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  1. You are right I wasn't clear enough so I've edited the feedback but not sure if it will ever get fixed or any chance of a script command for the loiter height either.
  2. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126772
  3. I've posted about this bug on the feedback tracker and been told all is normal from BIS's end. Are you Dev branch? I've not tried with stable but been told that it works fine with stable branch but i have the same feeling as you about the 'hack" with the loiter waypoint
  4. Well that is a little disappointing, but must say not that unexpected. Hopefully something more comes of it as EW will play major part in future conflicts.
  5. Is the EW side of things scripted for the campaign or is it going to be part of the base game?(fingers crossed for the 2nd option)
  6. snoops_213

    Arma3 Videos

    My first videos of some private WIP projects, nothing fancy but hope you enjoy and No scripts are used in either of these videos, its all AI with some config work done on the vehicles, the willie pete rounds are not fun to stand in either they are deadly. edit: the artillery in the last video is shooting from across the other side of the VR map so about 12km+ , i just wish the AI arty firing solutions didnt take terrain blocking LOS in to account! I can only hope as we head into the experimental stage of Arma 3's life cycle.
  7. Looking great cant wait to try some of the new stuff thats coming. In the mean time This is without any scripts thats all AI doing the CAS run. As i said a while ago in the addons completed section i would like to offer what little help i can with this awesome mod. PM if your interested and i can send you the files to look at. Keep up the great work!
  8. Is the Ar-2 supposed to be able to report its laser designator via datalink or was this purposely left out? @reyhard with the introduction of fx for when sub munitions are released, is it possible to change it via config or is it hardcoded?
  9. So finally I downloaded this mod and so far everything looks and sounds good. One thing that had me curious was your ac-47 and how AI use it, and as I expected its the same as the v-44x. I have a small solution to make it as leathal as it should be without scripts if your interested? great work guys and I hope it continues that way!
  10. You can even just have a man with a laser designator as that will broadcast via data link as well. As has been said before missiles don't work with the artillery computer and trying to reprogramme it to do so wouldn't be worth the effort, but what I've wondering if they could modify the firing solutions so that NLOS weapons like cruise missiles and artillery/mortars, could be used by the AI over terrain. The ai has the ability to use these weapons effectively and at long ranges without user input but its inability to do so with terrain on the map seems to be a bit of limiter on these assets as it forces us to use scripts to make them work as they should.
  11. snoops_213

