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  1. G'day all, Years ago I attempted this idea on ARMA 2:OA and was not able to get a fully working scenario. It was playable to completion but not enjoyable because the premise was let down in execution. Original forum topic, here: With some great mods available I was able to get very close to this original conception in ARMA3 and release to Steam! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1859288055 And to try and help my Russian speaking Stalkers-in-arms I string-tabled the whole lot (but only machine translation, so any volunteers to turn it into native Russian would be awesome; eg. alter cultural slang, transliterations and such). Namalsk Stalker Mini Sand Box - survival version After the explosion the military are coming for you. Find the captain and what is going on as you try to survive in a Stalker-inspired Namalsk. Ravage AI raiders and survival system. 20+ tasks and save your game with ARMA-3 vanilla save system. Earn a cache discovery system with over 70 caches to be found. There are no artifacts, per se, in the game to avoid downloading 3Gb+ of ARMStalker for just a small component. ACE medical has been limited to basic so it is not as intrusive but we still get the nice ACE menus. Намальск Сталкер Мини Песочница - версия выживания После взрыва за вами идут военные. Найдите капитана и узнайте, что происходит, когда вы пытаетесь выжить в вдохновленном Сталкером Намальске. Ravage AI рейдеры и система выживания. 20+ заданий и сохраните свою игру с помощью ванильной системы ARMA-3. Заработайте систему обнаружения кеша с более чем 70 кешами. По сути, в игре нет артефактов, которые позволили бы не загружать 3Gb + ARMStalker только для небольшого компонента. Медицинское обслуживание ACE было ограничено базовым, поэтому оно не столь навязчиво, но мы все еще получаем отличные меню ACE. К сожалению, русскоязычная часть этой игры переведена автоматически. Если кто-то хочет сделать это лучше, свяжитесь со мной. Style of Game Single Player RPG (E&E + tasks + sandbox) Mods list: Most of the mods' settings are set to NOT overwrite the client. You can tweak it to whatever you enjoy. ace (I like the menus, but dialed down the medical a lot for SP) RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS USAF ASR AI3 CAB_A3 RHSSAF Ravage Namalsk Multi-Play Uniforms MCC Sandbox (only there for the cold filter) Friths Ruin Enhanced Movement (I think this is the culprit of the ACE interact warnings) CUP Weapons CUP ACE3 compatibility for CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Namalsk CUP Replace (Rail Patch) CBRN Defense Units (LEGACY REUP)
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    Hi all, Is there a way to force a side when using rvg_fnc_spawnBanditCamp;? eg. Make it EAST or GUER, etc.
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    That's good; thank you. Is there a way to pull random items from the Ravage loot pool?
  4. @Rzqt In the meantime run a Windows Memory Diagnostic test. It will tell you if you have some bad modules in your RAM. It will require a restart of the system.
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    You could try these from the Ravage Wikia. Fill boxes Edit -add this to the init field of a crate you have placed in the editor nul = [this] execVM "scripts\system\rvgFill_weap.sqf"; nul = [this] execVM "scripts\system\rvgfill.sqf"; However, I've used the second one and couldn't get it to work.
  6. HI @Vandeanson, A bit of constructive feedback for you after I was using your latest revision. Crashsites will keep running if it cannot make the number of sites in configuration. It ought to stop after a number of failed tries.🙂 Not sure how many; perhaps 8 tries? Also wondering if the sites feature could optionally use markers for each type of site like Trader Camps. A user could enable markers for sites, then put a marker for each crashsite, shipwreck, stronghold, bandit camp, etc. This could make startup less intensive; I assume. The enable/disable radio button for infection and bleeding don't work if any sliders are positive values. When disabled all sliders ought to be disabled and/or go to zero. Cheers.
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    I've noticed that water/rain tanks and wells can be emptied with taking three bottles. Is there a way they could refresh if it rains?
