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  1. drdetroit

    Combat Adviser

    Thanks for taking the time Smittylv. That is exactly what I was looking for. When taking a town, I usually leap frog with my team from building to building, one guy at a time, trying to keep our heads on swivels. Even without civs to be concerned about (say in a blown out combat zone where civs have mostly fled), it's tough to keep an eye on every window, and doorway. We usually approach this in such a way whereby rear guard (say #9)will jump to front, then #8, 7, ect, so the last guy in file formation leapfrogs to the front. if possible, with one team on one side of street and second team opposite side - although sometimes not enough squad members, so we just take one side of the street. Is there a more efficient way? If you have any thoughts on urban combat, please advise. Thanks again, this is very good stuff!!
  2. drdetroit

    Combat Adviser

    Hey, thanks for posting, and thanks for your service. Can you lay out some basics (like you did above - entering a town/enclave) for crossing open areas, forests. deserts...what the best formations for various biomes, who takes point, who take rear (MG up front, snipers in rear, grenadiers mid formation ect.). Anything tactical would be appreciated. Anything pedantic, that you wouldn't necessarily see in a book, that you can share would be appreciated. BTW; I always leave gunners in the squad vehicle, which even in ARMA3, has saved my squads butt more than once. Good stuff! Good day! DrDetroit
  3. Damn that was intense! Great job on that vid - best one I've seen!
  4. drdetroit

    Real life Chernarus gallery

    Pretty cool, the comparison between the game map and actual environment. Thanks for sharing. BTW: what location is Chernarus based on?
  5. drdetroit

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    That may be true, but that is not to say most people prefer mp, they don't. A vast majority of gamers want SP and story mode, which is not to say they don't venture into the MP mode once in awhile and not to say we don't want both modes. Hate to burst your presumptive bubble, but I've never played a PS2, only just purchased Xbox1X for RDR2. Been an avid PC gamer since 1991ish, right out of college. In college it was mostly Saga Genesis I do believe. But I do love my console, gonna pickup a few console only titles (auto racing). Very surprised how damn good RDR2 performs and looks on the Xbox one actually. Great friggin game too! EDIT: although I do play MP mode in ARMA3 exclusively, but Alive campaign mission where I can have an AI squad and my buddies can jump into one of those slots anytime....the irony, playing sp in mp mode!
  6. drdetroit

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    I agree with WSXCGY for the most part...ARMA is not a game you'll ever see on a console. Consoles are not equipped for a sim of this magnatude. I disagree with WSXCGY with his intepretation of SP. Most gamers play SP, not MP. This is shown by all gaming publications you can search. Most gamers, I suspect, don't want to be bothered with MP and lack of any story mode, being forced to interact with others, having to jump online with strangers, certain game times, with no cohesion what so ever..typically a s**t show. Most peeps want some depth and personality that a story creates. A reason to do something. Not run around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to kill everything and everyone. God aweful if you ask me...and a big chunk of gamers. In my mind, MP only games are lazy way for devs to earn money. Create map, put down an avatar and enjoy! Nope...no thanks. I would not buy any game that doesn't have a proper sp mode. Nor would a majority of gamers I suspect. I play ARMA on my dedicated server solely so it runs better and I can create huge persistsnt campaigns which I play solo...or with a couple of buddies. Anyhow, my $0.02 worth. Good day, DrDetroit
  7. drdetroit

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    What are you talking about? I have a 32 co-op/sp Alive campaign on Altis, vanilla w Spyder Addons, running on dedicated server, with none of the issue you mention at all. 1000 profiles in-game (so far), 900 objectives, insurgency and conventional force on force (three factions) plus extreme civillians spawn, again, no issues with Alive and we are on day four in-game. I also have three sp/co-op Unsung Alive campaigns running with Alive with no issues. It must be something on your end. There is absolutly nothing wrong with Alive.
  8. drdetroit

    Maps in MP question

    Yea yea, I know. None of that 2500 is MP though - only SP and editor...so still a FNG I suppose, in that regard. Thanks again for the tips!
  9. drdetroit

    Maps in MP question

    Ok. Thank you for the heads up. I've just been using discord for voice. I'll check tutorials for setting up channels in game. I did notice that when trying to sprint I was also activating voice channel. So there is that to help guide me as well. Thanks again!
  10. drdetroit

