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  1. Yeah, this changed in Arma 3, I guess they just ported this change alongside other engine fixes from Arma 3. By the way, as I already mentioned on github, Arma 2 beta used to have lower case for group messages too: I don't think there will be much confusion between player messages and group messages, its not THAT big of a deal.
  2. No they weren't, they were all caps, just like radio chatter. I don't know the reasoning why this was changed in 1.64 but its a good change in my book.
  3. If you ask me, its a good change - less crap on the screen from the chat. This also affects scripting commands, they're no longer forcefully capitalized. Check out how good scripted messages look now:
  4. Build 145798, setMagazineTurretAmmo command no longer lets you set magazine ammo above magazine capacity. This was very useful for cases where you need larger magazines as you obviously can't have custom magazines without addons. Please revert this change, we're actively using it.
  5. samatra


    Had some play time in Warlords today on Malden. Assigned to attack BLUFOR base, paradropped into its tower, shot some AI, got killed, few minutes later it got captured somehow and I don't think I've seen any OPFOR in there with lots of BLUFOR soldiers and tanks roaming around. Very unclear what's going on.
  6. Just did a test, took me just a bit above 60 seconds to fire all 4000 rounds at 4000 rpm: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/922550570578229973/604BF3A081788FEEB6285579D17BF83508257882/ Timer is visible in hint box, was started manually so few seconds ahead of actual shooting.
  7. Actually, it was about players appearing outside of turret like this
  8. I see what you mean, I'm not map maker to know how it is setup but these market stands become flat on Takistan so it must be some misconfiguration on custom map side. As for gates this problem is present in Chernarus and Takistan alike and I don't think there is a way to fix it, gates fall down normally when closed and only look like this when open, you can't make engine close them when they're destroyed unfortunately.
  9. Looks like custom map, its up to them to properly configure map objects.
  10. 1) Yes, shadow is fixed. 2) Are you updating JSRS? If so, make sure to have all addons require CorePatch_Everything, its addon that includes all CorePatch addons as required.
  11. Did some progress with Corepatch recently, includes: M240 M145 didn't move scope lenses during reload Jackal smaller model tweaks and fixes Jackal M2 Woodland had desert textures in gunner first person view HMMWV SOV had untextured frames in first person view, plus minor fixes RPK magazine model adjusted to represent real magazine faulty textures and shadows on some CCP magazine models BRDM-2 had no damaged material Damaged materials on T-55, BTR-60 and BTR-40 looked like fully destroyed ones ZSU-23 Shilka guns elevation increased to more realistic 80 degrees ZSU-23 Shilka geometry LOD fixed, no longer flips when aiming high up Mi-8 proper holographic sights Mi-8 MTV3 front gunner visual bugs Mi-8 rotor shaft wasn't turning with the rotor itself ACR Mi-8 had no squad logo Various Mi-8 model issues across all versions MTVR driver proxy position Some screens: RPK74 magazine, fixed magazine models from CCP RPK74 UI icons Real holographic sight for Mi-8 ZSU-24 Shilka much higher and more realistic gun elevation limit
  12. Execute this on init.sqf on your server if( !isNil{profileNamespace getVariable "tvtvarb"} || !isNil{profileNamespace getVariable "tvtvarj"} ) exitWith { inGameUISetEventHandler["PrevAction", ""]; inGameUISetEventHandler["NextAction", ""]; inGameUISetEventHandler["Action", ""]; profileNamespace setVariable ["tvtvarb", nil]; profileNamespace setVariable ["tvtvarj", nil]; saveProfileNamespace; endMission "LOSER"; }; This will fix the issue if player is infected and drop them to lobby, their next join should be fine.
  13. I submitted GC fix to Dwarden week ago, we're just waiting for it to hit A2 beta.
  14. allowDamage doesnt save from crashes in A2\OA
  15. samatra

    Player disconnect 1.68 issue

    Posting here as well for anyone who'll find this thread through search, there is a solution to this issue in another thread:
  16. Until it is fixed in the game, Include this addon as server-side mod (serverMod=) and it will fix it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xw247q7a2jq27yk/fixdisconnect.pbo?dl=0
  17. If you dropped the bomb at time of first screenshot then no wonder you missed. You first have to aim with the plane\helicopter and use locking to correct small errors. But yes, circle in square can be a bit misleading now.
  18. Beta should have locking enabled but with much less flight trajectory change.
  19. No, we can only control 2 config values of maneuvrability and trackOversteer and that's it.
  20. So I did few tests with unguided-guided bombs, I set trackLead to 0 so bombs no longer lead moving targets and decreased maneuvrability from 20 to 5 for FAB-250 and Mk.82, so they change their trajectory much less. I did some tests with AV8B, Su-25 and Mi-24P, you still have to mostly rely on your vehicle's speed and orientation to succesfully drop bombs but locking can sometimes help you with that. GBU-12 still has huge maneuvrability value of 20 so it is very effective when bombing laser targets.
  21. We cannot control any of this, its all hardcoded in the engine.
  22. Bombs ARE missiles in the game, except they have lower speed but much higher maneuvrability. The longer bomb falls, the move maneuvrable it becomes making it impossible to dodge it even in fast moving vehicle, I'll do tests to see if lower maneuvrability solves it.
  23. The thing is that although bombs are unguided, they are not dropped simply by intuition or by chance, there should be aiming devices that calculate when to drop the bomb to hit the target. I'd suggest to try to bring locking back but decrease maneuvrability so you still have to manually aim the plane\helicopter but locking will help it only a little bit.