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  1. icewindo

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    As I understand it there are many different solutions and systems though. At this point it's bad for software developers to have many different VR systems. Stable VR = a system that is used by the majority of people and in wide circulation. Right now, VR is also too expensive to appear to the casual market (yet). Some VR solutions will die out, just like the HD DVD did and Blu-Ray survived. When that time comes, it will make everything easier.
  2. icewindo

    Arma 3 Science Fiction Map

    Yeah actually that should be solved if you stretch the texture accordingly. I once accessed the skydome model with another not approved method when the mlods hadn't been released to learn what was going on. But now with the MLOD release of ArmA2 we should be able to access the sky model "officially" or not :huh: . Can't look into my files now. But even if you don't stretch the texture, a pure star texture without nebulas seems to work the best as the stretch effect is not that apparent. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12765 Also really great looking buildings / caves you have there, I remember seeing them on armedassault.info I think. @Topic Superb map, I'm looking forward to it. And great use of custom models :)
  3. icewindo

    Post Apocalyptic Units

    Ty, it's really most of Johnny's work I am reusing here. The links seems broken but hah yep that bus looks mighty fine :)
  4. Ok so Icebreakr asked if I can work on some post apocalypse units and this lit up my modding spark. While I don't have time to work on own models, the A2 / OA files really offer a lot of content that I can cannibalize for some post apocalpytic work. Thanks to BIS and the detailed example models for A3 I was quick to have a first go at some modding again. Cars or static objects are out of the scope of this for time reasons. My aim is to create a first faction with a few different units and then see how I get on. I don't have my old files anymore, it's a complete reboot :) . next working on: hand anims LoDs some config work wound rvmats uniform adjustments so the vest doesn't clip anymore) more unit variation weapons PS: I experienced some addon theft in the past, with people claiming some addon work as their own or monetizing it / uploading it on Steam Workshop. If there's a good chance this happens again, not a good chance I will continue on this, let's see :huh: Having said that, let's see some stuff. Work will go slow, but I have some screens of a first unit to share. Faction: Remnants The remnants use a lot of (Western) pre-war gear and are probably equipped the best to deal with the dangers of living in a postapocalyptic work. Soldier with goggles (red tinted goggles inspired by Fallout New Vegas) Soldier / no helmet Soldier w goggles again / no weapons
  5. Yep, female soldiers / civilians have been possible for a longer time, it had been done in ArmA1 and ArmA2. The only problem maybe that you can't make them much smaller (in terms of height) than the men or you would gain distortions. And the hands. But other than that, no problem really. Sure, if you're a perfectionist (and masochist), you could create a new set of anims etc. But all that work just for smaller female models? Not worth the effort.
  6. icewindo

    Possibility of a new render for Arma 3?

    On a smaller scale, Squad is the superior game there. While it does not offer ArmA3's size and SP experience, the movement and performance is superior, even in its early stage. I also like that I don't have to scroll through a gazillion RP / Life servers to find a decent tactical game like it is the case with ArmA. This could have been made far easier by including exclude parameters in the server browser (so you can exclude e.g. "dayz" or "rpg" missions) but nobody could be bothered to implement this. It's a mad task finding a server you want to play on in A3.
  7. icewindo

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    Nah, ArmA3 is probably my last ArmA. I've loved the games and excessively played and modded them, learning as I went on. But for me ArmA just is too much of a timesink now - I need to invest too much time to have a good experience. I guess I am "casualized" in a way that I do not see the fun anymore in driving around endlessly large maps. Which is funny, because I also dislike some of ArmA3's casual gamers appeasement steps. My attention span for gaming is about 1-2h now and that's just not enough time for ArmA from my experience. I'm waiting for SQUAD to get more polished and then I'll switch to there from Project Reality. No need to wait for a specific time or join a clan, just some instant tactical action.
  8. icewindo

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    So instead of improving the indoor AI which has been nearly the same since OFP you remove enterable houses...
  9. icewindo

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Not intending to sound too douchey but this is very disappointing and I am not satisfied with a "sorry we had no resources" explanation. ArmA2 OA (before DayZ) sold a fraction of copies compared to the sales what we see now and it had working interiors in most of the buildings (with furniture too...). Also, if truly "no resources" are available (which is kind of hard to believe), why not sideline the project - officially - as a community effort? Ask who is interested, give access to the MLODs and let the community to a little magic. When I still had time to mod, I'd have been interesting in doing that for ArmA3. But I had had faith in BIS that they'd put in furniture on their own. I always thought it was a temporary thing...
  10. icewindo

    Napoleonic Era Addon's

    Hey very nice work, just saw this. I will try this out :)
  11. Thanks ok I will have a look at it then :)
  12. Wow thanks for this, this is what I always wanted to have but never had the skills to create :D :D I asked about something similar back some time ago as I didn't quite like the BIS dialogue system, yours really feels like one found in games such as Baldurs Gate etc. I guess this is making me sound spoiled but is there any chance the system can be expanded to include NWN2 / Kotor style dialogue boxes? I mean like this (so the dialogue options are directly under the characters and the camera centers on them): ArmA2 Concept Original Example from KOTOR I looked into the demo and it seems the direct camera is limited to ambient dialogue (which is alreay great anyway).
  13. icewindo

    Less Voice Mod (Radio)

    Thanks guys, glad you like it :) Ok, here's a quick video of it in action: And another mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/?pr86c5z5xswroen
  14. Hey, so as I recently played OFP again abit, the radio voices got abit tiresome after some time. As I didn't want to disable all radio sounds, I created a little sound replacement that deletes: - all X o'clock sounds - all number sounds - all NATO alphabet sounds - the radio static sounds (looks like they got some new HD equipment) This seriously speeds up AI communication and limits chatter and for me it's a better alternative to going "deaf" and installing a non-radio mod. I also replaced the default transmission end sound with this one for a more classy impression: https://www.freesound.org/people/FlyinEye/sounds/160223/ Dunno, maybe it's fun to sb. so I'm posting it here. :bounce3: Download: http://www.gamefront.com/files/24505723/_less_voice.7z Installation: You know the drill... it's a standard modfolder, no need to overwrite the original voice.pbo... License: http://www.bistudio.com/english/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Video:
  15. icewindo

    Post Apocalyptic Stuff

    Ok I never thought of using this "lame excuse" but wow... damn. Well all my mod files are gone. Talk about backups and stuff. Arguably it wasn't much to begin with as I started "fresh" (2 soldiers with different A2 gear and new textures, 3 new weapons), yet these days it's enough to demotivate me as much. Well, I'm an idiot for not backing up my files - even the upcoming HDD failure was visible - my 3rd HDD sometimes didn't boot up. As the SMART values were OK, I falsely assumed faulty cabling. Well, didn't look into it further and some odd week later it won't start anymore, even with an USB adapter. It's my first ever HDD to fail me in 10+ years of computing.