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  1. Yes i know of these, what i want to know is if i can set these parameters in the individual flight profiles so we can have different dispersion areas with the one cluster munition or different glide profiles. Thanks may go try somethings out later.
  2. Do it! If this is the last real chance please take it. With the Sensor Update and now missile, bombs and weapons update don't hold back. People will adapt and change to suit. Some of the missiles/rockets need to be altered so weapon choice plays a bigger factor. Now several questions Does this mean we can have different flight profiles for bombs? ie glide bombs or even make different cluster munition spreads? Can we make our own flight profiles? If so would a missile flying up to a certain height before leaning towards its target be possible? Are weapon improvements limited to Launchers? This may belong in sensor thread but AI reaction to missiles fired at it needs to be looked at. It relies on a EH which is not affected by distance or angles . AI will fire off smoke instantly in the direction the turret is facing and seems to affect the missile not matter where the missile is coming from or distance to target. With no APS planned AI should suffer the same as players and only deploy smoke when one of the AI see a launch or missile in flight. but good job so far
  3. UAV Loiter diameter/distance?

    Are you using scripts or the waypoints in the editor? In the editor place a loiter way point, close it then reopen it, scroll the bottom of the loiter waypoint, there is loiter radius and loiter Z (height) as well as which way it circles left or right. Scripts can do this as well except for loiter height from what i can find that would need to be set via flyinheight command. It will never reach the waypoint in loiter you need a trigger or activate it via script which will complete the wp and the UAV/Aircraft will move to next wp.
  4. Will go double check this, this maybe a case of me not actually using my eyes in which case ignore my last. One more quick question, can the cluster ammo use the new sensors? Ie can i make a mix of laser/radar/ir or even a man sensor based ammo( total cheat but hey shits and giggles) with autoseek enabled? Would it be using the sensor in this case or would it be just the autoseek cofig entry forcing it to the nearest target?
  5. That rocks! Can see this being useful for something ive been testing but gave up on. Is it on dev yet? And in a previous post here you mentioned that artillery cluster rounds have uxos but last time i checked they do not seem to have them, checked in game and in config i see no reference to any.
  6. Instead of removing could you adjust it so that ground vehicles don't detect incoming missiles until they are visually spotted or if thats to hard at least only a few hundred meters, since APS isn't coming for vehicles in A3? And helos only out to around 1-1.5km? Even CAS jets should have a shorter missile tracking range. The more advanced jets should stay as they are as well as the larger VTOL as it would have room for a more advanced system. With spoofed missiles would it be possible to lessen the angle they veer from target and have their on board sensor auto target anything else that comes into its sensor zone instead? Is this hardcoded or is there a config entry/entries for this? Also could this be applied to different ammo types for say AA guns or maybe even Air Burst Artillery rounds? Now for some other sensor related questions :) Regarding the VTOL Gunships sensors, could you please look at removing the radar from it and replacing it with the MAN sensor tied to the two gunners? I have done this to it and the difference is remarkable! You can set the loiter WP (plane has to be in safe or careless other wise it goes nuts and dive bombs its targets) and it will operate as its supposed to, a slight change to the 105mm with aiAmmoUsageFlags and they even use the cannon on infantry ;) There seems to be a hard limit on locking distance of around 16km is this intentional and can it be removed? Data Link- Is there a way to attach this feature to an object other than vehicles? something like a radio or a laptop/uav terminal? Data Link- With current and future systems gearing towards a more integrated and network-centric based warfare will data link be implemented on armored vehicles in the Tanks DLC? With this and the feature above combined with the current extended map features already available in game (albeit on the easier difficulty setting) this could do as a somewhat glimpse of future combined arms warfare with a lot less effort needed to do it on your behalf. Can you clarify this a bit more please? The AI still needs a valid LOS to engage but not LOS to target? Terrain is taken into account but not objects? If terrain is taken into account would it be possible to via a config entry make said ammo/weapon use a firing solution that doesn't take terrain into account?