  8. Published to Steam a version with Zombies and Hordes. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895673280
  9. Ladder animations that only touch the ladder. No starting in mid air. Ability to climb obstacles like Enhanced Movement mod. Raise/lower weapon command so can get through doors sideways or closer to walls. AI that cannot see through dense grass. Much better grass drawing distance. Inventory has a "take all" option. Maybe if you click on the quantity and drag it takes all items. Quick drop backpack command. Better, longer lasting, grasscutting to see bodies. ACE Advanced grenade throwing as standard (why can't I drop a grenade out the window) Civilian traffic/AI module that is very light on CPU and has very limited AI actions; just to create crowds. Number one, though, is: use more CPU threads if they're available, and use more of each thread. I often see CPU sitting at <70% on three threads and think, "I wouldn't be desiring faster hardware if ARMA used what I've got more effectively."
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    @damsous - it is but if I fix all the glass in a vehicle the tyre-iron disappears (and every other tool you might think is in a toolbox). I was thinking that having a separate tyre-iron that does not disappear would not be game-breaking since all you can do is take/fit tyres with it. @EO - I suppose a wrench would be close enough to a tyre-iron. 🙂
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    @Haleks - Would a wheel-brace/tyre-iron be out of scope? A tool that lets you take wheels off and on, only, would be great. They ought to be quite common in most wrecks (IMO). Just one of the things I keep thinking when I search wrecks and abandoned vehicles, "There ought to be a tyre iron in here, somewhere."
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    I get that, too. @LSValmont Figured it's just a mixed-mod issue and/or missing DLC. Would be nice that it didn't happen but it's very minor so I can live with it.
  13. grimwald

    Exploding Objects

    Does this convert existing objects on the map?
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    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Absolutely awesome. I like that sometimes the radio chatter says where they are. Unfortunately I sometimes am injured by the "Prepare a box" as it bounces off the floor of a building or sometimes just the ground. Worst time it inflicted the condition with the "arm in a sling" icon. Thankfully I could fast travel to Hideout and rest up. Gotta watch those freaky physics objects. 🤣
  15. Sullen Skies would recapture the Nightstalkers/stormy Bering Sea vibe really well. I'll try it, too.
  16. @neofit Have you tried adjusting your contrast and/or gamma settings? Also you can apply a postprocess of your choice through debug console, MCC or some other "admin" mod. I have read other people have a lot of problems with the dark Namalsk ground textures. Some postprocess filters make this worse than others so I kind of get it. I run IPS monitors so if you are on a TN it might be worse than what I can experience.
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    @JakeHekesFists Hey mate. I'm guessing you looked at it already but is this something you could do? SHIFT + Right-click = take 10 CTRL + Right-click = take all EDIT: decided to have a go at this because intercepting mouse-clicks during inventory seemed too arcane for me to even figure out the right question I started working on a GUI. The dialog's working. Now I have to figure out how to capture target containers and player container when the Inventory dialog is open. 🙂
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    I saw these functions on the Ravage wikia and am wondering what they do and how to use them: rvg_fnc_spawnCapital {}; rvg_fnc_spawnLocal {}; rvg_fnc_spawnTown {}; rvg_fnc_spawnVillage {};
  19. Updated so when you are given a cache location a script checks if cache is empty then repopulates it with goodies.
  20. Fastest reply, ever. Thanks. I was hoping I could put a file somewhere that'd over ride the current system. Ah well. Thanks. 🙂
  21. Is it possible to force the raiders and stalkers to have a specific uniform as base? I'm experimenting with a concept that marks them as part of a gang with colours (which the uniform aligns to).
  22. It automatically localizes Description and Title. Thanks @killzone_kid Basically I did too much by trying to localize it when it is done by the CreateTask module/system. The burn was deserved, I suppose. @Dedmen
  23. I have been looking for about a week and must be asking the question the wrong way since my results are zero. I want to use the createtask module from Eden with localize and stringtables in the description and other user-facing text fields. How to use localize and stringtables in createtask modules? TLDR; what is syntax for localize in the createtask modules (if it's possible)? @Zipper5 -- tagged you because I read you wrote the framework.
  24. That was a nice burn at the end, there. Props. Have you actually tried using localize in the Description or Title fields of a CreateTask Module? Your response reads as you assuming they just work but you actually have never done it.
  25. I'd start with this logic on the unit (it's not code, just the logic). BEGIN LOOP IF can add ammo THEN add ammo; sleep 3; ELSE sleep 3; GOTO BEGIN LOOP