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  1. SageNTitled

    Server crashes after v2.08 update

    These are the latest notes (since Friday): Switching to 64-bit fixed it for us. If you can't switch, try using profiling branch.
  2. SageNTitled

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hello! I tried this mod because I thought it would be useful in night vision scenarios, but NVG's still cover a lot of the HUD. Shouldn't the HUD be on top of the NVG layer?
  3. I'm trying to implement the dynamic group system for my dedicated server, but it just won't work. It seems to work fine when hosting locally though, so the script doesn't run on the dedicated server for some reason. I went with these instructions and used the following scripts: initServer.sqf ["Initialize", [true]] call BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups; initPlayerLocal.sqf ["InitializePlayer", [player, true]] call BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups; EDIT: Somehow this fixed itself. Must be an update from Bohemia.
  4. Previously I used to bind my XBOX controller to the Bulldozer camera controls for camera.sqs, but this script seems to be gone. Ever since the new camera control bindings appeared, binding XBOX keys won't work. If I bind anything other than a key on my keyboard, this script error pops up when I launch the splendid camera: Someone got any idea what's happening here? Need this for my cinematics. EDIT: I opened the file and the error is created in a section named: //--- Nelson's solution for key lag So if Nelson can fix this that would be great thanks. :)
  5. The servers are able to run lots of mods just fine. It's a launcher issue, where it doesn't propagate mods reliably to clients if they accumulate to a certain amount. It looks like this: This guy on Discord explains the issue: There is a network restriction in the launcher itself that makes it unable to capture large batches of data (e.g. many mods) from the servers.
  6. How do you do that though? You need the meta.cpp files for the launcher to recognize the mods, so you can't simply combine them into one folder can you?
  7. This is a really annoying limitation. Can't add more mods to our mod pack until it's fixed. :S https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127303
  8. SageNTitled

    Keyframe animation system in DEV.

    I hope some useful documentation about the feature turns up soon. I've turned the editor upside down, but haven't been able to get it working like in the gif.
  9. SageNTitled

    functions override

    I need a solution to this as well. I want to do some changes in BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenu so that I don't have to mess with dependencies to related functions.
  10. Does someone know how to set the respawn delay from a parameter value? I've found the following code from the End Game scenario that BIS is using, but simply putting it into my scenario isn't working. description.ext class Params { class RespawnDelay { title = $STR_A3_EndGame_RespawnDelay; values[] = {15, 30, 45, 60}; texts[] = {$STR_A3_EndGame_RespawnDelay_15, $STR_A3_EndGame_RespawnDelay_30, $STR_A3_EndGame_RespawnDelay_45, $STR_A3_EndGame_RespawnDelay_60}; default = 30; file = "params\setRespawnDelay.sqf"; }; }; params\setRespawnDelay.sqf if (isServer) then { private ["_delay"]; _delay = [_this, 0, 1200, [0]] call bis_fnc_param; BIS_initialRespawnDelay = _delay; }; What is BIS_initialRespawnDelay and where does it go? I can't find it anywhere. If anyone can shed some light on this problem it will be highly appreciated.
  11. We switched to Windows for this reason only. Also still using 32-bit server to support OCAP. =P
  12. Please continue developing this awesome tool! We use it all the time in our community. I've been looking forward to your return.
  13. SageNTitled

    [Terrain] Chernarus Winter A3

    There's been a bunch of unofficial ones on Workshop. I'm also hoping to see an official upload.
  14. How would I go about replacing the splash screen with a custom one? The one that shows when the game starts (with the Arma 3 logo). I'm unable to find the proper config. Is it composed of several elements or is it just one image?
  15. SageNTitled

    Custom splash screen

    None of those I'm afraid. This is the screen I want to replace:
  16. SageNTitled

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    Hello, it's me again. It hope we can see some sort of progress update soon, however small. In the meantime, I'm just popping by with some feedback and bug reports. Here it goes... #1 The Ksp90 can't load the tracer box. #2 As you probably already know, since the Apex update there is no reload sound for the Ak5. #3 There are no preview images for the editor. #4 I'd like to see that the Psg90 and Hensoldt scope are configured for ACE, so that we can use advanced ballistics. #5 A bunch of items are missing from the Zeus inventory. I took a quick look and couldn't find any of the following: Ksp90 and ammo boxes Ak4 (any variation) & ammo Remington & ammo Psg90 & ammo Pretty much any attachment (Aimpoint CS, Aimpoint CS 3X, Hensoldt, silencer etc.) #6 Swedish unit groups can't be placed in Zeus. There's some weird behaviour; you can select them and see the icons, but nothing happens when you click on the terrain. #7 Units could need some categories in both Zeus and the editor. Split them up into desert/woodland/homeguard or whatever. It's messy to have all in the same category. #8 The mass of the GRG rounds could be revisited. I found that they are too light. I've made a spreadsheet comparing SAM with other mods containing the MAAWS, as well as information taken from the internet (the GRG backpack would also have to be adjusted). As always, thanks for a great mod!
  17. First off, I want to disable the freecam for spectators. I only want 3rd and 1st person to be enabled. I've tried using the following two scripts in my init.sqf, but none of them seem to work. I'm still able to free roam. RscSpectator_allowFreeCam = false; missionNamespace setVariable ["RscSpectator_allowFreeCam",false]; Here's what my description.ext says: respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 20; respawnTemplates[] = {"Spectator", "Wave"}; Secondly, I'm unable to spectate the entire BLUFOR side. The wiki says that RscSpectator_allowedGroups is set to "all groups" by default, yet only my own squad is visible in the list. How do I implement these correctly?
  18. SageNTitled

    Question About Insignias

    The init script is only run once at mission start, hence losing the insignia when the unit is respawned. Try the onPlayerRespawn.sqf file. More info here. As for the virtual arsenal, I suppose the insignia defaults to one of the already existing ones. Not sure how to prevent that from happening, but you could probably check somehow if the virtual arsenal is closed, and run a script to add your insignia again.
  19. SageNTitled

    3D weapon menu

    In several locations you are missing quotations ("). Double-check your code.
  20. You can try removeCuratorEditableObjects, but I think it also removes the icon from the units.
  21. There's a ZGM with all three factions inlcuded. It's the one for 64+2 players if I remember correctly.
  22. SageNTitled

    Zeus game logic icon

    Do you by any chance have Task Force Radio installed? If so, that's the virtual entity used to broadcast your voice. It's updating much slower at altitude, but should be fixed in the next release of TFR if I remember correctly.
  23. There are task modules in the intel section in the editor. For more editor related questions, you might want to visit its own forum instead: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/forum/199-arma-3-eden-editor/
  24. SageNTitled

    ZEUS JIP problem

    There are some problems when using a virtual Game Master entity linked to the Curator module, with the default permissions from the official Zeus scenarios (spectator only for moderator). Once the Zeus role has been reassigned and the interface opened, you're still incapable of placing units (no items in the asset list) and seeing them (no icons on units and players in the world). At least that's what happens for us. If anyone else has this problem, add the following code to regain your powers: {_x addCuratorEditableObjects [allMissionObjects "ALL", true]; _x addCuratorAddons activatedAddons;} forEach allCurators;
  25. Well the thing is, it only happens on our server. The same players doesn't get any errors on other servers. Verifying the game on Steam never works, but instead the player must delete all cached files in appdata, as well as the folders in their documents for the error to disappear. EDIT: Fixed this by removing some unecessary / outdated lines from the server configuration. Don't know which one did it.