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  1. Brochacho2

    Character Reset at Launch

    They have done one reset so far, and have said that we can expect a reset whenever a major content update is issued. I would assume there will be one when it goes f2p as well, but I dont know. That would be a good question for thier Wednesday streams.
  2. Brochacho2

    Favorite gun and why?

    1911, because I can swing it around the easiest. I can't wait for the new ones to come out.
  3. Brochacho2

    Live Stream - ASK Questions!

    Any progress on the shooting mechanics? When can we expect the next update? Will the next update also bring the first set of Founder Pack rewards?
  4. I think it will just give you two hours of free trial time. The $20 Founder Pack gives you unlimited play until release, plus a few good perks.
  5. Brochacho2

    Grontheim valley seems boring

    It's a good map to snipe people on. You know which way they are going to leave the map, because the exits are so equal. If you don't see anyone on spawn, then haul ass to the exit closest to the crate drop, the path of least resistance. Get to high ground, and start piling up loot boxes. It works about 50% of the time for me lol
  6. Brochacho2

    Vigor squads

    How about a revive mechanic, but the player that is doing the reviving has to have a certain medical consumable in their inventory? That would make the match pre-planning a little more interesting. Are you the pack mule, or the medic? Know your role lol
  7. Brochacho2

    Vigor squads

    So in a duo type mode, would it be better to keep the player count in the match the same, or double it? How would the crate drop work? Two drops in duo mode, or two packages in one crate drop? I hope the player count gets doubled when a co-op mode is added.
  8. Brochacho2

    Attacking players shelter

    Your shelter base does not get attacked while off-line. You make improvements to it by upgrading and leveling up the shelter, between matches. The different stations at your base will produce resources for you while you are off-line, but the only person that has access to it is you. No need to worry about shelter raids. Loot what you can from the map, and return to the shelter, just how you left it.
  9. Brochacho2

    Maps switching every 3 days!

    That is great news! I like the idea of a faster map rotation. I can't wait to shoot Outlanders in new and interesting places in Norway!
  10. Brochacho2

    Vigor squads

    The devs have said that a co-op mode is in the works. I think the map size would be fun in that mode, gun fights all over! I think squads would require a bigger map though.
  11. Brochacho2

    Running speed depends on weapons

    xboxdvr.com and search your gamer tag. When you find the clip, you can post the link to it. That is what I've been doing to post bugs in the Technical Issues thread.
  12. Brochacho2

    Gun Flinch

    I love the dramatic rag doll death in slow motion lol. Yeah, your character wasn't even able to hold onto the rifle towards the end there. I couldn't tell what he was shooting, but it was full auto.
  13. Brochacho2


    Welcome to Vigor. Frustrating, I know. But this is a preview, and should be treated as such. We're in for a bumpy ride until further down the road when the bigger updates start coming out. For now just keep posting the unreported bugs you find.
  14. Brochacho2

    August 1st Dev Stream

    Thank you! Yeah I agree, we are in for a lot of baby steps before anything major drops. But that's to be expected. I was planning to watch the Mixer stream tonight, but whenever I do that, I only watch for about 10 minutes before I say "Ok, enough watching, it's time to play!" I appreciate the info.
  15. Brochacho2

    August 1st Dev Stream

    I missed the dev stream today because of work. Were there any announcements made that the community might want to know? In case any more of us missed it. Thank you.