    Maps in MP question

    Hello all! After 2500hrs of Arma, I'm starting to do some Co-Op Alive campaigns with a buddy or two. Good times!! Question is; how do I setup in-game map so that when I open it and place markers, notes and such, my team can see the map, in real time, so we can go over mission parameters, etc? Would I need a map mod or is it a setting in game option? Thanks in advance and good day!! DrDetroit
  11. I believe one of the Alive devs said to replace some/all moduels in the editor if mission doesn't start or locks up during the loading. Had the same issue. I just renamed the mission name in the descrption file and the mission file name as well. Loaded and played fine after that.
  12. drdetroit

    Alive Respawn Question/Issue

    Hello peeps! I'm running an Alive campaign that I've created, using the Unsung mod on the Prei map, and I'm having issue with respawn. Typically I play solo, with AI platoon, hosting a local LAN. Hopefully there is an obscure checkmark I'm missing somewhere, or something like that. Everything is set correctly, far as I can tell, with the ALive module settings for respawn at last location. However, when I respawn, I'm as a spectator, not the player. I get a verbal when respawning "I'm the new actual" and 'One, Taking Command", but then the game sends me to spectator mode. I can not control my player, just watch in 3rd person. I have several other ALive missions I've made, and play, and the respawn works fine (Unsung campaign on Da Krong being one of them - no issues). Attributes>Multiplayer> set to 'respawn on position of death' and have ruleset set to 'show respawn counter', and 'spectate' box not checked. Alive (required) set correctly. Alive Player Option all set to 'yes' except 'allow join different class'. What is it that I'm missing?? BTW: a side question; if I do a persistent save away from base camp, (away from where we start the mission, say in the middle of the jungle), do my AI squad teleport to me? I guess I can check while in-game, but you know...too many other things to tighten up before I try to figure that out. Thanks in advance! Good day! DrDetroit
  13. Hi guys, Is there a DL link for the 3.0E manual? Didn't see anything at Armaholic other than the full mod DL. I meant to email it to myself from home so I can read when at work...at lunch of course, but forgot. Thanks and good day! DrDetroit
  14. Sure, I can shoot you the pbo. Still a WIP - though. Basically, Da Krong has Opfor NVA to the south, VC reported in the eastern region, civilians in Ta Lieng. Several platoons of US Blufor, CAS, arty, and transports, to the north/west corner air base, and 20 guys at the south/east firebase Camp Sarg. I'm working on balancing, and a few minor issues, and some polish, but the latest iteration Alive, and VCOM AI 3.0, is working together flawlessly with Unsung thus far; EX: Our platoon was tasked and set to chopper in near Ta Lieng, to corner suspected VC squad spotted by a recon team in the south part of the village (shows on Alive intel map). As we were climbing into the Huey to move out, NVA started a huge assault on our airbase out of nowhere; starting with mortar rounds , then flanking attacks w heavy gunfire coming out of the jungle- which lasted for nearly 30-min, and thank G-d for the river or we'd been run over. But then the NVA pulled back, in which case we (my platoon and a few AI platoons, tried to clear out the AO surrounding LZ Savage, but a brutal 2nd counter assault by the NVA, from what seemed like 360 degrees with grenades and mortars, which made things absolutely chaotic, ended our short lives after several skirmishes. I could hear those bastard all around me, but couldn't see a thing in that jungle! Literally they were barking orders at each other 10 meters out, and bounding in between trees, tossing grenades - but couldn't figure out where they were coming from. In the end they got us! Anyhow, that was the first 45 minutes of the latest test play the other night.
  15. I just gotta say thank you for the fantastic mod - what a supreme piece of work this is, just loving it. Very immersive and cool! The many new features are just a huge bonus, not to mention the added Unsung radio is really a nice feature, I just need to figure out how to turn the volume up/down in game. The only thing is for a SP player like myself, there is little to no campaigns, so I created two Alive dynamic campaigns on the Da Krong and Prei Khmaoch maps and after days of tweaking, it's running very well and very intense. Not published, just wanted to say how excellent this mod is, and with an Alive campaigns, it's just what I've been looking for to fill the Vietnam cravings. Thanks Eggbeast and other guys involved! Just a huge thanks to you all (my wife may beg to differ, but we just got back from Nice France, so I have gaming credit for a bit). Good day! DrDetroit