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    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    The MX rifle series, I just don't understand why BIs put this in. LITERALLY every other vehicle, weapon, and piece of equipment is real or a very minor alteration of an existing system/device (except for the SDAR, which looks exactly like a Kel Tec RFB at least, but it's unique role justifies it more). Why make the primary rifle series of the protagonist army (BLUFOR) the only "fake" weapon? I could see at least if the weapon was really cool, or provided a different or uniquely advantageous (yet very plausible) function or feature to the game (like the SDAR underwater rifle), but it doesn't, it's your typical, higher caliber (than 5.56/5.45), slower firing rifle with high customization and attachment capability, like any SCAR/HK416/ACR type system. And to address the "really cool looking" theory, it just doesn't, it's baasically a SCAr/ACR amalgam but has a disproportionately small reciever, and oddly elongated and very straight 30 round mag, and oddly enough the IAR/SAW variant has only a slightly longer mag (which looks even more clumsy) but goes from a 30 round capacity, to an implausibly larger 100 round capacity. I can't post links because my account is so new (long-time lurker though, made this account for the Alpha), but you can look up pics of these guns to see what I mean. The first and most obvious suggestion is to replace it with a real system that is too futuristic or new to currently see large adoption, like a SCAR or ACR. But I have an even better solution, since the gun is NATO standard and not just US Standard, perhaps instead of an American gun (ACR) or a weapon made by the US's closest military small arm's manufacturing friend (FN, via the SCAR. Pehaps the more exotic, foriegn, and futuristic Berretta AR160 (which can be chambered in 6.5, and would be the standard caliber of ARMA 3's psuedo-futuristic incarnation) would be the best choice, plus its arguably the sexiest and sleekest of all four guns mentioned here. And a proper belt-fed SAW (as opposed to an IAR variant of an AR), could be used as the BLUFOR LMG, my suggestion is the LSAT, which could also just be rechambered in 6.5x39 since it is now standard (an extremely plausible scenario). For reference, the guns I'm referring to are the AAI corp. LSAT LMG, and the Berretta ARX160 Assault Rifle
  2. How can I play Combat Patrol using custom factions like the RHS US or Russians for example?
  3. Frankdatank1218

    How do I use mod factions in Combat Patrol?

    Is patrol ops a separate thing? Could you link me this version? Thanks btw
  4. I would like something like this to come into Arma 3 to enhance realism, graphics, and the effects of camouflage and concealment.
  5. When I use this script in an MP scenario, only the host can rescue the hostage. Other players do it and it the untie animation plays but when it is done, the hostage resets to sitting down bound again. If I, the host, does it the hostage releases fine.
  6. I know that simply amending Arma 3 with a 64bit exe is not going to boost performance on the CPU side much at all. Any real gains requires rewriting the very core of the engine and therefore everything running off of that foundation. However, 64bit allows much more RAM to be used. 32bit limits RAM usage to 4gb. As someone with 16gb of RAM I am curious how much of that additional 12gb can be utilized and how much it can increase performance.
  7. Frankdatank1218

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    I am not versed in engine coding at all, but is it even possible for BIS to, for instance, upgrade Arma 3 as is to use 64 bit or additional cores? I'm getting sick of the constant poor performance and I just want to know, is this something we have to wait for in Arma 4? Or is it possible to make 32bit application into 64 bit or add more core usage into the game?
  8. Frankdatank1218

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Is tactical ping EVER going to stable branch?
  9. Did you uninstall and redownload? Because I subscribed awhile ago, it worked, then when I got a new drive, I had to reinstall A3 and all mods. Now it doesn't work, all of the new members of our clan who didn't already have it installed also cannot.
  10. Why does every other Workshop mod work? Why is the comment section for these mods on Steam (Core especially) full of complaints of corrupt files? Why can't my clan members download? This is a recent issue, so yes, half a million people have downloaded SINCE IT WENT TO WORKSHOP. That does not dispel a recent issue.
  11. And 12 of my other clan members? I reinstalled and repaired the mod many times...nothing uninstalled all of my Arma 3 mods, cleared out my Workshop cache...Nothing Reinstalled Arma 3...nothing Uninstalled Arma 3, cleaned all mod content, deleted every Arma 3 related file on my PC, Reinstalled game...nothing Google Drive links won't work for me or any of my clan members How's that for nonsense?
  12. Please fix your Steam Workshop downloads. You keep telling people to redownload or repair the files if corrupted. THIS DOES NOT WORK! You need to reupload another file or repair the existing ones. Almost all Arma 3 custom maps don't work without your mod. 2 dozen missions for my clan's operations are broken until you fix it.
  13. Your workshop downloads for Core and Maps are broken. Nothing is wrong with our Steam, reinstalling or repairing does not work. Please fix your files or reupload them to Workshop. Your external downloads are also broken BTW. I'm seeing a pattern...
  14. Frankdatank1218

    How much can this 64bit executable help?

