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  1. In about 5 games ive experienced rock textures turning bright pink, which made need to return to settlement to fix. While in the settlement i had found a visual glitch near food donation, where god rays were appearing on the ground and would be way to bright for anyones eyes!! A common, almost constant problem i have in the game is settlement frame drops and loadout bugs. While in loadouts at the settlement, some weapons will transfer to your encounter loadout but will not appear unless you switch tabs or exit the menu. Finally interacting in the settlement can sometimes feel odd as most things i can interact with will have a delay during activation (like appearing to stop almost at the end of activation). This is my first time writing a forum post and i hope this info gets threw to the devs. Besides the few bugs and mishaps ive had, this has been the most refreshing and rewarding games to play with great environments and sound design that sound unbelievably realistic, and the exceptional concept and gameplay (In gameplay similar to a pubg/escape from tarkov hybrid but having its own unique identity) Definitely my main go to for a long time.
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    Another problem is frame drops in the settlement and load-lout bugs where items will not appear. Still I found my away around the loadout it would just be nice to look into. Keep up the good work
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    Hit recognition needs a real fix and texture bugs with rock based terrains on maps needs to be worked on. Other than those problems im really enjoying the game and looking forward to seeing some new content.