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  1. ASK! - DevStream December 19

    Hi to all the Vigor team. Happy Christmas to you all. Could you please make the cursor on the map a different colour to make it stand out against the predominantly white background? This could also be applied to the gun cursor, at least in the snow environments to enhance aiming as sometimes its difficult to see white on white!
  2. No Loot Box!

    On my last encounter on the Fjellkanten map I had no Loot Box available after a kill just a wriggling dead body. I shot him in the head again just to make sure! I've taken a screenshot of the map but having problems uploading it here so I've posted it on Discord.
  3. Meet the new Update 0.7: Breach

    I believe its two airdrops, one for each member of the duo team to go for.
  4. Lost all my upgrades, weapons , blueprints etc

    Because of important changes made to the game at the 0.6 update, Bohemia Interactive found it necessary to implement a complete wipe for these improvements to happen. We've all paid to play Vigor and should accept that it is currently in preview and not a fully finished and released version of this game. These changes need to be made for a better gaming experience with Vigor.
  5. Name Change

    Thanks for that Manuel! I'll give that a try and see what happens.
  6. Name Change

    I'm guessing by the lack of response to my question, this can't be done!
  7. Name Change

    Not really a technical issue but... Is there a way to change your forum name? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  8. ASK! - Devstream 21st of November

    Thanks so much Pyrit & RoSzomak for answering my comments on the Dev Stream yesterday! The quote above refers to the Weapons and Ammo menus in weapon crates, upstairs at the shelter!
  9. ASK! - Devstream 21st of November

    I know that Locklear addressed the issue of missing or unbalanced available ammo to be found in an encounter but I think there is still a lack of some ammo types. I have 5 PPSh-41's, all these were found in encounters. I have not yet found any 7.62x25 Tokarev ammo, which is marked as 'Common' and also no weapon parts for this gun. Could you please check the settings? I like this gun in the shooting range and would like to use it in an encounter situation. Also, the weapon crates upstairs in the bedroom are currently showing zero for all weapons and ammo. Just a suggestion... Maybe instead of dying in an encounter, a player could be badly wounded but escape with their life to the shelter and still lose all loot and weapons. This would make the story more believable and help explain the continued struggle by Outlanders to survive!
  10. Reporting cheating duos and trios

    I've seen this 'Duo's V Singles' issue reported quite a few times on various forums and having experienced it first hand I have also complained about it. Only after reading Pyrit's reply, I now understand the reason for it happening and accept it as part of the game preview set-up. May I make the suggestion that a pinned post be made for everyone to read, explaining this situation. I think it will help stop any unnecessary moaning.
  11. I've also expirienced a gun problem, twice recently, when pulling the left trigger to bring up weapon and sights but it didn't respond.
  12. Silver pigeon glitch

    I think some people have said that it reloads the second shell if you jump. Haven't tried it myself so can't back those comments up. Worth a try though and might help until the devs fix it.
  13. Haven't noticed a problem with this like before but still getting a black screen as the encounter is loading and waiting for players but the game continues as it should. But I have had a couple of crashes back to the initial main 'game load up' screen during the encounter.
  14. make the "dirty lens" effect optional

    I've noticed this while at the shelter and don't get it. What's the reason for it?
  15. Loadout to Stash

    LS - Empty backpack to stash. Normally I empty my loadout one item/stack at a time but tonight I tried using the left stick depress to empty backpack to stash as shown on the loadout screen. All I got was the cog icon, turning endlessly. I had to quit the game and reload it to cancel the action.