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  1. Or responds to them! Vigor definitely has the potential to be a great game and in time, hopefully these issues will be resolved. But at the moment, it's sad to read so much anger and negatively from the playing community across many forums and social media about Vigor, a game that many players have positively been involved in for a long time during its development. I really hope the Vigor team at Bohemia can turn this around!
  2. Thanks for the explanation Lerch, I'd seen you use the term before and couldn't work out WTF it stood for. I found the following on Google 🤭 Nerf. According to most enthusiasts and the general public, Nerf stands for "non-expanding recreational foam".
  3. Excuse my ignorance but what are you referring for as 'nerf'?
  4. Another 60 Crowns lost! Didn't even get into the encounter and got the black screen of death!
  5. Fireball1361

    Occasional lobby problem when improving encounter.

    And again! This is a big negative for the game! With this problem and wasting Crowns on improving the encounter then getting kicked out because of loosing connection to server, I've just about had enough! I really like Vigor but because of the current issues with the game, I'm considering quitting and not returning until these issues have been fixed. So... is there a Dev from the Vigor team that would like to comment here and try reassure the community that these glitches will be fixed?
  6. It seems this is a common problem! I bought the insurance for 60 Crowns a couple of times today, entered the encounter and about halfway through the game, connection to server was lost. When I returned to the Shelter I still had all of my loadout but all loot was gone and wasted my Crowns! Maybe it's time to be compensated for our losses somehow, at least until its fixed! I'm sure the Devs are aware of this and many other issues and will hopefully address it sooner than later.
  7. Fireball1361

    Occasional lobby problem when improving encounter.

    And again two more times!
  8. When upgrading the loot, crate and insurance in the lobby before an encounter, there is an occasional loss of ability to scroll through the choices and choose any of the options. This has happened a few times recently.
  9. Fireball1361

    Character Reset at Launch

  10. Fireball1361

    Update 0.8: Signal

    Wow! You lot have been very busy! Can't wait to to get stuck in!
  11. Fireball1361

    Founders Pack

    You're welcome! It's a shame that there's not more activity from gamers and devs on this Vigor forum.
  12. Fireball1361

    Founders Pack

    An educated guess says yes! As you have purchased Vigor while it is on Xbox Game Preview you will be entitled to the exclusive Founders Pack. Maybe that should have read 'Elusive Founers Pack' because no one has received any part of it yet but I think this is down to technical issues that are currently being worked on.
  13. Fireball1361

    ASK! - DevStream December 19

    Vigor is a great game for spending a lot of time on or just dropping in when you feel like it and picking up where you left off. Either way is enjoyable. So if in the future, player statistics are to be added, it would only be fair to do them as averages rather than totals based on time played as all players play for a different amount of time.
  14. Fireball1361

    ASK! - DevStream December 19

    At a previous Dev Stream, I mentioned about weapon crates showing zero quantities and I think you didn't understand want I meant so I'll try and explain again. During this live stream, please go upstairs at the SHELTER and access the weapon crates stacked in the corner of the bedroom. Tab along to Guns, Ammo & Consumables and you will notice that these will have no quantities. All are at zero and do not reflect the totals displayed on all other user interfaces. Hope this is helpful?
  15. Fireball1361

    ASK! - DevStream December 19

    A possibly interesting addition to the Shelter would be to sit at the fireside chair to access an information centre. This could be in the form of a television or just a pop up panel when holding X after sitting down. It could display different channels displaying Vigor game news & information, post war historical & survival facts, player stats and could even have a channel for listening to Radio Outlander playing all the Vigor in game music!