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    Removing smoke from campfire

    I do not use Eden Enhanced to make missions. But I know you can simply move the fire module to any location you like, including up and down. Either change to 'move' mode (press 2) when you've got the module selected, or just change the xyz position under the 'transformation' tab in the object's properties (double click). The link above certainly works, but involves some scripting knowledge.
  2. Melody_Mike


    Search box on the top right corner of this page. "Defuse bomb" Result: PS have used (and modified) this script myself for missions. Can guarantee it works.
  3. There are a lot of teleportation scripts in the forums, the workshop compositions, and missions. Usually they involve an action added to the scroll menu of the player, triggered by distance or cursorObject, and a setPosATL. It's usually masked to the player with a fade out. Although the mission example cleverly copies animation of the door and your relative position, these details only convince in singleplayer. I'd like a method that doesn't involve the player stopping at a dead end, scrolling to an action, then instantly having their view switched to the destination. Preferably one that is somewhat multiplayer friendly. It doesn't have to be 100% convincing. Of course the way to do this is by making the player use their 'verbs': running/climbing/jumping, et cetera. I tried to create a ladder setup. See sketch (and try not to think of colonoscopy): The players climbed a ladder down a deep hole and when they got halfway, were teleported halfway to another ladder. But the code: player action ["ladderUp", ladder_1, 0, 1]; Will not execute when the player is already on a ladder. It will wait until the player gets off. The 2.18 devbranch has " actionNow ", but we'll have to wait to see if that works. Perhaps have a long tunnel with multiple ladders, where players must get off the first, and then the second ladder is a simple object with an addAction to the destination. I can already see this is not a very robust solution for more than 2 players: Also considered having players fall into a hole in the ground. But how to make them get back? I don't mind awkward. Just looking for something that involves the player doing something, other than a scroll action, that's slightly more convincing than a "clap and disappear" smash video cut. Any ideas?
  4. Melody_Mike

    Masking a teleport

    Firstly thanks for the reply. But I should have said this is a more a design question. Because I know how basic teleports are scripted. I just want to "hide" the transition in a more plausible way then people standing in front of a wall then having fade effects. My ladder for example used a trigger halfway the first ladder to place units on the second.
  5. Since both Chenarus and Thirsk have been ported to Arma 3; do you think these missions are worth porting as well? Asking for a friend...
  6. Melody_Mike

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Will this mission include a billionaire manhunt?
  7. Melody_Mike

    "Dynamic" map display on TV

    On the phone right now, so will just copy and paste some links. Couldn't you adapt this UI to texture script for producing map images: https://github.com/expung3d/A3-LiveMaps https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3018683365 And then use some UI commands to zoom/color it as you see fit, as in this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2480263219 ?
  8. Thank you for the recommendation IceBreakr! Easy to see that the author gave a lot of attention to both the visual and gameplay elements. I didn't recognize the music, so it worked well for me. Fun to play as *anything* other than Blufor/PMC/"John Matrix" commandos for a change. Also nice that there's a fun little preview video based on a playthrough with effects. It all helps make this mission stand out. A fun hour with 3 friends that's tense but not frustrating.
  9. Melody_Mike

    Glowing particles?

    Hi @dupa1, welcome to the forums! So what was your result? Script, or screenshot-wise?
  10. Awkwardly responding to my own post here. If there are other users on Mac who want to unpack PBO files, you can wrap PBO Decryptor (by Amalfi) into a Mac OS executable through Wine. Works well enough for me. Would love to read more elegant alternatives.
  11. Hello everyone. For whatever reason, I am now stuck behind a Mac, and craving to do some Arma modding. Thankfully, BI has updated its Mac port (hurray!). But I cannot unpack PBO files or unbinarise them, because both Mikeros tools, the popular PBO manager, and Arma 3 Tools, are still Windows based. Your project seems a perfect fix, but I am running into an issue. The contents (listing) of PBOs can be seen, and they can be unpacked. But the files themselves are unreadable. That is, media such as .ogg cannot be played, and script files such as .sqm, .sqf, and .ext, are read as random (not binarized with some variable names- random) characters by VS Code and text programs. I have used both your CLI version and the GUI using a WINE wrapper. Same result. Could you, or any users, give me a tip?
  12. Hi there- I believe this is relevant: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2388444766 Here is a link to the GitHub and Discord. All credit to TimidShade: https://github.com/TheTimidShade/Timid-Cloak Note that that vehicle interior textures are not affected, due to the models not having "hidden selections" on these parts.
  13. Melody_Mike

    Supply Orbital

    Greetings @road to c1! This is not a standard Arma feature. As it says in your video description, use this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2938391119
  14. Melody_Mike

    Zeus-placed countdown editing

    Tell me if I am missing something. But couldn't you place a trigger that uses either BIS_fnc_countDown or BIS_fnc_countDownTime==0 in the condition field to check whether it has finished, then execute (execVM) your script in the onActivation field? If you're looking to make your own onscreen countdown timer, then you could modify this script: Happy world environment day 🎊.
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    Hello @LesterJJJ, welcome to the forums! I don't know of any mod that does this 1 specific thing. What you are technically asking is a modification of the "Blastcore" mod. You can probably guess this means knowing Arma scripting, and how to create a mod. You will probably also want permission from the author. I can't do all that for you. More realistic is to create a script (or trigger) for your mission, that makes smoke effects whenever a tank blows up from a bm-21 rocket. So you would take (and change) this smoke particle script example: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Particles_Tutorial#Burning_Vehicle_Fire_Look-Alike -That makes smoke appear at a location. And have it activated by this event handler: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#HitExplosion -So that the special smoke appears only at tanks that are blown up by bm-21 rockets. It's a bit of work, even if you have experience with Arma scripting. But this is easier than reverse-engineering the Blastcore mod, or making a new mod. Try asking specific questions. It's a frustrating but fun process. Good luck!
  16. Melody_Mike

    Bucket - Zeus Terrain Editing

    I... I will stop. Question: can this mod be run exclusively from the server? Or, is there a way of saving the output of this mod, so that it can be run as a server side script?
  17. @NemanjicYou could check what side the player is on: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playerSide You could insert example 2 (the switch case) from the above link within this part to select the correct diary script:
  18. Melody_Mike

    Unloading the boat on the beach

    I have two ideas, depending on specifics. 1) If the boat is AI controlled, and does not 'beach' itself completely: 2) If the boat is driven by unitCapture, or is completely beached/cannot drive: Use addForce (in trigger) to push boat back into the water.
  19. Melody_Mike

    Herne The AI Hunter Script

    That guy picks all the wrong mountain cabin AirBnB's:
  20. Hi @sokolpunk, welcome to the forums mate 🙂 You can make this by syncing "triggers" and "task modules". Here's a video demonstrating it in English: (PS for next time: see if you can search the forums/Discord/internet. Searching with "trigger finish mission" or "complete mission item inventory" gives answers as well. I sometimes end up answering my question by having to explain the problem to someone else)
  21. Tip: if there is any error, then module will be invisible in mission. Sometimes Arma will not show the error on your screen: check RPT in that case. Good luck!
  22. I am sorry to "necro" this. But the Steam and Armaholic links are down. I am very curious to play this mission. Does it exist anywhere online?
  23. Melody_Mike

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Project Yulakia

    I'm only getting text :'(. Your March 15th image posted without issues.
  24. Melody_Mike

    [SP][CCOP] K12 Extraction Point

    Links are dead. If you ever find the time, I'd love to try this mission!
  25. Melody_Mike

    [SP/COOP 05] YAPRM 2035

    Link is kaput 😢