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  1. I did test the new server beta very briefly and with only one connecting player. Seemed to work fine playing! Saw a lot of error messages regarding "BattlEye Server: Failed to receive from BE Master (6)". Maybe firewall issue, I didn't have the time to look more into it!
  2. With all that ranting (here and elsewhere) - I assume you did create a bug report then ?
  3. Very nice addon, hcpookie!
  4. Thanks .kju (and pvpscene) for this. Played a few of the missions, very enjoyable!
  5. Installed fine for me on win7-64 ! Downloaded zip yesterday, right-clicked and "Extract All ..." - then run exe from unzipped folder. Downloaded the zip again 5 minutes ago and repeated the above (removed the previous beta folder first), still installed fine.
  6. Nicely spotted VisceralSyn ... and also - I'm not sure why you changed the script where it is actually starting the server, to do that with sudo to another user. Wouldn't it be easier to just run as that user in the first place or at least start the whole arma2oaserver script by sudo? Either way, make sure that user has proper permissions on files/folders!
  7. In your arma2oaserver file: You have specified that $MODS would start with the value of $EXP. But as far as I can see, you have not specified $EXP - meaning that the resulting value of $MODS starts with a semicolon. I suspect that would be a problem. E.g. CBA="@cba;@cba_a2;@cba_oa" ACE="@ace;@acex;@acex_ru;@acex_usnavy;@zeu_ai_ace" ACRE="@acre" MODS="${EXP};${CBA};${ACE};${ACRE}" echo $MODS ;@cba;@cba_a2;@cba_oa;@ace;@acex;@acex_ru;@acex_usnavy;@zeu_ai_ace;@acre For the commandline example: .server .... etc You have specified that all of the mods are located in a subfolder named "x", that is not the case in your arma2oaserver file. Also, your commandline -mod parameter ends with a semicolon, which I'm not sure about.
  8. ... and for #1.1: Check firewall (and check that all file-/folder names are lowercase).
  9. #1 - You have to edit the arma2oaserver file and put the correct path to you arma installation, if you leave as default it will run the binary from root directory: Default arma2oaserver: ARMA_DIR= SERVER=${ARMA_DIR}/server ... will execute /server Example with ARMA_DIR set in arma2oaserver: ARMA_DIR=/home/jordan/arma2arrowhead SERVER=${ARMA_DIR}/server ... will execute /home/jordan/arma2arrowhead/server And on a side note, you should not run any game server as root (sudo blablabla). #2 - The recommendation is to NOT upload BAF/PMC folders to server.
  10. Working fine, thanks BIS! No immediate SegFaults on this one!
  11. Hmmm ... Segmentation Fault after about a minute. Will have a closer look when I get some free time next week.
  12. What distribution and what version? If you're running 64-bit you need to install a few 32-bit dependencies: Later versions of Ubuntu/Debian with multiarch support: zlib1g:i386 and libstdc++6:i386 (which will also install libgcc1:i386, gcc-4.6-base:i386, libc6:i386) pre-multiarch or other distros they might be called something else, similar to: lib32stdc++6 and lib32z1 Make sure all folders and files are lowercase. Do not upload the DLC folders to server e.g. BAF or PMC
  13. =wfl= sgt bilko

    Swedish Army Mod (SAM) Public Beta

    Heja Sverige! Fond memories (in hindsight) of the AK4 :)
  14. =wfl= sgt bilko

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Finally, good news! Welcome back!
  15. And after that update with latest DX9 from microsoft.