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  1. I did resign the addons but still the same problem..I'll wait for the next update Thanks anyway
  2. Thx u very much i'll re-sign pbo and keep you on news
  3. Hi wsxcgy I asked a question on steam, but it will surely have more recognition here :) First of all thanks you very much for this useful mod ! Specially love the work on colour, not too clean, not too faded, perfect. I'll use it on several 70/80/90's scenario with my team with some other goods addons. But problem... when I load it on my server and try to connect on it I have a 'Session Lost' msg. When I restart my server without key verification it works fine. So I just want to know if someone else had the same problem to know if its my server or its the key Thx you very much !
  4. Harine

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Of course. MT-LBM will be a great APC for moutain units for example. Personally I would like to see the BTR-D class developed for VDVs. Good luck to the whole team. You're doing a great job.
  5. Harine

    Global Mobilization

    Do you plan to make it a version 3 with all these bugs fixed? That would be nice, and a serious plus value to your current project. I remember spending the best campaign in my association on this map. Very good courage to you for this project which I look for with impatience.
  6. Hahaha I don't doubt that IRL. but when in Arma you have the possibility, by pressing 3 on the keyboard, to deploy a battery of artillery flamethrower of 93mm... allow me to hope for the return of the RPO in Arma 3 (as in Arma 2 with the models of vilas and ACE 2) ;)
  7. Harine

    Dagestan-Chechnya Border 1995 Template

    Priviet ! I check your work ! Its very impressive, really hard working on details, well done
  8. No I just realized these are two tubes of 9M115 sorry
  9. I must be dreaming, but one of the soldiers to the right of the pic is carrying RPO-A or is it an optical effect?
  10. Harine

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I've already told you this, but I'll tell you again, you seriously rocks and sell me dreams all time you post a news. I have some questions I don't know if you'll have the kindness to answer me but, can we expect to have soon any others version of 6B43 with your already mades additionnals 6Sh112 pouchs ? And juste a little another comment, about your M88 in Mountain Flora. Why are you choosing M88 while the real cut of Mountain Flora is really more like a Gorka cut ? Moutain Flora isnt still produced since 2012 but its a pretty camo..
  11. Thanks for the fast reply and the fix you're the best I remain attentive to your project
  12. Hello ! Thanks you very much for this awesome script. Very simple to use it's perfect ! I have a question : I've been looking at the config files a little bit and I can't find the command to keep my loadout when I launch the mission in the editor. I turn "clearInventory" to false in the "HG_Config" but it doesn't seem to be working, always a clean up of gears of all units in my pvp mission. Sorry if the question has already been asked I searched but not found
  13. Motorized VDV from 331st Guards Airborne Regiment in patrol near to Skalka mine Motostrelki on BTR-80A from 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division near to Pusta Addons : RHS / South of Zagoria / Static anims
  14. Some 2006-2010 russian units. Russian motostrelki from Kantemiroskaya brigade near to Pobeda Russian 76th VDV attack Petrovka Russian VMF landing near to Berezino 45th VDV Recon near to Staroy 33rd Motorized Rifle Brigade (Mountain) on BMP-1 (in absence of a MTLB) Addons : RHS / South of Zagoria / Static Anim