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    Waterfall at Shelter

    Thank you for confirming what i heard. I thought in night I have a problem with my ears ? Yes. Sometimes its sounds like an running engine of an truck.
  2. I have played the game for some hours and i have to say: a very big potential. But i think the most frustrating situations are caused by the too small interaction zones. No matter if its looting a car or a closet. Or if you try to go down a ladder or go up to get out of the water. I think in much situations it would fasten up the game if the zone of interaction with anything would be two or threetimes bigger.
  3. Happens often. Or airdrop near water. All killed boxes laying around in water in different positions. Not able to loot.
  4. Pollacke

    A fix for the unequippable ammo

    Had the same problem. Whenever I go with an empty gun to the "shooting site" in the home base and test it, I have ammo in my inventory that isnt able to unequip.
  5. Pollacke

    Adding patch notes to title screen?

    Yes this would be really very nice. To show a changelog after all updates. A easier and faster way for us players to see how good its done :)