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  1. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    Thanks mandoble, will try it.
  2. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    hey mandoble, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but it seems the GLT F-16 is currently not working. The mando scripts initialize alright, but I can't switch weapons, lock or fire. Using 2.4b8. I am using A2:OA with the correct files for the F-16 and missile box. ???
  3. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    ArmaEdit ArmA2 dat files

    Is there NO way of contacting Chris? I have scoured the web, but he seems to work for the CIA or NSA, can't find him anywhere (unless he also is a musician). I know this might not sound nice, but if we can't contact Chris, is there a way to reverse engineer the software to update the wizards, too? Oh, and what would be really nice is an update for ACE2 items.
  4. /signed Well, that's the last time I buy something from Morphicon.
  5. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Hello, very nice addon. Having great fun with it. But, I don't quite understand why the different guns have different zooms. According to the most prominent AC-130 video on YT (the one with "the square building is the mosque!!! Don't engage") even when using the 105mm cannon, the gunner can use any zoom level.
  6. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    [OFFICIAL] Warcontext Engine - MILSIM

    Hello code34, is there something special I must do before the RTO slots can call in strikes? I don't have any options when using that slot.
  7. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    Final release of CAA1

    Hm, so should I feel guilty now for kju abandoning CAA1 because I don't have a clue on how to create addons? Because I am barely able to place some units in the editor? What exactly did he expect from the community or BIS. Did he want a job from BIS? Well, it would have turned into a "job" instead of a "hobby". Soon he would be doing only what BIS told him to, and someone else would become the next kju to create unmanaged community content. Did he want help from other community members? Well, sorry that I am not a modder. Did he ASK for help from others? Don't expect help if you don't ask for it. Is he disapointed because there are only a handful of old maps being converted? Maybe this is because people have no interest in any other maps? Maybe the most popular ones got converted and the rest..., well rest in peace? Aside from that, I only recently installed CAA1 (using Yoma, which is a very nice tool, imho) and I like it. I will keep using the latest release whenever a mission asks for it, but I won't use it for converting old maps to Arma2, simply because don't know how to do it and I don't have the time to learn it. So, you did some nice work there kju, thank you for that. But please spare us the drama.
  8. Eh, I already figured it out. I had spaces in the folder names of the addons, after replacing them with underscores, everything works like a charm. :D
  9. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    UK Special Forces V1.1

    I downloaded this for the Guerilla Territory Map but for the love of God, I can't make it work. Since I only now found this thread, I'll just copy paste my report from the mission's thread: EDIT: Nvm, I found the error. First, it should be documented somewhere that you should not have spaces in Mod folder names. Second, after renaming I forgot to update my Arma2 launcher settings, so they still pointed to the now non-existant folders with spaces. Duh.
  10. Hm, I have ACE2 and PAnthera and added the UK Special Forces. But when I want to start the map, it tells me I can't play because it needs a downloaded file that has been deleted = UKSFTP_UNITSPEC Maybe the Addon Pbos have been renamed? Would that actually matter? ACtually, I just realized Arma2 didn't load the Addon, since the UK units do not appear in the Editor. Is there a specific order I should use for loading ACE2, Panthera and the UK SF? Actually, the Addon won't load at all, even if it is the only one... Still worse, I double clicked on the Desert SF pbo and it started up Arma2, gave me a bunch of error messages and now I have the Desert SFs in the game, even if I start it in vanilla mode. Go figure that. The pbo did NOT get copied into the standard Addons folder...
  11. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    Seal team six 3

    Hm, I would like to try this campaign, but the mission file is just too big (>200 MB). My Arma2 won't finish loading it. How long should I wait before I can assume the game has crashed?
  12. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    [TvT48]Little Things

    You can take out the cache with an AT4, too.
  13. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    [TvT48]Little Things

    Ok, first impression, quite nice. First comment: The initial ammo cache should not be in the same building everytime. Have it spawn in a random location, like in the Insurgency Mode for Project Reality. Also, am I right that as long as the US don't take out the cache, the game won't progress any further than the initial assault?<
  14. It was a bit short, but it being for free I won't complain about that. I liked the way the colors of the game changed after the nuclear strikes, the wind and dust created an awesome atmosphere. Also, in that last town, there is a building playing a really eerie sound when near, excellent. I liked the tremors, the aftereffects of the strikes I would say? All in all, quite nice.
  15. -GCA- Salah ad Din

    [TvT48]Little Things

    That actually sounds awesome. Downloading...