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  1. Akuakomb shooter

    A new item as trap

    Another idea that i want to share with vigor is about some basic trap to kill players slowly if they dont heal on time is called (mantrap stock), is a basic trap the people in world use to hunt deers, bears or animals in the forest ... We dont have anything like that in the game at the moment, but that could help you to hurt seriously some player or even get a slowly kill, depending if is injured already even if that players doesn't heal on time 50% damage would be fair to start bleeding after we step on those traps...then they could be bleeding until die if no heal is treated on time -We could bring at least 2 traps every match . -even the players who installed the trap can be accidentally injured if they step on it - we can own or stole the trap for another player if we notice theres one on the ground. -we can spend 3 between 5 seconds installing the trap. -we could use 3 seconds to unlock the trap if we step on it. (Pressing "X") - all the players can hear the noise if somebody step on the trap just only if they are closely. - the players who step on the trap needs to heal soon before 10 seconds or they can die slowly caused for bleeding .
  2. Akuakomb shooter

    Ideas for the next update

    Thank you pyrit for responding my suggestion and letting us about the updates process I am agree that could be hard to kill some players with a simple rock. 😐😂 Thinking theres a lot weapons we could use rocks as ammo if you add a new weapon called. (slingshot catapult) I hope you understand what im talking about ... Slinghot catapult is some kind of weapon to hunt rabbits or rats and you have to use rocks as ammo So that could increase the damage to the players, It would be the perfect weapon to get a stealthy kill .
  3. Akuakomb shooter

    Ideas for the next update

    Well about the poisoned things Okay i like the idea about to throw knifes yes!! and also you could trhow : 1-rocks( those could be marked on the way even on the ground with a "X" to identify and pick a few so you can get a stealthy kill) 12.5% damage if you hit some player. 2-axes ( you could find them on those trees around the map or even in some garage ) 3-knifes 4- crossbow or bow (another weapon to loot pieces and ammo,also you could use that to avoid to make noise in the match just the player whos is being attacked can hear the arrow coming 😛😛😛😛 ) 5- hammer 🔨 to hit or throw it to some player ( you are a carpenter building your shelter why not? )
  4. Akuakomb shooter

    Team deathmatch (MODE)

    I also have these ideas for those players who loves the encounters shooting in a team We could still using the Signal and radio to see the possible location for the another team 2 airdrops and to help and protect our team We could enjoy this mode playing at least 20 minutes each match that would be addictive
  5. Akuakomb shooter

    More snipers

    There's a few snipers in the game already but is only like 4 of them... I will love to see more snipers with different damege and recoil, aiming zoom too! I will buy them if you add snipers and more weapons like dlc shopping is a good bussines to enjoy the game better
  6. Akuakomb shooter

    Equipments to survive

    I have these ideas to share to vigor team Let's try to stay and enjoy more the match time using equipment to help you as good outlander you should loot things like a -old helmet class 1,2,3 to avoid get a head shot... That could save your life -mask antiradiation you could stay more longer if you running trying to scape for the radiation. - water bottle it could help you to be breathing for more time in that moment about to use a sniper you have to be good aim I hope you guys can tell me what you think about this opinion. Thanks
  7. Hi bohemia i want to say something quickly .... Please add a few more reticles to use for snipers and let us change the zoom to see far away or more close Also you could add DLC'S. To buy them if you want to enjoy to shoot better or even why you dont add more snipers guns to buy online like content to download For example: -Carabiner -Kar 38 -Mossing nagant with scope - Svt - Outlander sniper I will appreciate you read this and consider the suggestion please thank you
  8. Akuakomb shooter

    Binoculars to see clearly those campers...

    It's up to you if you want to spend a lot of time using binoculars in the match You dont need to stop to use binoculars it's up to the players how they gonna use them. And of course we need something like that then you could safe your loadout if theres somebody camping on the exit area waiting Like we said already you can craft them with pieces looting in the game ,take them to the next level with more zoom and improve them. and you could decide if you want to bring them with you to the match
  9. Akuakomb shooter

    A new article to survive

    add the ability to carry a bottle of water. As part one of those consumers The functionality of this article would hydrate to run longer, so we could continue running at the same speed for at least 5 seconds more ... Advantage: so we can reach the player who carries the supply box that the plane dropped we could escape from the radiation in time, it would help to escape faster from the players that follow you but they could also reach you if they also carry a bottle of water to use it at that moment
  10. Hi bohemia team I just wanted to let you know that I had to deal with some glitch it looks like a blue screen so bright I almost get blind Haha that light was in my shelter and also that happened in the game too but in that time the screen was green and too bright I have videos that I took but I don't how to share them !
  11. Hello again bohemia team , I really hope you read this cause is so important to the game ... ok when you start playing right away you can see the location where the box is gonna land right! So obviously all the players know that they have to be there first and wait for the another's players coming and grab the box to try to escape .but think about all those players having a sniper already just waiting in a Bush or behind some rock and then they just shoot me of course i need to use another strategic but how? If I don't have a sniper yet to deal with them I have to work so hard first then we can see who is going to be the suvirvor... but I feel like that's not fair for anybody cause they don't need to go and loot anymore they gonna kill me and then they can escape with all my items why !? Well cause we knew the location where the box is gonna land they just need go and have a sit then you coming after you were working so hard looting probably you gonna die so easily :/ ...this is just an xamples how you can change that : -Let us know where the box is gonna land until the airplane is coming maybe 10 seconds before the box is gonna be dropped so just that way I could play fair against to kill the enemy with my basic gun if I see those players moving around the map too . - make 2 green circles flashing on the map randomly so we are not going to be sure yet whats gonna be the real location to go and grab the box but obviously we have to go near one of them
  12. Hi there bohemia hello everyone...add the abilities to use regular binoculars and see the distance how far they are so we could calculate how to shoot ,I was wondering how much important is to see clearly who's waiting for you behind those rocks or even in those bushes, so I think is necessary to use binoculars to make sure there's nobody camping for you from long distance , after you been working so hard doing loot or trying to survive as a good player, but sometimes you are not able to use a sniper like those players cause you have to unlock those snipers weapons first and you could die so easily cause there was another player watching you from long distance with a sniper gun or maybe camping just waiting for that moment to stole all your items you had ... so I think that would be amazing and even you could go and loot pieces to improve your binouculars and take them to the next level with more zoom ...please consider this suggestion thank you so much for reading