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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    so wait, are you guys using an orthodox calendar for RHS?
  2. alanford

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    how does that kill motivation? think of it this way, if people didn't adore your work, no one would bother to ask you to do more. it's like, if i got a shitty dinner i ain't like to return,but if i got a mofucking michelin star caviar crusted dish you bet ur ass i'm coming back for more. feel me? we love your work, so we want more. if you did a sloppy job, and released shit content, there'd be no replies and requests for more. so think of it as praise. best praise there is. people want much more from you. not many can say that.
  3. alanford

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    out of curiosity.... how fast were u going?
  4. alanford

    Forum Upgrade Feedback

    yes. i do.
  5. alanford

    Forum Upgrade Feedback

    makes sense though, doesn't it? New generations of kid gamers who grew up with twitter, instagram and facebook, and whose attention span is that of a toddler. They have no real interest in lengthy forum conversations. Just make it mobile and social and give it a nice white design and call it a good job. Thing is though, forums have always been a place for more serious people, and discussions. So the forum software should reflect that. I couldn't give a single shit about posting "status updates on my forum profile". Who are you kidding man. Give me the forum software from 10 years ago and i'll be happiest.
  6. Hey. I have one mission with some logics, scripts, units with orders, and other general mission stuff. Then I have another mission that I have built some bases and buildings in. I assumed I'd be able to merge them, like I used to be. But right now, I don't seem to be able to figure out how to do that. The merge option is gone, and if I cope and paste in place, the buildings break. I also can't save things as compositions, because some objects are placed inside buildings, and need to fit to about 10cm accurately. So, how do I merge two missions in eden? is it still possible?
  7. WORK FASTER PLS! no but really, amazing work. hands down the best soundscape in probably any game.
  8. alanford

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    did step 1. now it works. thanks! :) Another question: why do all HK416's have the same stats? Is this only for arsenal or do they actually have identical ballistics? http://imgur.com/a/VaPKL
  9. alanford

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Guys, I get a freeze if I select the HK416 d14.5. Arma just locks up, and I can't even open task manager or force close it. After about 1 minute the task manager opens, but i can't close arma because then "access is denied". WTF?! logs: http://pastebin.com/mhnD7LxG http://pastebin.com/efSkLNRF also, this is running with just rhs mod as well. i tried, here's the log with only rhs installed: http://pastebin.com/aP12gDtj in the end i get this: 9:36:40 File read error: D:\Igre\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@rhsusaf\addons\rhsusf_weapons2.pbo,17 this is my rhsusf_weapons2.pbo file http://prntscr.com/belpt2 edit: i just ran wget again just in case. same crash.
  10. alanford

    Merging missions in 3DEN

    hey. i tried with just copy pasting a smaller amount, and even just one object. result is still the same. something is going wrong on with every single object.
  11. alanford

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    guys, are these normal RHS sounds, or is this a bug on my end? because they sound way worse than vanilla.
  12. alanford

    Merging missions in 3DEN

    whoops. had it set to private. fixed. :)
  13. alanford

    Merging missions in 3DEN

    @dwarden hey Like I said, copying and pasting in original location does not work. The pasted objects get completely messed up. It may work for primitive placement of sparce and roughly placed objects, or for logics and units. But it doesn't work for intricate compositions. The results get completely messed up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FXwlu5_ZQo
  14. holy shit foxhound.... why not put all the updates in one post? :D @toadie2k hey, brilliant work on those updates. I hope you'll be taking some well deserved rest!!! I have a question about the AWM rifle. Right now you must "zoom-out" (go out from scoped view) to cycle the bolt action. Do you think it would be possible to implement it like RHS has done with their bolt action sniper, so that as long as hold down the mouse button the avatar wont cycle it, but as soon as you release it, the weapon gets cycled. I don't know which is more realistic, and how marksmen do it in real life, but in arma it's alot more convenient if I don't need to zoom-out for each time i fire. :)
  15. 1:35 just a small tiny thing, I'd like to say: those wind turbines are grouped way too tightly. they are never placed this close together in real life, due to efficiency and turbulence. :)
  16. alanford

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    what are those amazing high def mid range textures on the left in the video, and how do i get them?
  17. alanford

    co10 Escape

    select your character in editor, and name it. i think it's actually already named as p1 or something in escape. place curator module (or gamemaster, or zeus, don't know exactly how it's named) set the owner of that module to the name of your character. or preferably, what you should do, but only works on dedicated, is to set the owner of zeus module to #loggedAdmin or something like this, google for the proper parameter. basically whoever is logged in as admin has zeus then. edit: i don't think you can edit the mission with 3den though, because it changes the way mission.sqm is built. you may need to do this with a notepad. or a legacy build perhaps..?
  18. I've been following this since you've first posted it on reddit. Hasn't really been much news though since. Infact, I just 2 days ago checked github again for any progress. I was beginning to worry because you went so quiet. This thread more than makes up for it. HYYYYPE! :) Edit: I know it's waaay too early for such questions, but this one has been burning in my mind for months now. Do you think modders will widely adapt this? And do you plan to move ACE3 to intercept at any point down the line? Cheers
  19. alanford

    Scope visuals broken

    also, the zeroing on the scopes is off a lot of the times. setting a scope to 500m will not mean that the bullet converges at 500m. might be intended behaviour though... i don't know.
  20. but unless i am mistaken, the first screenshot also includes tasks that you have set for yourselves. And there's a huge amount of bugs missing. At least 2 I have added, and at least 3 others that i've been keeping an eye on... "what do you expect? A list of bugs specially prepared for you and only you on the lading page?" Well, actually, that'd be really sweet. Cus mostly that's what I used the old mantis (was that what you had before?) for. If I ever found something wrong I could quickly in about 3 seconds check your bug tracker, to see if I you have already noticed it. So right now, there's no way to see a list of all reported bugs for cup_terrains? And again, don't take my rambling seriously. The most important thing is that you guys are happy with whatever project management app you are using. UX for public is really secondary by far. And besides, like you said "so far it worked splendid." :) Also, sorry for going OT. :D
  21. Okay, so please, there's no need to get defensive. This is your project, your work, and so obviously your choice of project management software. And I use it for about 2 minutes per week to follow up on your amazing work. And you use it for hours every day. I was just expressing my frustration at the *in my personal opinion* not user friendly frontend. And this is just me. And when i say that I in no way mean any personal offence to anyone, so for the love of god, don't take it personally. Just saying. incomprehensible workflow charts with random internal work items and processes. http://prntscr.com/aes4ra long lists of unsorted items: http://prntscr.com/aes69w more unsorted long lists, with lots of spacing and wasted whitespace. http://prntscr.com/aes6x9 needlessly advanced poweruser search: http://prntscr.com/aes7hs All I want to see, really, is a list of CUP_Terrains bugs. And after another 10 minutes (yes neo, 10 actual minutes of fiddling with this) I still can't find a way to display it.
  22. I just want to say: that new Phabricator you are using is a complete mess. I can't find anything I wont, and I the UI is sooo ugly. I hate when web apps try to look modern and sacrifice nearly all usability just so there can be some shadows and nice borders. Rubbish. I don't need a list of bugs to look good. I need it to look very readable and easy to overview. This just piles all the tasks together in one stupid looking long list. I am not stupid, and I know my way around computers. yet after 10 minutes I could not figure out how to do the most simple task of displaying all the bugs for cup terrains. Moving to phabricator was a very poor choice indeed.
  23. hey. :) are these features script based, or just using engine features well?
  24. katyusha in soviet iron front pack <3