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  1. reserve

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Thanks BIS ..best ever looking environment... and the environment sounds give an incredibly feeling of the jungle. i love it
  2. reserve

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    A temp solution for the savegames until Bigpickle uploads a corrected version of this two files. Put "speedofsound_pure_skycrane.pbo" and "speedofsound_pure_ch47.pbo" into an optional folder.
  3. Chapeau LAxemann Everytime i am near a forest shooting base i look forward to play arma with your mod.
  4. reserve

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    The grenades and far explosions are mmhhhh. Reminds me alot of Augustdorf shooting area from Germany. The distant explosions sound real good.
  5. New church bells.. I LIKE IT... @BIS now please more from your Excellent Environment Sounds...you have it... for Example -flinching deer,scary Birds etc. Brilliant, awsome but a little bit more would be GREAT for immersion. I think BIS is on the right way for Environment-Sounds.... but ...DO IT.... Thanks Reserve
  6. @Lordprimate Thanks for trying to optimize but i have only edited the mod minor to work with ArmA3. Not to much fiddling in respect to Snake2200... i think its as it is enjoyable...otherwise you have the skillllll....
  7. @Foxhound thanks ....and @@ Snake2200 thanks and hope you come back to ArmA3 sometime.
  8. First: all credits belong to Snake2200 the author of the big and excellent XAM1.06b-modifikation for ArmA1. you can download the hole addon for ArmA1 here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1756 -this mod is not from me, it is only a part of the Xam1.06b-mod from Snake2200 -I have only edited the mod a little bit (logic,sound balancing)that it works with ArmA3. Thanks to kju for pushing me into the right direction and also to (Snake2200 wherever he is)! -This addon gives you: -excellent nature ambient-sounds -churchbells with different distances -different windsounds on hills ..etc. -mornigbirds (excellent for europe) -at night wulfs, owls ..beware ..sometimes scary ! -on the field sparrows, larks, robins..etc. -multiplayer not tested -no bi-signs included and i am not able to create some -first shot error included ! ...and not yet repairable for me Installation: -note: CBA is needed for this. 1.copy "@xam_environment.pbo" to your ArmA3 root directoy 2.edit your shortcut for ArmA3 or use a Launcher you like to start. ps:enjoy it or leave it... for me me its a musthave... at least the file http://www.file-upload.net/download-9091901/Xam.rar.html
  9. I have noticed that on some A2-missions GPS is not working and you have no maps with AIA-Standalone. With normal AIA and installed A2 it works. For example mission "Lone Wolf", "Shadow Killer" and other imported A2 missions. Editor works well. Tested Vanilla and with Addons. Anybody else? Otherwise ...great Addon ! ps:i am on dev-build
  10. reserve

    Speed Of Sound

    @JumpingHubert i had the same try this http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166824-Speed-Of-Sound&p=2538159&viewfull=1#post2538159 maybe Bigpickle add such a file?
  11. reserve

    Speed Of Sound

    ,@Bigpickle i have found maybe a solution for this problem. i have created a "speedofsound.pbo" as a dummy, now savegames are possible in editormissions and scenarios( at least for me:yay:) can you check this out?
  12. reserve

    Speed Of Sound

    Thats the point, i cannot load savegames from a fresh started mission. Savegames also not working in own editor-missions. Addons only cba and speedofsound started with pws. Fileintegrycheck with steam done. my other addons that require cba have no savegame probs.
  13. reserve

    Speed Of Sound

    Thats very sad to hear, cause when you cannot revert to savegames in SP-missions or campaigns its ultra frustrating when you get killed. I could not realy belive that there is no solution.(hopefully)
  14. reserve

    Speed Of Sound

    Great sounds ! but have trouble loading savegames... "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.speedofsound" Tested dev and stable. hope this can be sorted out.