    I'm not saying it is. I'm saying what can they do with RAM usage and how can it benefit?
  15. Frankdatank1218

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    I'm a moron sometimes. I downloaded the wrong mod. Wrong eventhandler mod. The real thing works.
  16. Frankdatank1218

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    It says I am missing addon "CACharacters" and won;'t work with Toadies guns. Any ideas?
  17. Frankdatank1218

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is the next version of RHS still planning to go up on Steam Workshop? My clan is dead set in keeping mod management within Workshop yet I want them to switch to RHS.
  18. A team of commandos on a mission in a Tanoan jungle find themselves hunted by an extraterrestrial warrior. Predator: Ghost of Tanoa is an assymetrical PVP mission for Arma 3 inspired by the film "Predator". Armed with cloak, a "Plasma Caster" (grenade launcher), super jumps, unlimited sprint, melee takedowns, and thermal/night vision, the predator must kill all of the humans. The humans must GET TO DA CHOPPA! Alternatively the humans must kill the predator. Once they get in the chopper, they must fly it to the marked airport. Humans are armed appropriately in theme with the film: -Dutch (Arnie), Colt Carbine w/ M203 w/ flashlight -Poncho, MP5 w/ M203S w/ flashlight and Tripwire Mines -Dillon, MP5 w/ Flashlight and Medkit -Mac, M60E4 -Blain, M134 "Ol' Painless" Minigun w/ flashlight and an MP5K Pistol -Billy, Colt Carbine w/ flashlight and Thermal Binoculars -Hawkins, MP5 If the predator is killed, the humans have roughly a minute to get 150 meters away to escape the predator's nuclear self destruct. If they kill him and survive the detonation, they win. Features: -Cloaked predator -Map marker updates for human positions every 30 seconds (you cannot truly hide from the predator, escape, fight, or die!) -super jump for predator (Wyatt's Jump Script) -Melee takedown for predator (Zod's Takedown Script) -Predator theme music -3d sound , this includes predator clicking sounds from the predator's location, a "roar" and "laugh" taunt played from the predator location, and the song "Long Tall Sally" played from the helicopter when it takes off, harkening back to the film -Accelerated day/night cycle, approximately 30 minute days Remember, if it bleeds, we can kill it! WARNING: The predator's gun is not cloaked! To be fully cloaked, put your gun in the backpack. If you want to have the ranged weapon equipped you must compromise your cloak by having an uncloaked gun. Unintentionally this helps with balance. Also, to drop out of a tree when you get stuck in one as predator, prone and wiggle a bit. It's clunky but it works. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=749320481
  19. Frankdatank1218

    Predator: Ghost of Tanoa, Predator themed asymetrical PVP

    EDIt: Changed the mission a bit. Changed the description here appropriately.
  20. Frankdatank1218

    Wyatt's Jump Script (V0.2B)

    1. Is there a way to only make one player have the jump ability. (making a predator mission, need super jump only for predator). 2. Is there a way to disable fall damage for said player?
  21. I'm trying to use this to make a Predator Mod. Do you know of a way to play a sound whenever a takedown is initiated? Example: Everytime Predator takes down human, Predator roars
  22. If you have Arma 3 Apex and are either incapable or can't bother to be making some missions and content I made one myself. It's an open sandbox with every Apex vehicle, gun, and gear piece available. It features a firing range, respawn and revive system, vehicle respawns, toggle-able missions, and a fully stocked virtual arsenal. Linked below is the 16 player Multiplayer version and Singleplayer version: Multiplayer version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704886710&searchtext=peacemakers Singleplayer version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704884013&searchtext=peacemakers The singleplayer version has some different features. No player respawns, but you can switch between several playable characters and recruit as many or as little as you would like into your squad. You could also just go completely solo.
  23. Here is my description.ext: respawn = "base"; respawnDelay = 5; respawnVehicleDelay = 30; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"Revive","MenuPosition","Spectator"}; respawnOnStart = 0; disabledAI = 1; joinUnassigned = 1; aiKills = 1; reviveDelay = 6; reviveForceRespawnDelay = 3; reviveBleedOutDelay = 60; NO MATTER WHAT enabling revive makes players respawn instantly where they died if they run out of revive time or press the respawn button. I cannot get spawn delays, respawn menus, or respawn points AKA "Base" respawn working all together. PLEASE HELP!
  24. Frankdatank1218

    Revive Feedback

    My favorite part of this new system is that being downed into the revive state no longer subtracts spawn tickets. So now I can make coop missions with limited tickets for respawn that encourage saving people as much as possible. Previously I could only use Revive without respawn, or Respawning with a ticket limit without revive. The "Advanced" and "Realistic" revive modes are also much better for PVP.