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  1. I have the same issue with my squad getting kicked from vehicles, but it's from another mod. When I use "Fire on my lead" command from the mod (can't recall the name at the moment - AiO Command or FHQ Combat Mode I think ), my guys jump out. I have not seen this behavior with Alive.
  2. drdetroit

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I just reported this moron to Steam. I mean, why do people think they can grab peoples work and post it anywhere they want? What planet do they come from where this is ok? I agree, this bugs the hell outta me too.
  3. That's the issue with arty and mortars'., you don't know where they are being fired from very easily. They shoot, then move a lot of times as well. There is radar that is used for such things, forget the name, but there is a model of it in RHS or CUP. Although you'd have to script it to be functional. Good day! DrDetroit
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    [Release] POG Surrender

    Thanks for posting! I'm not well versed in code, should I put the description text you supplied at the top or bottom of my description? enableDebugConsole = 1; respawn = 3; respawnDialog = 0; respawnOnStart = -1; author = "DrDetroit"; OnLoadName = "ALIVE_RHS_LYTHIUM_INS_ALPHA1"; OnLoadMission = "US Army 10th Mountain Division and MARSOC assist the Afghan National Army with clearing operations in the Lythium district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Currently, activity of the ISIL insurgency is contained in the central-west and north-west region. There is a Afghan base in the north-east, and FOB ALPHA near the current hot zones located in the central-western portion of Lythium."; loadScreen = "marsoc_in_morning.jpg"; class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'POGSURinit.sqf')"; }; }; Thanks in advance! Good day! DrDetroit
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    So I have a freeze issue similar, although different. In my case, sometimes the game will all of a sudden have short freeze right before enemy AI is killed. I can actually see this with tracers...game has short 0.2-0.5sec freeze right as the round is impacting AI, then after the short hitching/freeze the game resumes ok until another AI is killed. This hitching even happens with enemy AI that is killed by another AI that is within spawn range settings, which can be quite a pain during a larger batter. Happens out of nowhere too! For example, after a session that is smooth as silk, I'll log off and eat or whatever, then come back later to find the game starts this freezing for no apparent reason. However, I did find a sort of workaround. When this starts happening, I'll go to a new ARMA user profile to play the scenario, and the freeze/hitching is gone. Sometimes it comes back, so I go to the previous user profile and the hitching goes away. What I've also been doing as of late is using editor in one profile, and actual gaming in another. So far seems to work. No idea why this is that way it is, but that's ARMA for you. Good luck! DrDetroit
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    Tier 1 Weapons

    Wow, this looks most excellent! Gonna use this with my MARSOC team right now! Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated! Good day, DrDetroit
  7. Good day all, great map thanks for the good work! One of my all-time favs! One big issue I noticed is that the trees/forests don't spawn past, roughly, 1/4 mile or so (300ish meters) from the player. For example: If standing near the hangars at the south side of the main airport (located north/west on the map), the trees aren't spawning at the other side of the runway. I can see barren ground (no trees, shrubs at all...looks like satmap only) when looking to the next ridge line, no more than 1km away, when near Gorka or similar topography anywhere on the map. This is kind of a game breaker, so wondering if this is just me and my settings or is this issue a thing? Seems like a LOD issue or something. Thanks again and best regards! DrDetroit EDIT: I think I figured it out...seems to have been the ACE Visual Distance Limiter setting. Can't wait to try this map later w my Alive campaign (Ukraine Defense Forces and US Marsoc against Russian invasion) - should be epic with the upgraded map. Thanks again for the hard work CUP!
  8. Hi Leopard, thanks for the response. 1. I only run it local hosted and play as SP campaign with Alive. 2. Ok, so possibly one of the Lambs modules issuing orders and causing conflicts with my orders, will check this further. 3. OK, I'll confirm latest build. I DL mods from Steam. I like your menu, it's much easier to use and functional. As long as this mod doesn't issues orders to my AI (I though it did to some extent - my bad!) I'll take a closer look at Lambs. Thanks again!
  9. I love the menus and easy to access action buttons, much appreciate the work you do on this! Big Kudos to you! With that said; the issue I notice is that this mod seems to take over my AI squad and issues orders to my guys in the middle of combat. This happens to the point where they quit listening to my orders, and I hear orders given such as "five! hold fire" during a fire fight. Sometimes it appears to break my AI squad to the point where some of them have a constant stop order that I can never get to go away, and if AI was assigned to, lets say, Group Blue, he pops out of that group and turns white...never able to stay in the assigned group. With that said, is it possible to just have the updated menus and such without the intrusive AI behavior? I've turned off setting in the config that would seem to disable this behavior, but I still get it to some extent. NOTE: I run AIOSP with Lambs Danger, Suppression, Turrets and RPG; could it be Lambs and AIOSP conflicting? If so that would suck, as I'd now need to figure out if the menus are more important than game play lol. Thanks again for the great work! Good day, DrDetroit
  10. Those settings look correct, except I run database source as local, not cloud. I don't use war room, I run local or dedicated server. Make sure your Mil AI Commander has persistence set to yes. Also, you could try to set database source to local, see if that does anything for your persistence.
  11. How is it you determined your progress was not saved; mission time, location or something similar? I ask because you have to select what you want persistent in the Alive module (I think it's the data module, I'd have to check) to have mission time, location, ammo counts, saved as persistent. Otherwise you'll start the next play at the original campaign start position, with original start time, load outs, ect. Good day! DrDetroit
  12. Go to addon options, pull-down menu for ACE Medical. You can adjust all the ACE medical settings there - including unconscious state of player and AI..
  13. I get this error occasionally as well, no idea how to solve it. I'm playing exclusively on Lythium for the past few months, so might be the map. I do have auto-detect set but I'm going to try the Mideast setting and see if that helps. Like you said, not a big deal as it's a occasional occurrence, but better if no error pops.
  14. drdetroit

