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  1. Craig Gilliver

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Released on Steam! 😁 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1681170/Arma_3_Creator_DLC_Western_Sahara/
  2. Thanks for the awesome screenies and update! Definitely can't wait for this one!! Some serious atmosphere.
  3. Craig Gilliver

    Project RACS

    What an outstanding mod. Incredible work. Bravo and thank you to all those involved in this.
  4. Craig Gilliver

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    I am very excited for this! It will be cool to broaden the 2035 content and makes for an interesting setting. Really curious to see how the open world dynamic scenario "Extraction" will work - this sort of development always gets me pumped! The idea sounds cool. Based on the screenshots the map looks beautiful and authentic, the new factions will add more depth as will the weapons and vehicles. What's not to love about this?! At the low price point (£6.99 / $7) there is so much value for your money but let's see how many people bitch about the cost. 😞 I'd personally pay that for the map and a camel 😄
  5. Craig Gilliver

    Orglandes, France 1944

    Utterly beautiful! Thank you for your work on this. Your attention to detail is awesome.
  6. Craig Gilliver

    Soviet AF Pack

    What an awesome mod. Thank you for all your amazing work pookie. Love this collection of birds! 😀
  7. Craig Gilliver

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    I agree that if you are charging for a product, you become accountable. No issue with that. My problem is the manner in which the "criticism" is structured. I have read some terrible things; non-constructive diatribes, questioning the ability and integrity of the developers (who are after all human beings), raging hate filled rants. Not, under ANY circumstances, acceptable - even if you have paid money for it. So let's not delude ourselves that every single piece of criticism offered has been healthy or helpful. By all means offer the guys feedback and report genuine issues you've found. This will help them work towards future updates. Of course, you are entitled to take advantage of the full refund if you wish, you can also opt not to buy it in the first instance. What's not cool is literally tearing people apart because they have not met your levels of expectation. I know I am the unpopular opinion, but I'm more than happy with the product I have paid for.
  8. Craig Gilliver

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    You know one of the best things about being new to the game (and to this forum)? I don't have the knowledge and therefore the level of expectation that perhaps some people have. I've read lots of comments about the quality of this cDLC, how it fails to match certain free mods, how some free mods are better(?) and I can understand a level of frustration, but what I can't understand is the vehement loathing and anger towards the product and the developers! As someone with a 12-year-old son, for whom I regularly spend £5-10 on Vbucks for Fortnite or Fifa points, this price point is perfectly acceptable (I paid less than £10 on day of release) for what we have gained. I personally love the map and some of the unique assets we have seen introduced. It sits as a perfect accompaniment to Global Mobilization and with the addition of some of those excellent community made mods is going to offer an amazing Cold War experience. We've already seen an update correct some issues. I hope that the developers are looking to further address some of the constructive feedback they have had and maybe, just maybe, the addition of further content. That all said, I feel my money has been well spent. I am spending all my free time exclusively on this map and have zero to complain about. I don't support the hate and anger. You're not happy? At worst, your £10 down on the deal - at best, you have saved yourself £10 for not buying it.
  9. Craig Gilliver

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain

    Hey all! I'm new around the place but would like to add my comments. Bought this on the day of release and I love it. The map is good, there's some unique vehicles, and a subject that I think has some real potential. I'm not looking for conflict with anyone, but for me, it is worth £10 just for the map. £10 is not a lot of money, and when I think I've already had 15+ hours out of it, that price point per hour just gets lower and lower. I'd like to say a massive thank you to the developers. I'd rather have the DLC in the current state rather than not at all. It's a perfect compliment to Global Mobilization and with some additional assets will see Cold War Europe thoroughly covered. That for me (and others?) is an awesome prospect! Edit: I would like to see some aircraft assets. A MiG-21 would be a worthy addition, this would also work across all 3 of the DLC's (GM, SOG Prairie Fire + Iron Curtain) without major amounts of conversion work. This whole project is an excellent base line onto which you can develop further.
  10. Craig Gilliver

    TOH Cessna 172 Skyhawk

    What a sweet bird this is! Thank you for your work.
  11. Craig Gilliver

    Secret Weapons Reloaded (WIP)

    This all looks incredible. I'm a fly boy at heart and these models are so good. Thanks for all your work!
  12. As a newbie here, I just want to say thank you for this amazing mod. I've downloaded the Dev build and can't wait to spend all weekend on it! 😀