  7. Is it possible then not to render objects that are in the affected areas so we dont see them? On a different subject would you be able to make artillery cannons not take terrain into account with targeting and firing solutions? At the moment AI artillery will fire out to about 16km( seems to be hard limit for ai locking anything) and will shoot even with low view distance ie no los, but as soon as terrain blocks los thats it they refuse to fire even though they know where the enemy is. Im one step away from native non scripted AI artillery ( god the new datalink i fun) but this has me beat as i dont want to use scripts to force them to fire
  8. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    I love the water temp and oil temp gauges actually work! They will increase with use and then will go back to original state when the vehicle cools down nice touch guys! Will we get a search light and some of the other things that are found on the new panel displays?
  9. Is it possible to make AI use the weapons without LOS? And without forcing them to fire the weapon with scripts? Will any of the ground vehicles be getting some of the sensors in the Tanks DLC?
  10. Yep set it up as an autonomous static vehicle, add the radar component to it and auto set the datalink in the config and its good to go. They work good! Point one wont happen has already been ruled out due to engine limitation. Point two is easy enough to do with the model, hell i use the X-44 as a test subject for this, dont look pretty but works. Point three see a page or so back someone did release one already. Not as advanced as a HARM but that couldnt happen anyway without scripting The last part is not accurate of the current situation, the missile itself has to be data linked enabled to be able to target the data linked threats, and even then they have to have a valid LOS to fire. I'd love to see an expansion of the data link features but doubt very much thats going to happen and especially not to the complexity to which you describe. My solution would be to have additional parameters under send and receive. Under send should be the ability for Air or Ground only target sending as well as sending only tracking data vs tracking plus targeting data. And similar setting under the receive parameter. The Position parameter should show the unit on the map as well as the RWR/Sensor display. With Tanks DLC in the works these and a rework of the way the map works could simulate the current /next gen battlefield networking that is becoming a big part of modern warfare. In beginner difficulty, the map auto shows everything the player sees/ knows about so it shouldnt be a stretch to have a similar "feature" added to maps in armored vehicles with a tab for an on or off option like the rest of the data link options and only vehicles should have this as man class and radio/backpacks cant use the sensors at all so infantry shouldnt have access to data link positions although it would be cool if they could. The problem is all vehicles that would require this would need some sort of "sensor" configured in order to be able to share any data. One thing that is bugging me was the removal of auto side recognition for data linked targets. I know this seems over powered and it probably is but............... is that not the point of the data linking in the first place? Was it not designed so that everyone that was hooked into the network could "see" and share everyone else's target data?
  11. So a clear LOS is still needed to fire the weapon, but not necessary to actually see the target?
  12. Is there a way to add visual fx to the point when sub ammo is created from the parent ammo? Like a small explosion or puff of smoke
  13. The problem is that man class cant use data link only vehicle classes. I've tried adding it to a radio but alas this doesnt work either. Hopefully (not holding my breath as after tanks dlc no more features will be added bring on arma4 on enfusion engine!) they will allow radios to use this tech. I have data linked arty units that love when drones spot remote targets they go to town, as in non scripted AI artillery. What would be good is if some other vehicles could be fitted with some of the new sensors and made data link capable for the battle space like the ones currently used or being brought online. The current data link + extended map features simulate this very well but at higher difficulty levels extended map info is turned off, maybe if a vehicle has data link on extened maps could be turned on? Definitely shouldn't be countered by smoke only by turning radar off. But its part of a larger problem of vehicles know exactly when they have been fired at even if they can't see the launcher and launch counter measures straight away. It should be only if a crew member spots incoming missiles should CMs be used.
  14. Will you teach the AI to use the cluster muntions? I've been testing it and they wont drop bombs(mk82 they do but they always drop well short of the target). And can the new sensors be used on the sub muntions to create an guided at rounds?
  15. Is the setup for sub ammo the same as it is for artillery? Ie can we set different sub ammo types and the percentage of the mix? Whats the current difference in the cluster bombs?