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  1. I was sad because you removed that nice MBAV with multicam pouches. Anyhow, nice update, the textures are looking nice!
  2. Thats the problem when you never release anything... I mean... you have tons of assets but instead of making smaller releases, you took the 'all or nothing' approach.
  3. jacobs

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    The ACR's had PMAG's on an older version of the mod. The latest version offers the ACR's with stanags only...
  4. Nice update guys! Loved the vests and helmets.
  5. jacobs

    US 75th Rangers

    You guys are giving us so much gear choice that we will be playing "barbie goes to war" on virtual arsenal, instead of actually playing the game...
  6. jacobs

    US 75th Rangers

    The more crap you put the better. Looking cool and bad ass is requirement number 1 (garand thumb ™).
  7. Man, that AKS-74 with both side rail and picattiny, holy crap awesome work!!! Congratulations!
  8. My vote goes to A, but you should change the helmet. Also, from which mod comes the gaili? Is it custom to SFF?
  9. jacobs

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    You guys are slowly transforming ArmA3 into DCS...
  10. I think HerosandVillansOS have a "lite" mission on steamworkshop that requires just Alive and Apex DLC (because it's on Tanoa).
  11. Check the changelogs on steamworkshop. There were some nice improvements on AR's and G3s!
  12. Thanks todie2k for the updates! Hope it sets the stage for the Sig's!
  13. jacobs


    Hey BW guys, do you plan to add hearing protection/headphones to the ops core model?
  14. Sorry guys, I wanted to mean "add a prefix"... LOL If you add the tag [SFF] ou [SFF-R] at the beginning of the name, the launcher will group your mods together, since it is alphabetically ordered...
  15. Hey Jarrad as you have lots of factions now, it would be great to put a sufix on then, something like "[SFF] XYZ faction (RHS required)" or "[SFF] XYZ faction (non-RHS)". Then they would be grouped on arma launcher... Just a suggestion from a guy with severe OCD. =P
  16. Hey ws,I subscribe to your mod on steam workshop and there is no legacy folder (at least on my computer). The legacy folder is exclusive to direct download (google drive link)?
  17. jacobs

    Formula Arma

    LOL! Thanks man, I'm counting every penny to buy a G29...
  18. jacobs

    Formula Arma

    A LMP2 prototype would by soooo nice!
  19. I'm really interested on this project. I use HTR on FSX, think it improves the feel of helicopters A LOT! Hope you can bring this experience to A3.
  20. jacobs

    US 75th Rangers

    Well, sorry man... I thought that was the final work. Indeed, the multicam variant looks much better and does not stant out at all!
  21. jacobs

    US 75th Rangers

    Cool, but why bother with camoflage when that glove ruins everything and will make the enemy see you from miles...
  22. jacobs

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    tier 1 gear pack is not released yet
  23. jacobs

    NLMARSOF V2.185

    Hello guys, first of all thanks for this mod! The textures are really well made. I found two glitches, one is a strange shade when you equip with the AS501-HE helmet. The other is that all vests have no balistic protection... The print shows both issues.