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I find what works best for me, solo play with AI squad of 8-10, is to set a hot-key to turn LAMBs on/off for your squad AI. This way they follow your commands, instead of trying to go offensive with AI command directives (I also disable auto-combat mode with C2). If things get crazy and I get overwhelmed during combat, as can happen when getting flanked by enemy AI, I'll turn on LAMBs and put them in combat mode and unleash the hounds. They do a great job clearing, covering and moving without any input on my part...quite amazing. I'll usually follow them at this point. Once we're out of danger, and everything under control, I'll turn off LAMBs and combat mode. They will regroup and chill. Good luck! DrDetroit
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    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    You can do what you are asking with ACE. You should be fine adding ACE, however, once you do it will probably be a dependency. You'll have to add the ACE compatibility files as well for factions used.
  16. Seems much of the time that I can't locate remove button (explosive charge) for road blocks. Seems if the road block is hit with rockets, or some such ordinance, it destroys the remove option. This is also true if game is saved with roadblock positions - can't get rid of them. If there another way to remove these roadblocks? I like the persistence of roadblocks and installations, but I'll have to turn that option off if not another way to remove road blocks. Thanks and good day! DrDetroit
  17. No way! Another $20-30 a month fee to pay for something I can't access 24/7 - the more I play the more I pay....hell no! 1000% agree with Dedman - he hit all the points already. I got rid of I-Racing for that very $15 reason...that $15 adds up fast before you notice the $50-$80, or more (!), a month fee. R3E (Race Room) does it almost as well, imo with better graphics, driving physics, and tracks and all for like free, and can go up to hundreds of $$ if you go crazy on tracks/cars you want (no! gotta have!)...you can actually race the free cars in events if you want, without purchasing anything. It just doesn't have the sweet race day overlays and massive player base. Don't get me wrong, I-Racing was pretty damn cool, but it get's expensive! I don't want to go anywhere near that with my Arma!! Just my $0.02 worth! Good day! DrDetroit
  18. drdetroit

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    @nkennyThanks for your most excellent work with the Lambs projects; much appreciated!! Everything seems to work well and bumps up the quality and efficiency working with my AI squad. One question; how can I set the hotkey to turn on/off Lambs for my AI? A few posts above you mention this...however, I didn't see anything in the options inside Arma. I'd like to turn it off until needed for CQB. Thanks again and good day! DrDetroit
  19. drdetroit

