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  1. Frankdatank1218

    How do I use mod factions in Combat Patrol?

    Is patrol ops a separate thing? Could you link me this version? Thanks btw
  2. How can I play Combat Patrol using custom factions like the RHS US or Russians for example?
  3. I would like something like this to come into Arma 3 to enhance realism, graphics, and the effects of camouflage and concealment.
  4. When I use this script in an MP scenario, only the host can rescue the hostage. Other players do it and it the untie animation plays but when it is done, the hostage resets to sitting down bound again. If I, the host, does it the hostage releases fine.
  5. Frankdatank1218

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Is tactical ping EVER going to stable branch?
  6. Did you uninstall and redownload? Because I subscribed awhile ago, it worked, then when I got a new drive, I had to reinstall A3 and all mods. Now it doesn't work, all of the new members of our clan who didn't already have it installed also cannot.
  7. Why does every other Workshop mod work? Why is the comment section for these mods on Steam (Core especially) full of complaints of corrupt files? Why can't my clan members download? This is a recent issue, so yes, half a million people have downloaded SINCE IT WENT TO WORKSHOP. That does not dispel a recent issue.
  8. And 12 of my other clan members? I reinstalled and repaired the mod many times...nothing uninstalled all of my Arma 3 mods, cleared out my Workshop cache...Nothing Reinstalled Arma 3...nothing Uninstalled Arma 3, cleaned all mod content, deleted every Arma 3 related file on my PC, Reinstalled game...nothing Google Drive links won't work for me or any of my clan members How's that for nonsense?
  9. Please fix your Steam Workshop downloads. You keep telling people to redownload or repair the files if corrupted. THIS DOES NOT WORK! You need to reupload another file or repair the existing ones. Almost all Arma 3 custom maps don't work without your mod. 2 dozen missions for my clan's operations are broken until you fix it.
  10. Your workshop downloads for Core and Maps are broken. Nothing is wrong with our Steam, reinstalling or repairing does not work. Please fix your files or reupload them to Workshop. Your external downloads are also broken BTW. I'm seeing a pattern...
  11. Frankdatank1218

    How much can this 64bit executable help?

    I'm not saying it is. I'm saying what can they do with RAM usage and how can it benefit?
  12. I know that simply amending Arma 3 with a 64bit exe is not going to boost performance on the CPU side much at all. Any real gains requires rewriting the very core of the engine and therefore everything running off of that foundation. However, 64bit allows much more RAM to be used. 32bit limits RAM usage to 4gb. As someone with 16gb of RAM I am curious how much of that additional 12gb can be utilized and how much it can increase performance.
  13. Frankdatank1218

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    I'm a moron sometimes. I downloaded the wrong mod. Wrong eventhandler mod. The real thing works.
  14. Frankdatank1218

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    It says I am missing addon "CACharacters" and won;'t work with Toadies guns. Any ideas?
  15. Frankdatank1218

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is the next version of RHS still planning to go up on Steam Workshop? My clan is dead set in keeping mod management within Workshop yet I want them to switch to RHS.