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  1. @skruis Athena is a really great tool. Is an update planned? The current version in the Steam Workshop is from November 2017.
  2. I use the command "convmv --lower --notest". But changing the uppercase letters to lowercase letters after every update is a workaround and not a solution in my eyes. Most other mods use lowercase letters. The mod makers have to change it only one time, but if they don't change it every Linux server admin have to change it after every update. What is the better solution? To the CUP developers: please convert all uppercase letters in the pbo filenames to lowercase letters. Thanks.
  3. I have a small request: There is a problem running the CUP addons on a linux DS, because of the capital letters in the addon file names. Linux systems are case sensitive. If there are references between mods the game searches for it with small letters and cannot find it, because the addon file names have capital letters. On Windows base systems it is no problem, because there is no difference for the system between capital and small letters. My request is lowering all capital letters to small letters. For example CUP_Weapons_CZ805.pbo to cup_weapons_cz805.pbo Thanks.
  4. Not working, server stays on 1.60. Further I found that there were problems in the past, too -> https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/2688
  5. How can I install the 1.62 RC on a linux DS. Current version is running fine, but I don't find the correct "app_update 233780" steam command to install the RC branch. Thanks.
  6. Is it possible to install the Apex Sneak Preview? Can I use the "app_update 233780 -beta" steam command for it?
  7. Hi .kju, will you add a RandomMode version for the coming Tanoa island? Or is there a simple way transforming an existing RandomMode mission file to a Tanoa version? Thanks.
  8. Another question: Is there a special cause why the application needs Administrator rights to the runtime? It is a little bit annoying if the UAC pops up every time. If I see it correct, it is a .NET application which is installed to your windows user profile. IMO these rights are not necessary. Thanks.
  9. I still use Yoma's Addonsync, because there was no really good alternative, which is simple to use on client side and on repo admin side. But Swifty could exactly be the tool I search for. There is only one thing, what Bamse described in his post - a FTP delta upload feature. I have the role of the repo manager. If I use the patchcreator it updates directly the repository, which has to be available via HTTP or FTP. In result patchcreator have to run on the same machine where your repository is stored. But there are cases where you want to separate it. There is often the case that you use webspace of a provider, because of the higher upload bandwidth. My repo is 16 GB at the moment and I have 1 MBit upload bandwidth at home. Now you can calculate how long it takes to upload the full repo to the webspace on every update, because I don't have a delta. The use of another sync tool like rsync is further a problem, because the upload to an external webspace is possible via FTP only. A FTP sync feature is maybe not possible to implement in Swifty, but maybe you can add a parameter to patchcreator where you additionally generate the changed and additional files to a separate folder inclusive the folder structure of the source (.\@mod\addons\file.pbo). Then I can upload the content of this seperate folder completely to the webspace via FTP. Deleted files is a bit tricky, but you can output it as log info of patchcreator and then I know which files I have to delete on the webspace.
  10. viper4aa

    [COOP 16] AAF vs Rebels 1.0 (ALiVE)

    ALiVE console with Laser Designator does not work. For this case the insertion task with fast rope script makes no sense, because after insertion the helicopter does not fly back automatically and without console on the ground I cannot command him to fly back. The only chance is to command the pilot to land, then command him to fly back and disembark immediatly. But then I have no helicopter after town capturing and without console I cannot call him for extraction. We are only 3-5 guys, the support console would be important for us. Any chance to get it working? Thanks.
  11. viper4aa

    [COOP 16] AAF vs Rebels 1.0 (ALiVE)

    Ahhh, laser designator. Thanks for the tip, I will test it. ---------- Post added at 12:32 ---------- Previous post was at 12:31 ---------- Fast rope is not part of ALiVE, can you maybe include the following fast rope script to your mission, if it is not to much work? That would be great, because then it will be possible to use the Heli Insertion Task. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23961 ---------- Post added at 12:42 ---------- Previous post was at 12:32 ---------- I checked the script, you only have to add the zlt_fastrope.sqf to the mission folder and add [] execVM "zlt_fastrope.sqf"; to the init.sqf I hope this will work.
  12. viper4aa

    [COOP 16] AAF vs Rebels 1.0 (ALiVE)

    Great work, I played your mission yesterday with 4 friends. Only some questions. We used a heli with the "Talk to the pilot" action, which works good, but if we use the Insertion we don't know how to use a rope. Is there any way or do I need a fast rope addon. And if the heli is back at base and we captured an objective how can I call a heli for extraction? Or is it the way to land the Heli every time near to the objective and use it after capturing, but then I have the risk that the enemy destroys it. Do you have some advice? Thanks.
  13. No, I don't play the dev build. I played with some friends in coop on the blue side.
  14. I can confirm, that I don't have AT ammunition if I respawn as AT Specialist or normal AT Soldier, and it is not possible to rearm the AT weapon. I tested it on Altis in Random Mode.