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    This problem has been around since the ofp days. I'm sure this one has been explained by previous devs before but it is an engine limitation if I remember correctly. @Freghar does it report to other groups or just the soldiers in the targets group? I always thought it reported to its own group members but not other groups and that a player that kills a lot of enemy AI becomes the preferred target for other groups
  12. Yes you can. If a vehicle has a Jets DLC sensor configured, any sensor works, and its set to send data link info the VLS can target it. With the remote designator use the laser to mark the target and that will be sent via data link which you can then target and attack. AR -2 darters work to and you can even attack soldiers with the AR-2 as a spotter.
  13. In the VTOL config not the weapons config. Yes it will. You can even target men when using the ar-2 darter which has the man sensor. If it has/is a sensor it can transmit enough data for data linked weapons/vehicles to target it. Native AI artillery is so close its not funny. In VR world with data link I can get AI to engage up to 16km against all types of targets using data linked enabled vehicles/weapons including the new cruise missiles. But in normal islands AI won't engage over terrain without scripts or user input.
  14. Yeah if you look at the config one of the zoom levels in the gunners sets had been removed unfortunately. It makes it really hard to use now. Hopefully they will re add it, as well as adding the man type sensor (along the gun axis) which helps the AI no end, and removing the radar which can bork the AI. It's gone because the launcher now uses missiles which I believe don't work with the arty computer. But now ,as someone said, uses datalink to target which is pretty powerful, it can even target men if you use the AR-2 as a spotter. Now all they need to do is make AI use indirect weapons over terrain and AI artillery will be a real option. Ai have no problem with it over flat terrain out to 16km (engine locking limit?) But put a terrain obstacle in its way and no more with out scripts or user input.
  15. It is possible but it doesn't work. I have test missiles set up and beyond 16km the AI won't engage and the missiles won't lock. The arty pieces have up to 50km range set up (vanilla config) yet won't engage beyond 16km(without user input). The vanilla maps are not really a problem but there is a bunch of user maps that are truly big enough.
  16. What was the solution? Does the vehicles side now get distinguished at longer ranges?If so, will enemies now be shown red on the tactical display? And is it possible to look at increasing locking distance beyond the 16km mark please?
  17. The problem seems to stem from the way the data link and sensors share info. ** The target type on Sensor display allowed us to remove the name tag from mark and lock symbols in 3D. Together with it - and this has a major gameplay impact - is gone the automatic red coloring of enemies. Enemy confirmation - you've probably noticed the enemy symbology. That's for confirmed enemies only. What's that? We plan to add scripts that you could utilize to have entities confirmed as enemies by any way you find useful. Target Recognition - currently the sensor recognizes the target almost immediately. We had ideas about delays or variable recognition distances based on the sensor. This is from the Sensor and Weapons thread. What im finding is the vehicle sharing the data needs to basically come under fire from the target before it sends the targets side info via data link. I couldnt find the script commands to confirm the enemy on the tactical display, so i tried, this addRating -10000, on an enemy plane and all of a sudden it shows red on the tactical display at the maximum range and then the SAM sites started to engage when the plane came into range. Problem with this obviously is that everyone will attack everyone else on the same side. I believe this is why its taking so long for SAMs to engage. There is a config entry to identify at what range targets are identified, but that seems to only id the type of plane/vehicle not the side of it. Hopefully they figure out a way to solve this. Maybe a new config setting is needed to set at what range a sensor identifies target's side, and reporting it on the tactical display as an enemy once confirmed.
  18. @oukej can you look at increasing the maximum locking range? Currently nothing will lock over 16km even if the weapon system is configured for further range. Is there a way to remove the restriction with the AI not firing over terrain with indirect weapons?
  19. It looks like a LG mlrs rocket with the cruise mode set, probably a custom missile for testing. The LG mlrs has been implemented not sure about flight profile for it though. @oukej Not sure if this is intentional but the AR-2 doesn't see it's own laser designator therefore it doesn't report it via data link.
  20. Not sure this would work without the seeker head cone being increased enough to lock onto low flying or long range targets. Would have to test but this might also make the missile harder to evade
  21. No it can't as it uses the same 230mm rockets that the mlrs uses and they are actually configured as a shell not a missile, i guess this was done so that it could hook into the artillery computer as i believe that missiles dont play well(if at all) with the the arty computer. Tis a bit of a shame as i was kind of hoping that, with the cruise mode flight profile, we might get something that would use it. SAM sites, as people have been saying, need to have a min elevation as i've found AI like to aim almost horizontally (depending on where the target is) causing missiles to hit the ground just after launch.
  22. The problem with the SAM sites not engaging at long range is related to the AI not revealing the side of its target via the datalink straight away. The vehicle that detects the target reveals its a plane/helo or UAV via datalink but until it knows that its an enemy it will not share the side of the target. Before the sensor update the AI could detect if a long range target was friend or foe, but now they need some sort of confirmation either some other sensor or they themselves are attacked by the target. There is a script command to reveal the target via datalink, but with the introduction of longer ranged SAM maybe a new solution needs to be found. Increasing the visual detection range is one solution for the sam site but then anything in its range would be spotted and reported via datalink as well. Hopefully someone can solve this.
  23. Great addons. Love the way you can change the ships numbers! That is a cool feature. One small question, could you make a working Radar for the ship itself? I see the VLS uses the same hack as a MLRS so i take it we wont be seeing mixed AA AG loads any time soon? Can the static radars be turned off? And I've noticed that if the radar dies the Sam will still find a target and fire so what is its back up system, ir and visual?
  24. Awesome update guys! Off to go test some stuff out!
  25. Tweaked: Autoseeking missiles check target visibility (through terrain) when locking What does this mean? Will this allow missiles to be fired over terrain by AI?