that it works fine with stable branch but i have the same feeling as you about the 'hack" with the loiter waypoint