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  1. I wish you added Heer and Luftwaffe skins. :(
  2. Can someone reupload this mission? It is deleted.
  3. I am also waiting for British and DAK textures. Edit: There are more important things to fix first IMO. Like eagle patches of Panzer SS divisions...
  4. Murat OZCAN94

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Is it possible to use this mod with IFA3 and Geist mod? If so, is there any tutorial for that?
  5. Murat OZCAN94

    Iron Front Geist Mod Dynamic Mission

    That is a good idea, I will check mission threads, thanks. Edit: What does usw stand for?
  6. Murat OZCAN94

    Iron Front Geist Mod Dynamic Mission

    I have googled a lot, there are Iron Front dynamic missions, but they don't allow me to play with Geist mod. Can you give a few examples for Geist mod? I will be grateful.
  7. Murat OZCAN94

    Iron Front Geist Mod Dynamic Mission

    Great, I will try it. Thank you so much. Edit: I am still looking for more dynamic missions.
  8. I have been looking for a good dynamic mission with IFA 3 Geist mod. I love Geist mod's textures and I want to play with its units. Is this possible? Is there any Geist mod dynamic mission? If not, is there anyone willing to create such a mission?
  9. Murat OZCAN94

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Great job, I was looking for some dynamic missions for ww2 mods. This is exactly what I was looking for. Please bombard us with such dynamic scenarios. :)
  10. Murat OZCAN94

    American Civil War or Napoleonic Mod

    Yeah that was a good start, but they didn't continue unfortunately. I think someone should continue.
  11. Hi, I was wondering for a while why someone does not make an ACW or Napoleonic Mod for Arma 3. What does prevent us? Formations are possible(I think even square formation is possible), we can make AI to use Artillery, ships are possible (think Ironclads in Arma 3), ships can be controlled by AI etc. I think it is a good game to make an ACW mod. Think about that.
  12. Murat OZCAN94


    I will be looking forward to it, I wish you best luck :)
  13. Murat OZCAN94


    I just want you to use the soldier model on the picture. Your units' collars are tied. Examine the picture, you will understand me. :)
  14. Murat OZCAN94


    Great mod, I am great fan of it. I want to ask a question. Can you make collars of camouflageless soldiers in this way? Like early waffen ss and (especially) luftwaffe field division uniforms...