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  1. HelixOne Gaming


    Lol nevermind. The devs messed up again. Better off with Vigor boyss
  2. HelixOne Gaming


    For those who need something to occupy theirselves while this mess is figured out, days is out on Xbox tomorrow! Possibly later today in the US!!
  3. HelixOne Gaming


    What weapons would we like seeing in Vigor? Personally I think an kar98k would be amazing.
  4. HelixOne Gaming

    Probably a lost cause

    Lol man that was too much. My opinion stays the same lol. Its not that deep. We all appreciate the devs haha. Just read my post. They let dayz die on PC at some point. Then after 6 years revived it. Just hoping Vigor won't be the same xD
  5. HelixOne Gaming

    Probably a lost cause

    No need to brown nose lol. Like I said, I'm stating an opinion. Lol it's so childish to imply that I said I would do a better jobxD I didn't say anything like that. I said they're not very supportive of their community lmao .. it's not that deep bruh. And no one's forcing you to keep brown nosing the devs xD
  6. HelixOne Gaming

    Probably a lost cause

    Boy you must not play pubg xD definitely not more stable. You must have a terrible Xbox lol. It was rough at first, but at least bluehole kept us updated and in the loop. Constantly bring us updates and improvement. And lol pubg was a PC port. Not meant for console... Can't compare that to a game that was meant for console like Vigor. I like the game. But just saying, if they aren't more supportive of their community the player base will shrink.
  7. HelixOne Gaming

    Probably a lost cause

    Lol everyone's saying the same stuff lmao. Yes I know what game previews are. I also know there's a lot of developers for other games(that are also in previews) that are on top of there stuff and actually care about the community lol. I'm entitled to my own opinion. Wasn't trying to deter you from yours.
  8. HelixOne Gaming

    Probably a lost cause

    Had high hopes for this game. Looks like it's already going down hill. No updates, Devs arent really active. Sucks. We waited so long for something like this to have it forgotten within two months lol.
  9. HelixOne Gaming

    Server optimization

    Game Preview man. Game Preview.
  10. HelixOne Gaming

    This game must be for PC (in future)

    Lol that's how us console players feel about Arma, and all the other PC only games. Let's us all have nice things ! Haha
  11. HelixOne Gaming

    sound issue

    Yeah same. It just cuts the volume and vibrations. Just keep that aim true and finger on the trigger... You'll get that kill. Just an expected minor bug for a GAME PREVIEW. They'll fix it.
  12. HelixOne Gaming

    Party / Group play - how?

    Impossible for legitimate team play currently. People you see teaming just queue up at the same time.
  13. HelixOne Gaming

    Ammunition duplication exploit

    Delete this and message the devs..
  14. HelixOne Gaming

    Stuff that need to be fixed ASAP

    I agree with twitch... Just chill bruh
  15. HelixOne Gaming

    Founders pack question

    It's the founders pack. You're good my man.