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  1. Why is Bohemia not making a world war II DLC, it would sell better then APEX. I hate to install mods with low gfx.
  2. They should build their own voip its just an example of whats possible. First rule of a good milsim is good communication! I hope one day they fix this mess.
  3. I hope one day they add something like this in vanilla arma3, the voip now in arma3 is very bad.
  4. I hope i dont need to install mods :)
  5. M.I.K.E.

    Paying Again To Play A3

    Just ignore such servers and remove them from your server list.
  6. M.I.K.E.

    Skylake vs Zen for A3 Thread

    Here is another benchmark with skylake and arma3. http://www.hardware.fr/articles/940-15/cpu-jeux-3d-crysis-3-arma-iii.html I would gain like 10 fps against my 3770k @ 4.5Ghz
  7. Are there multiplayer servers for this and are they still alive?
  8. M.I.K.E.

    Chernarus Plus as DLC for ArmA3?

    I play and love all Arma games only arma 3 i dident like so much because of the settings, for me its more like a fiction game. The old arma games where better for me with real war themes, i still play arma 3 but prolly untill the new SQUAD game gets released. I just hope arma gets back to real time wars with Arma 4.
  9. M.I.K.E.

    Unresponsive Windows After Closing Arma 3

    Its 2015 and i still have the same problem. After playing the game i need to press ctrl alt del and click once and my windows is responding/working again. Still no fix for it? System: 3770k GTX690 SSD 16GB Memory Win7 64Bit
  10. M.I.K.E.

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    This is great news, i hope there will be world war maps made later.
  11. Hey we love this mission very much, can someone help me so the ammo/weapon box autorefills? Do we need another script for it or is it a setting?
  12. Is a wasteland server 100% compatible with this great tool ?
  13. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594682414757935449/DD2125A684DAF5345D71D7FC795BF3F6DCFACB7B/ Almost all servers dead on steam version. Need the patch on steam soon before i kill myself.