    Fighting with my server

    Just an FYI: You can just host the scenario in MP using the Arma 3 MP tab. This is how I play test my MP scenarios, I get my buddies to jump in this way too. Runs just fine. Way less system overhead used this way on your box, instead of TADST. Good day! DrDetroit
  20. drdetroit

    someone used my map without permission

    How'd they get your map if it's private? Just wondering. Kind of a jerk move to tell you "no"...some people! Good day! DrDetroit
  21. I mostly play solo, and with buddies a few times a month. 90% of my time is SP, but I play most of my campaigns in MP as host, even though I play solo with a squad of 10 AI. Alive just runs better that way and the persistence saves works in MP, not SP. In MP you can save alive campaigns when done for the night, and everything is persistent when you log in the next day...postion, gear, time fo day, troops, campaign progress, ect is all the same as when you logged off the night before. TPW I turn off the combat script, and keep the civilian stuff, animals, ambient cars ect. I disable a few things in ACE, but not much...mostly things for my own quality of play.
  22. TPW Mod is so very necessary for ambient life on maps - just got to have it. It also has a really nice overlay when wearing tactical glasses, which I just started using...very cool. I disable the combat stuff, I just use TWP for ambiance. For me and my campaigns, Alive is an absolute must. You create totally dynamic campaign, where you are just a cog in the wheels of war and everything is happening dynamically. Even as a mission maker, I don't know what's going to happen until me and my buddies play it. I typically create insurgency campaigns which run for months at a time (sometimes Insurgency and Opfor vs Blufor). While in the field you'll see other units working on their own mission...gun fire in the distance as another AI unit runs into trouble, aircraft doing their thing, mechanized units. Four Chinooks fly by, sling loaded with HMMV's, heading off to another AI's logistics request. The maps are just alive with all kinds of activity - civilian activity too, so be careful. You'll find yourself in a crossfire ambush and whole squad dead if not very careful. Goes from 0 to 100 very quick with Alive. Very cool stuff. I just started using ACE again, since my AI medic will heal me and my team using AiO. ACE just gives you soooo much more control and option for missions. With ACE, you need a detonator in your pack if you bring explosives that require one. You need a flashlight to look at your map at night. You can move cargo, take cargo in your vehicle (like a spare tire or two). You can drop a grenade through a window. The medical system can be basic or so detailed it turns ARMA into a combat medic simulator. The list is huge with ACE...check out their WIKI. C2 makes commanding troops so so so much easier and less cumbersome, especially when dealing with your AI group as a whole. Right out of Brothers in Arms series....I do not understand why BI wouldn't have implemented something like C2. It's just way better than vanilla commands. Basically click and go with C2. Vanilla commands would be about 10 button pushes...if you don't mess up and have to start over. AiO and C2 work hand in hand and is like hot fudge on ice cream. I use C2 to command my guys to move to positions and formations as a group. I use AiO pretty much on a micro level, commanding each individual AI with AiO. Anyhow, I could go on and on, but you should probably start a new thread. This is for TPW related topics. EDIT: Yes, I have seen medic drag some AI and he dragged me behind a building one time. Not something that happens very often though. He heals you and team mates (ai and real team) every time though; that is all I care about.
  23. Just a heads up; I currently use C2, Alive, Ace, All-in-One, TWP and Lambs (danger, RPG, suppression and turrets) in my Lythium insurgency campaign and they all work well with each other, I'm having no issues or conflicts. Sometimes AiO bugs out an AI or two with the moonwalk break AI likes to take, but just recreate and all good again. I always shied away from ACE due to the pain in the butt medical system (being a solo player using AI squad of 10). But with AiO mod running, the medic takes care of business when me and/or my team are injured...pretty cool! So now I can enjoy all that ACE offers as well. So you should be fine using all these mods together. Good day! DrDetroit
  24. I have added triggers to an Alive campaign I created (WWII), such that once you clear the town and enter the town square a trigger is fired indicating the town is now occupied, and once 3 towns are captured the mission ends in success and new map is loaded (starting in Normandy, ending in Berlin). Problem is I can't figure out how to have completed triggers (captured towns) saved in-between games. Would be pretty difficult to complete a map in one or two sessions...so the saving of these completed triggers is a must as you work your way across the map. I've searched and there is not much on the subject. The top searches have similar questions, but the answer is never directly quoted...like a reply that said 'the code was mostly correct but syntax error of blah-blah request needed fixing'; not helpful! if your clueless like me. Thanks and good day! DrDetroit
  25. I'm pretty sure you need to place the headless client module down in your mission, and configure the module. Check the Alive site for more details. Alivemod.com